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Where were you when your heard that Gorilla Monsoon had died?

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  • Where were you when your heard that Gorilla Monsoon had died?

    Though a big fan in the early 90s, wrestling had lost its popularity in the UK by 1993 and I too had drifted away from it.... before a huge resurgence in 1999.
    I remember buying lots of 2nd hand WWF videos that summer.... and remembering what a likeable personality Gorilla Monsoon was.... had amazing broadcasting chemistry with both Jesse Ventura and Gorilla Monsoon. Summer 1999 was actually before I used the internet much..... so I had no idea Gorilla was seriously ill at that point. Though I enjoyed getting reacquainted with wrestling and followed it in magazines again (C5 even showed WCW once a week), I was way behind the quick and up to date knowledge the internet provides.

    When I went back to start my 2nd year at university, I started using the PC labs more and more to explore the internet. Perhaps the first time I ever logged onto the homepage appeared with a huge picture of Gorilla..... Robert Marella 1937-1999.
    As I said, I didn't realise how ill Gorilla had been .... so in did come as a shock in fact.
    I was just staring at the image as it set in..... I did feel extremely sad.... and felt a sense of a slice of my childhood had died as well..... I was a big fan of Gorilla as a kid.... in the world of big wrestlers, fighting, violence. Trashtalk.... Gorilla had always stood out as being such a warm and friendly individual.

    11 years on its still sad when I think about it....... the world legend is frequently overused in sports... but that's exactly what Gorilla was. Watching Wrestlemania 15.... the pop the gaunt, fading, Gorilla got was deafining.... even louder than when Steve Austin won the World title later on in the show, a reminder in fact of what Gorilla meant to the WWE and wrestling as a whole.

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    I found out when I got home and someone on AIM told me the very sad news, I was devastated. I didn't grow up on Wrestling Challenge so I didn't get to hear much of Gorilla until the ppvs. The passing of Gorilla was like losing a part of my childhood.


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      Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Hennan were in their heydays as a broadcast team in the late 80's, early 90's when I first really started paying attention to WWF/WWE, and those 2 were a big part of why I kept watching. Never before and never since has a team had such chemisty, and they were both hilarious. Gorilla played the perfect straight man/babyface announcer to Heenan's jokester/heel announcer and anytime they were calling a match, it was gold. Just a shame that nobody seems to have paid attention to what they had ahd seriously tried to replicate it. Ross and Lawler were very good, but IMO nowhere near the caliber of Monsoon and Heennan.

      Anyway, back on topic, I actually found out when I tuned in WCW and heard the announcement at the beginning of the show. I tend to be an emotional kind of guy, and I was teary eyed by the time Heenan was through saying his goodbye.
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