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You Make The Call, Spring Cleaning

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  • You Make The Call, Spring Cleaning

    I haven't done one of these in a while and with the dreaded post mania future endeavor season just on the horizon, I thought one was over due. So, your Vince McMahon and it's time to trim the fat and make room for your next crop of call ups. Name 5 people that you would give the pink slip to.
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    Yoshi Tatsu - He is never going to be funaki, there will never be another funaki. Don't try to clone him with someone twice his size but only half as talented.

    Mason Ryan - If Batista is really on his way (IDK if he is) then getting rid of this waste of air time only makes sense.

    Ezekial Jackson - With Rybak back you can unload this guy as well though I do think there is still some upside in Jackson yet, I don't think it's enough to keep him around much longer.

    Evan Bourne - Nothing personal. Given his two back to back wellness policy violations and the fact that his injury may permantly ground air bourne, it only makes goob business sense to unload him.

    JTG - What use do you possibly have for this guy at this point. You destroyed his whole selling point by splitting him from his sidekick, I mean partner. A JTG without Shad is like a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich without the Jelly and the bread.

    Tyson Kidd - This one hurts but here's my logic. If you are not going to use him then lose him and give the kid a chance somewhere else. They should not let Kidd go. He is easily one of the best wrestlers on the roster and definately the best wrestler who isn't currently a regular on Raw or smackdown.
    "Turley OR NO ONE ELSE"


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      Honestly, I wouldn't "trim the fat". Instead start pairing some of these guys up in tag team's. The WWE only has what 2 or 3 actual tag teams??? How the hell do you defend championships among 2 or 3 talents??? They could use some of these "also ran's" to help reconstruct the division.


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        Mason Ryan - I don't care if Batista is coming or not, get rid of him

        JTG - To be fair, peanut butter without jelly or bread is still pretty good.

        Jinder Mahal - He seriously is just about the plainest guy you can get on the roster

        Alicia Fox - Nothing of value would be lost if A-Fox wasn't there. She's just all-around terrible.

        Michael McGillicutty - I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he ended up getting released. From what I've seen, he's nothing special, loads better than when he was teaming with Otunga, but that's about it.


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          Evan Bourne - 2 strikes in short amount of time, and now broken foot, I think its time to cut its losses

          Sin Cara - He was a gamble from the start, but has not blown anyone away with his talent in a WWE ring

          Yoshi Tatsu - he's been lost since ECW closed down, and not good enough to make an impact on Raw or Smackdown

          Darren Young - really he was suppose to be the black John Cena but has done nothing outside of NXT

          JTG - Should have gone when his tag team partner left or at least found another tag team partner, he seems very lost at the moment


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            You forgot Heath Slater.


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              I would get rid of Ezekial Jackson, JTG, Heath Slater and Khali all of these 4 bring nothing to the table.
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