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REVIEW: Allied Powers - The World's Greatest Tag Team DVD

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  • REVIEW: Allied Powers - The World's Greatest Tag Team DVD



    Watch Bulldogs vs. Foundation always brings a smile to my face, considering it was the first WWF/WWE match that Iíve ever seen. When these two teams meet, they never seem to have a bad match, and this was the case again. Their styles seem so alike in so many way it a joy to watch. This match started slow, with flashes of explosive action though out the match, it was one of those match that had you on the edge of your seat, strangely the match itself was let down by the referee, he seems to get confused who was suppose to be in the ring or not, and forgetting that tag team partner must tag each other before letting the partner continue even if it in front of the ref.


    Makes a change seeing the Steiners wrestle in Japan against Japanese opponents, from the moment the bell rang there was action. Both teams looked like they wanted to end it quick, both trying their top moves really quickly. However being quick sometimes ruins the match as a whole and this was a surprising short match, I was hoping for a long match between these teams but it was not meant to be


    The old story of Strength vs. speed, and to be honest this wasnít the most thrilling match ever, even the crowd didnít really care about the match itself. Probably the first match Iíve seen of Demolition where one of the team really struggled during the match (ax in case you was wondering), the Killer Bee focused on his leg during the whole match. This was a technical sound match but also missed that action and thrill of close falls and great double teams.

    Hardy Boys vs. Edge & Christain
    Strange to watch a match which is 13 years old, seeing these four guys before their prime years, and having the feeling that the match was played in fast forward, these guys were non stop from the get go. Constant motion, constant action and a feeling there was no time to breath and take in what was happening

    Freebirds (Michael ps hayes & Terry Gordy) vs. Kerry & Kevin Von Erich (country whipping match)
    God this crowd was white hot for this match and the feud in general, this was a plain brutal match in which the straps dominated more than the wrestling. Preferred to have watched a freebird/von erich match and without the straps and a longer match.

    Funk Brothers vs. Brisco Brothers
    It was a shame that this match was in highlight form and to be honest not a great highlight either, there was no flow to the highlight and no sound from the crowd but commentary from Dory funk. WWE should have found a different match to highlight these two great teams

    Harlem Heat vs. Steiner Brothers
    It strange this bout was supposed to highlight Harlem Heat but Steiner Brother dominated this ordinary bout. There were too many stalling tactics and rest holds and not to forget about the annoying motor bike revving during the bout , together with a slow pace this can be a match to forget.


    Midnight Express vs. Fantastics

    This was a great match, a fast paced exciting bout, with two teams with similar styles. But The midnight express showed why they are ones of the best tag teams in the history of this business, plenty of tag, blind tags, doubling teaming and action, Midnight express always kept a fresh man in the ring and lost count how many times they tagged in and out, for sure one smooth running machine. I feel sorry for the Fantastics being a part of the tag team scene when its overflowing with top tag team that they get easily forgotten about, if they were around in a different generation they could have been huge stars

    Public Enemy vs. Nasty Boys
    So we have Public Enemy who was lost in WCW and Nasty boys who were starting to become over the hill in a street fight, this was WCW trying to be ECW and failing, if they wanted to highlight these teams why not show PE in ECW action or Nasty Boys in WWF action. This match was really bad, a couple of good chair shot but still the rest is pretty forgettable.

    Rockers vs. Brain Busters
    The Rockers probably one of the best tag teams never to win the WWF tag team gold against probably one of their most heated rivals in the Busters. This is again a great match between these two teams, they complement each other so well, the speed and high risk natural of the rockers, against the technical and solid team work of the Busters. This match started a little on the slow side, but the action certainly pick up and its was only a shame that the match didnít end in a clear winner instead of a dq win.

    Demolition vs. Strike Force
    Demolition is plain brutal just damn good brawlers facing a technical sound pair of wrestlers, Demolition dominating the early action, by basically overpowering Strike Force. Strike Force did have their moments but never seemed to last long, and when it got chaotic at the end Demotion found the way to win

    Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo vs. Iron Sheik & Nikolia volkoff
    I havenít seen this match in years, but even today this match still passes the test of time, great action, the crowd is fully into it, typical youth vs. experience match. All four played to their strengths in this match, however preferred a clean finish but what can you expect from a heel team.

    Dudley Boys vs. Hardy Boys
    This was a special match, not only was it a unification match but also held in a steel cage, in my opinion one of the best tag team cage matches in WWF. Hardys and Dudleys were two of the very best in that generation and thatís without doubt, the match was close, but its was Jeff Hardyís swanton bomb from the top of the cage though the cage brings back memories of Snukaís leap off the cage, however one hit the target and the other didnít

    Outsiders vs. Harlem Heat

    Outsiders are proof that two main event single competitors can make an excellent team, Hall and Nash work so well together, and complement each other. Iíve never got Harlem heat, Iíve always seen it a one man team, and it was the same in this match, wasnít the greatest match in the world, wasnít a great deal of action, but still a solid yet standard tag team match

    Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard vs. Sting & Nikita Koloff
    The classic tag team vs. two individuals, power vs. team work, which was a great match, with two different style of wrestling, Sting and Koloff using their advantage when it comes to power, and Arn and Tully using team work to work on a part of the body. I love the crowd in this match god can they scream, great match great crowd and which the match went on long than the time limit draw

    Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens vs. Red Bastien & Billy Robinson
    Wow the match is nearly 40 years old, but still amazing and exciting match. Bockwinkel and Stevens must be one of the top heel , rulebreaking teams Iíve seen, god they have no mercy on their opponents. Its seems that the ref just lets things go, or is it the ref are more strict nowadays. Impressed by the performance of Billy Robinson, that guy is just tough and know how to wrestle. This is just a great match, and its should be seen as a lesson to any heel team who wants to learn the ropes.

    The Miz & John Morrison vs. Shawn Michaels & Rey Mysterio
    Another great match, first time teaming together HBK and Rey, they worked well together, wished they would had tagged up some more. A very fasted pace match with plenty of excitement, both teams did really well in the bout, and I loved the 619 into sweet chin music.

    Hart Foundation vs. Rougeau Brothers

    Probably the first time Iíve seen the Rougeauís wrestle as faces, it was a good match, however seen both teams do better in other matches. This match seems to plod along at times, and only really got some excitement late on in the match.

    Edge & Christian vs. Hardy Boys vs. Dudley Boys (TLC)
    This was a classic TLC match, and made it difficult for anyone to ever follow it, this match was something special, the crowd was so into it, all six guys worked their socks off. The falls though the tables or drops from great heights. I loved the inclusion of Lita and the spear she took from Edge, its felt that the crowd didnít believe that the match was going to finish when it did

    Rock n Roll Express vs. Ivan Koloff & Khrusher Khrushchev
    Simply fantastic match, close to 50 min match, it was more than a match of power vs. speed, but a battle of heart and endurance. This match when back and forth, until late in the match when the Russians took control of the match and cut the ring in half and basically punished Robert Gibson, the fans were going nuts every time Robert was close to tagging out. When eventually he got the hot tag, boy did the place explode, and when you thought that was going to be it, the Russian took control again, it was that kind of match. This was possible one of the greatest tag team matches Iíve ever seen.

    New Age Outlaws vs. Rock n Sock Connection
    With one side with the greatest intro in the history of wrestling facing wrestlingís odd couple, this match at times wasnít great, and it seems that the crowd was only hot for the rock on this day. But the intensity picked up when Al Snow got involved with Head, but its still wasnít the greatest match but watchable.

    D-Generation X vs. Rated RKO special ref Eric Bishoff
    You can tell from the very beginning that DX was having fun, which is always good to see. On paper this should have been a great match with 4 great wrestlers, however it seems like this match was waiting to explode but never really took off. Another bad thing was a lot of the focus was on the ref, and he was the deciding factor in this match.

    Los Guerreros vs. Worldís Greatest Tag Team
    I think during their time in WWE the WGTT were under achievers, they were probably one of the best pure wrestling tag team ever, but never got the respect that they truly deserve. In this match they broke down the Guerrero causing injury to Eddieís Shoulder and Chavoís leg, but its was Eddie that was the turning point in this match, with a little cheating, lying and stealing a victory away from WGTT.
    Tully Blachard & Lex Luger vs. Dusty Rhodes & Nikita Koloff
    After the hype of the Crocket Cup final with the announcers saying that the tournament started with 44 teams, and now we are left with the final two, you would imagine one hell of a match, plus the addition of Magnum TA first public appearance since his career ending car accident. However this match was a major let down, Koloff entered the ring with a soft neck brace so you know that Tully and Lex are going to focus on that. But what the match lack was action and team work, its seem to trundle along, and half the match seemed to be Tully and Lex working on Koloffís neck. The team of Blachard and Lugar didnít work, they didnít jell like Blachard and Anderson, Blachard is a great tag team wrestler but Lugar was too green to know what to do in a tag team environment.

    Legion of Doom vs. Money Inc
    Its strange that out all the match LOD have had they had to choose one where that Rocko was part of the team. This match mean something to me personally as I was one of the 80,000 who was there in person, however as a match it wasnít the greatest match, just another standard tag team match.

    Overall Review
    With 25 tag team matches on this 3 disc dvd, ranging from the awful Funk vs. Briscoes and Nasty boys vs. Public Enemy match to the amazing Rock N Roll Express vs. Russians & Midnight Express vs. Fantastics, however if you love tag team action this is a must have dvd and there are some surprisingly some hidden gems in the form of Bockwinkel & Stevens vs. Red Bastian & Billy Robinson which probably not many of the modern fans have heard off or seen any matches involving these guys.

    My rating for this DVD is 7/10

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    I havent seen this DVD .... but heard that the bios for each team is roughly 60 to 90 seconds each?
    That more or less put me off buying.

    The LOD vs Money Inc match was the Summerslam '92 one wasn't it?
    Apparently Hawk downed several pills before the match and operated on rubbery legs.... something Animal testified on the LOD DVD!
    Even Dibiase would struggle carrying a smashed Hawk to a decent star match!


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      Yes the bios for each team is about 1min-2mins tops but then again considering they are mentioning every great team that been in the business you would probably have to go to 6 dvd's instead of the 3 dvd's, anyhow its the matches that makes this DVD interesting. You are correct Goldie the LOD vs Money Inc is the one from Summerslam 92, and it isn't the best LOD match ever, and but the crowd makes it something better than it was. Considering I paid only £5 for this DVD is a real bargain, and worth being part of anyone collection


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        I was thinking back to the DVDs they did on Greatest Stars of the 80s and Greatest stars of the 90s.
        Covering 20 odd names, you wouldn't expect a full hour bio on each.... but they get 10 to 12 minutes each... and you still get the matches too.

        Just having a minute or so bio on each tagteam seems like a rush job to me ... especially if you've seen alot of the matches beforehand


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          This DVD is called the Allied Powers .... yet I can't see a Luger & Bulldog combo here? (The ahem... short lived Allied Powers tagteam of 1995... uniting the forces of the UK and USA).
          They even had quite a cool music theme... mixed with Lex's American and Daveys 'Rule Britannia' anthems.

          LOL i know the Allied Powers didnt set the world alight... Bulldog turned heel on Lex after a few months.
          Just think its funny taht the DVD is named after them


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            Originally posted by Goldie79 View Post
            I was thinking back to the DVDs they did on Greatest Stars of the 80s and Greatest stars of the 90s.
            Covering 20 odd names, you wouldn't expect a full hour bio on each.... but they get 10 to 12 minutes each... and you still get the matches too.

            Just having a minute or so bio on each tagteam seems like a rush job to me ... especially if you've seen alot of the matches beforehand
            Now I havn't seen greatest stars of the 80 and 90's so I cant really comment of those dvd's, personally I had no problem with the time spent on the comments on the tag teams, and personally I'd only seen half of the matches beforehand, I seriously doubt that anyone can claim that they have watched every single of those matches before. Considering the DVD is a couple of years old now therefore you can find it really cheap.


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              True ... but I like the bios.

              It seems like this is the tag team equivalent to the greatest solo stars of the 80s DVD, and 90s DVD... and they ahd longer bios to accompany the matches