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  • A new challenge.

    What’s up guys, Kingzak is back with yet another column. Before I get onto the actual column I do have a couple things I would like to say. Not necessarily related to this column, But relevant to my column writing in general.

    Firstly I have been thinking about adopting a nickname for myself. I know the rule for getting a nickname is that it has to come from others, however if I start using one myself I can probably get others to start using it too. At the moment I only have “King of the crazy/chaos” or “Monarch of Madness”. I prefer the latter but if anyone else has any good ideas I am open to hearing them. However in full disclosure I have also given myself the title “the CM Punk of video games”.

    Another cool little thing was that I managed to have a semi intelligent and wrestling based conversation with my brother. It was based on joking about Triple H promos. I said “pretty much everything with him is preceded by a twenty minute promo” his reply was “so before he does Stephanie”, This got a little chuckle out of me and the conversation spiraled from there. This may end up the smartest thing he says about wrestling so I figured it best to document it, and what better way to document it then to put a little pre column stand alone thought.

    I was rather disappointed by Night of Champions, not WrestleMania 29 levels of disappointment, but it just felt more like a special episode of Raw instead of a PPV. I know I don’t have any right to complain since I didn’t buy it (PPV reception here is absolute crap) but it just felt off. With any luck Battleground will go a lot better.

    Now we can move onto the actual column, this is an idea many months, nearly a year in the making and I guess better late than never. This is quite possibly going to be the longest series ever done by a columnist; some of you older folks out there might not make it to the end. Anyway here we go.

    The idea is to find which state in America produces the best wrestlers. A lot of you may have an opinion on which is the best. Some of you may live there and want your home state to win or something like that. But now an independent man from Great Britain is going to do the judging.

    Now who am I going to be judging for this, you may be asking yourself? Well everyone who is listed at either of the two links and is from somewhere in America

    I will of course be going by their place of birth. So for all you who live in “Dudleyville” or are from “the wrong side of the tracks (don’t quote me on that one)” but you unfortunately will not be given the chance to win this one.

    Now we move onto how I intend on actually scoring the people. Well the criteria is quite simple, they will be scored out of 100 total and that will be broke down into smaller categories. The categories are as follows

    Promo skills: 25 points
    Match quality: 25 points
    Career: 25 points (did they spend their careers jobbing or as a main eventer)
    Titles: 10 points (quality of title reigns)
    Historical significance: 10 points (how important are they to history)
    KZ score: 5 points (It’s my column series I will do with it as I please)

    So I will be totaling the scores for the state based on every superstar to come from there, some states are going to end up with hundreds (like Florida) other I expect to have very few (like Alaska) but you never know until I actually finish the column.

    I will only be going by their WWE careers for titles and Career since if I were to include every major wrestling promotion ever I don’t think I would finish before I die, and I should have a good sixty something years left, however there promo work and match quality will include matches they may have had from other companies.

    If I reach the end before I die and this is over with the fans I guess I will do an additional one for the rest of the world, it wouldn’t be fair to include the rest of the world here since 90% of wrestlers are from America.

    I guess that is all that needs to be said. So wish me luck and I will see you again for the first part

    (P.S I know this is a short one but it is an intro what do you expect)
    (P.S.S is anyone here good with art, I was wondering if I could get someone to make a banner for this for me.)
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