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Raw Supershow Thread (April 16, 2012)

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  • Raw Supershow Thread (April 16, 2012)

    This week's Raw is from London, England, and with only one advertised match and that is the CM Punk vs Mark Henry title match where there is no countout and no dq, there must be a winner, but who will come out on top and will Chris Jericho make an appearance during the match?

    With Brock attacking John Cena again last week, will it be three weeks running?

    only one way to find out, watch the show and tell us what you thought

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    Not too big a fan of Raw tonight. Other than that interview segment where Brock said Cena was scared "piss-less" of him. Thought that was pretty funny. This Punk/Jericho feud is losing steam fast to me.
    The Jerk of OWW!!!


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      That was a classy tribute to Chief Jay Strongbow ....and nice applause from the audience after the segment aired

      I can't believe that Cena jobbed to Prince Albert either! lol
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        I can't help but think WWE is trying to kill the "Yes!" thing by having Bryan go overboard with it. Why else name a finisher something as lame as the Yes Lock? But just like his loss at WM, it failed. The crowd was relentless during his match.


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          IMO, an average Raw this week... The CM Punk - Mark Henry match was a good opening one, but nothing special...

          Lord Tensai over Cena, wow, I didn't see that coming, or at least not so soon... Is he going to be on a real feud now?

          Daniel Bryan is more over than ever, but since he is a heel, the crowd is not supose to cheer for the guy, much less chant for him, maybe that's why it seems WWE is trying to kill it, IMO, becuse we are not supose to cheer for the bad guys...


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            fair to say Tensai is going to get a monster push. A win over Cena is a big deal.


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              Lord Tensai looks like a life size Japanese doll, very cute


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                would he be the first white-boy to use the green mist?

                I cant think of another


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                  EY used the mist when he channeled the Great Muta


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                    A lot of people aren't liking him right now, but I'm digging Lord Tensai. The years in Japan have done good for his wrestling & despite fans hating the gimmick, it makes sense based on where he's been the past few years & I like it personally. I would think a win over Cena shows that Tensai will be here to stay.


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                      He should've started off on Smackdown where the roster and the demographic is culturally diverse. Raw is for WW hitEys


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                        I htink Vince put him on RAW because he thinks he can get a white-boy to be a better Japanese wrestler than a Japanese guy.

                        Im enjoying him though, I think it sends a good message that guys who dont make it at first can go away and put in some hard yards then try again.


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                          im loving the Lord Tensai Gimmick those that dont like it to me i think are lost on it or just dont like the aspect of it. but i hope it stays. this is far better then the Albert of old. the Muta Mix makes him more dangerous feeling then ever. and it makes sense, WWE is not treating fans like there stupied with this. the CM Punk Jericho fued i like, however the angle dont make sense if you put thought into it. as the weeks go though it is a fun story line and way better then the build to wrestlemania. Lesner forgive me seems boring right now, im honestly more excited about Henry then him and thats sad.
                          the one thing that came to mind is with a lot of old stars comming back, it may be hard for guys that had big pushes stay were they are. Danel Bryan stole the show.


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                            Henry/Punk and Bryan/Kingston were both really good matches. Lots of fun. I thought Bryan was great years ago (and he was) but he just keeps reinventing himself so well.

                            Brock Lesnar promo video was BEYOND AWESOME. Really great stuff. It seemed genuine. It re-introduced Brock so well. Most importantly it explained why he chose to target Cena. Seriously the best promo I've seen in years as far as building towards a match.

                            I'm not happy that they decided to turn this into a Cena/Johnny L. thing though with Cena's promo and his screwjob loss to Lord Tensai. This has nothing to do with Johnny L. Their attempt at doing Vince vs. Austin version 20339 when they have something so perfect with Lesnar vs. Cena is actually quite a testament to how out of tune WWE is with what opportunities they have.

                            All in all, a pretty good show. Kind of a mixed bag. More good than bad though.


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                              Originally posted by Turley View Post
                              would he be the first white-boy to use the green mist?

                              I cant think of another
                              MsChif has used green mist before, Delirious during his feud with the hangmen 3 used a version called red poison

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