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What if Bobby Roode Won the TNA World Title @ Bound For Glory 2011?

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  • What if Bobby Roode Won the TNA World Title @ Bound For Glory 2011?

    What if everything went to plan (according to the fans) and Bobby roode won the TNA World title from Kurt Angle at Bound For Glory?

    I was furious with the outcome (as were many on twitter), only for a pleasant suprise to happen on Impact, and within two weeks, the swerve didn't just create one main eventer, it created 2 in Roode & James Storm.

    What if everything which followed up to present date didn't happen because Bobby Roode had won the TNA World Title that night at BFG?

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    It would have been much better and the same story could have followed suit. Instead of Storm taking the belt and dropping it right away to Roode, Roode could have just as easily turned on Storm in the same fashion, or maybe even duck Storm for months in order to build towards a slow heel turn. Instead of blowing through half the storyline in one month, they could have stretched it these last six months.


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      It would not have worked at all. The turn would have had no heat and people would respect Roode too much to truly hate him.

      The results speak for themselves, Roode is a monster heel and Storm is clearly the top babyface in the company. It WAS a slow turn, don't you guys understand? The babyface push, with everyone telling Roode he was destined to become Champion made him feel entitled to the belt, but he had that chance 'stolen' from him and his friend, swooped in and took his Championship, his spotlight, his celebration. Due to Roode doing things the right way to get a title shot and missing out took a shortcut during the spur of the moment. Then when he had the Championship in his hands, any form of guilt was gone because he had the belt. This turned Roode into a guy who would take any shortcut, stab anyone in the belt to keep his Championship.

      The suggestion I hear all the time is what Tambourine posted but here is why it would have been wrong. Roode would have established himself as the best wrestler in the company and everyone would have seen the turn coming so there would have been NO heat. The way TNA did things made perfect sense, and people reject this because they think a heel turn is something that should be seen coming a mile away and be a slow transformation. Roode's babyface run built his ego and in his perverted mind Storm turned on him first by stealing his spotlight.