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Questions for the members of OWW

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  • Questions for the members of OWW

    You all might have noticed that we have lost alot of members recently and the site activity has gone down due to this. Now last year I started a thread called "good and Bad points of OWW" to help pin point where OWW was going wrong and where we can help to improve OWW as a whole.

    Now I read something from a member of OWW (I'm not going to mention his/her name unless they want to make themselves known) talking about OWW. This person brought up a very good point:-

    How can you improve OWW if you don't even know what kind of things the people that come to your site want to see. What do they want to do? Why do they come here? Why do they stay here? Would they tell there friends about this site? If you could answer these questions, and you should be able to answer these questions, then I think OWW would be better

    Therefore I would love for everyone who can see this thread to answer the above questions, and if they got any other questions that would be helpful to help improve this great site.

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    The loss of Takedown was a huge deal, the E-Fed was a big deal for people here, pretty much all of my generation members went with it.
    Something to where people can make a character of themselves without getting banned would be a help.
    The people of the internet love being someone they're not I suppose.
    They've gone other places to unleash there sadistic, egotistical, crazy side.

    Apart from that, in my opinion, everything is good and has improved alot.
    Happy to be here.
    Good videos, mature arguments, fair tournaments and informative news.
    Learning something new everyday whilst getting a good laugh makes it worthwhile.
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      eh, i dont think OWW is that bad overall. its more that wrestling is on the fall as of late. and that OWW doesnt advertise that much. if you want people on this forum, you need people coming to OWW for its info and gradually moving over to the forum.

      though how some members of this site treat new faces leaves alot to be desired.
      no one likes a Tattletale Kangaroo


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        Who do you speak of Tman?