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Has Paul Heyman Surpassed Bobby Heenan As The Greater Manager?

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  • Has Paul Heyman Surpassed Bobby Heenan As The Greater Manager?

    I'm just going to come out and say, YES! Based on Heyman being able to evolve over the years and adapt to the different genres in wrestling. Heyman had the ability to change with the times and bring himself through into the 21st century, and he's had better parings with other wrestlers. I'm not talking necessarily about championships, and to be fair to Heenan, he managed in an era where the baddies were supposed to lose. But regardless of championships and victories, Paul Heyman ALWAYS mad it about the talent he managed. He ALWAYS mad it about Ravishing Rick Rude, Brock Lesnar, The Big Show, Kurt Angle, Stunning Steve - the wrestler was always Heyman's first priority.

    What Heyman and Brock did at WrestleMania XXX in ending Undertaker's streak is probably equal, or if not above than what Heenan and Andre accomplished at WrestleMania III. Yes I'm being mindful that Heenan and Andre lost to Hogan and in Heenan's defense, he managed in a time where baddies were supposed to lose, however managing in the main event solidified Heenan as the number 1 manager (from what someone said in an interview, Heenan earned 6 figures from that main event). Paul Heyman and Brock weren't even in the main event, but I believe that the match solidified Heyman as the greatest manager and it gives him the storied history to back up the spot as the better manager.

    Some would argue that Heenan retired in 1991 and didnt get the chance to evolve the way Heyman did, but as a colour commentator, Bobby Heenan was still a prominent heel, an advocate for the bad guys, a consultant who would often endorse talent. Paul Heyman has surpassed Heenan in the same way JR surpassed Solie and Letterman surpassed Carson.

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    I've been watching WWE on and off since WM, and Heyman's presence is still in tact.

    The other day I listened to the Steve Austin podcast with Paul Heyman. Heyman spoke of Heenan with great affection and respect the same way JR speaks of Gordon Solie. Heyman would never compare himself to Heenan or rank himself up there with the Brain, but it's so obvious that he has indeed surpassed Bobby Heenan, and I say that with respect.