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Kevin Steen in WWE...good career move?

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  • Kevin Steen in WWE...good career move?

    At the ROH best in the world PPV last weekend, Kevin admitted that he has 1 1/2 months left on his ROH contract and as the rumor goes that after that contract finishes then he joins NXT. The questions is it a good career move?

    Sometimes there are guys that enter NXT and you think yes they are going to make an impact and join the main roster and rise up the rank but for some reason they dont guys like Chris Hero and Low Ki, then you have guys who make the WWE roster and you think why, like Xavier Woods .

    I think we can all agree that Kevin has done everything in ROH that he can do, and he's just turned 30 with a wife and a small child to think about, so maybe he's thinking financially and joining WWE for the pay. Another point is that Kevin Steen would also lose his finisher, I seriously doubt that WWE would allow him to do the package piledriver, and another thing he probably lose will be his name.

    While there have been negatives, there could also be positives one of his biggest rivals and someone he's had amazing matches with in the form of Sami Zayn, and the profile of NXT is growing and Kevin Steen would get a bigger profile than his current one which can only be seen as a positive.

    So is it a good carer move to be only I dont know but its certainly going to be interesting to find out

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    I think Steen in WWE is a good thing. Too bad it comes two years too late. He would have been a great addition to The Shield. He would also have been their best promo guy. At this point, if the WWE wants him, he would be a fool to give that opportunity up. Assuming he gets the call-up within a year, he would have plenty of gas in the tank for an upper-midcard run. I don't know if he would be a main event player in the WWE, but he has the ability.

    Please indulge me for a word about Xavier Woods, whose real name Austin Watson. He gets a ton of hate, especially in the IWC. None of it is warranted. I know the guy personally. I worked with him in a Greenville, SC promotion that he was at during his rookie year. He was attending college in Greenville (at Furman University) and had been trained in his home state of Georgia. He is an exceptionally bright indivdiual, who is legitimately about to complete his doctorate, is very personable, and hugely respectful to all of those who came before him (me included).

    In our company, I acted as the Commissioner, wrestled, and also managed a heel stable, of which Austin was one my "young gun." He went by Austin Phoenix back then. He came to the ring in attire that made him look like Carl Weathers' "Apollo Creed" character from the "Rocky" movies. We suggested that he change his gimmick name to Austin Creed, we turned him babyface (he and I feuded), and he really took off. He then worked for Anarchy Wrestling in Georgia, before going to TNA as "Consequences Creed." From there, he landed in FCW/NXT, where he toiled patiently for three years before getting the call-up.

    He is insanely athletic and immensely talented, but does not get to show his full skill set on WWE TV (much like Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins). He more than earned his spot, and is one of the most well-liked guys in the entire company. It's not his fault he was saddled with a terrible gimmick. He can only play the hand he was dealt. Don't hate on a man you know little about. He doesn't deserve it.
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      I wasn't hating on the guy, but more like Xavier has joined the main roster and done basically nothing, im not blaming the guy or having a dig at his skill, it just pointing out the truth that since his call up the guy hasn't made a ripple in the WWE sea. I personally think he spent too much time in FCW/NXT and now thats decision is holding him back. But then again there are loads of talented wrestlers out there who have completed on the main roster but never shown how good they really are, sadly Xavier is going to be one of those guys


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        I agree...
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          Heading to NXT should be the least of Steen's problems with WWE. Considering AJ Styles himself said if he were to sign with WWE he would have no problems working on NXT.

          Can't say too much about Steen however. Not a huge indy fan but WWE does have an eye for talent and have racked up quite a starting lineup, especially in the last five years.