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Raw Thread (January 20, 2014)

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  • Raw Thread (January 20, 2014)

    With less than a week to go until the Royal Rumble event, tension in the WWE locker room is at an all-time high. Brock Lesnar will be in the house. So will – finally – Batista. Daniel Bryan, seemingly king of the world at the end of last week’s Raw, has a bull’s-eye on his back for this one. And with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship hanging in the balance next Sunday, what will go down on this Monday’s Raw?

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    Triple H and Stephanie McMahon then introduced the show before Hunter hyped the beginning of the Road to WrestleMania this Sunday at the Royal Rumble. Hunter said 30 men will step into the ring to compete in the Rumble for a chance to compete for the WWE World Hvt. Title in "a main event" at WrestleMania.

    Hunter said it's his distinct honor to welcome back one of these competitors. He said this man has been a friend and foe, and they have "evolved together." But, Randy Orton's music interrupted before Batista could be introduced. Orton stomped into the ring possessing his World Title belts before asking Hunter and Stephanie who they think they are. Steph replied with the same question. Then, Steph shifted things to the WWE Network. Stephanie said there have never been so many eyes on WWE because of the Network. And what did Orton do last week? He lost to Kofi Kingston, then threw a fit and attacked John Cena, Sr.

    After a video replay of Orton's actions last week, they returned to the sound of the crowd booing Orton. Orton slowly turned around to face The Authority. Steph said Orton attacked a "helpless, old man" and his actions were despicable. Steph raised her voice to note that is unbecoming of a WWE World champion. She said if Orton cannot abide by their authority, then he won't have to worry about defending the title. Or, being part of the roster.

    "No, no, no!" Orton shouted back. Orton said he wouldn't have been so angry if he were not put in a title re-match with Cena at the Rumble. Orton said he was re-paid for being the Face of WWE by bringing back Brock Lesnar. Then, Batista. Orton told Steph and Hunter that while they were too busy launching the Network, he was busy dealing with their mess. He asked how he's supposed to react to the blatant disrespect from them. Orton paused, then said he wouldn't change a thing about what he did to Cena, Sr. last week.

    Hunter told Orton to take the bass out of his face, then said they made him WWE champion because they believe in him. He said no matter what problems Orton creates for himself, he can walk through the obstacles in a way befitting of WWE. But, it seems like somewhere in here, Orton has lost faith in himself. He said this has led to him making unreasonable decisions like lose to Kofi Kingston. Orton winced at that sound.

    Hunter said there's no shame in losing to Kofi, because Orton should rise up and make it right. Instead, Orton punched a defenseless, old man to cover for his shortcomings. Hunter said he understands that Brock, then Batista are waiting at the door behind Cena. So, Orton needs to rise up and fix things starting tonight. Therefore, Orton will face Kofi Kingston again. He will get the chance to make it right.

    Hunter then went to a camera shot of the parking garage entrance. He said that is where John Cena will come in tonight. Hunter said Orton will then be able to "make it right" with Cena when Cena arrives tonight. And, he will do all these things alone. Orton thought this over, paused, and Batista's music suddenly played.

    After a pause, Batista came out on-stage dressed in a bright white zipper jacket, jeans, white shoes, and aviator shades. Batista, pounded the fireworks on-stage before hitting the ringside area with business on his mind. (His entrance was a mix between his face entrance and the heel spotlight entrance) Batista, clean-shaven and baldheaded, hit the ring to loud cheers as Orton stood his ground in the ring. Batista posed in the ring, unzipped his jacket, and pounded his chest toward the crowd as Steph applauded in the background.

    As Batista continued to pose, Cole noted three-fourths of Evolution are in the ring right now, sans Ric Flair. Batista lifted his shades while posing, then his music stopped. Steph joined in with the crowd smiling and chanting, "Ba-tis-ta," then Batista knelt down and kissed the mat. Batista hugged Stephanie, then Hunter, who handed him the mic.

    Batista ignored Orton, who tried to get some love from Batista as The Authority left the ring in the background. BAtista then looked toward Orton, who extended his hand. Batista thought it over, then said, "Hello, Randy." Batista said he understands Orton has a few questions about his return. Nothing from Orton. The crowd was quiet, too, waiting for something and trying to process Batista's return.

    Batista explained that he is back in WWE for that (the WWE World Title). So, whether it's Orton or Cena or someone else, he doesn't care. "I'm back," he declared. "To win the Royal Rumble match on Sunday. I'm back to be WWE World Hvt. champion. And I am back to headline WrestleMania. So, deal with it!" Batista dropped the mic and his music played before Orton could reply. Batista left the ring as Orton looked down at the mat selling concern over the predicament he's in right now.

    On commentary, Cole said Cena is here tonight, Batista wants the title, and Brock wants the title, too. Cole then hyped Big Show and Brock Lesnar going face-to-face tonight ahead of their Rumble match.

    The Shield defeat Big E Langston & The Brotherhood, Rollins pins Langston with the Blackout

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      Daniel Bryan was in the ring back from break. The crowd joined him in loud "Yes!" chants before Bryan entered the ring dressed in his standard D-Bryan gear. Bryan paused for a "Daniel Bryan" chant that picked up steam as Bryan smiled and looked around the arena. Bryan smiled and said, "And some people say I shouldn't be the face of this company."

      Bryan said a lot of people have come up to him since last week asking if he had a plan when he joined the Wyatts. The crowd answered, "Yes!" Bryan said to take down a guy with a Messiah complex, you can't just take him down physically, but mentally. In order to do that, he had to do some things he's not proud of. Included was standing side-by-side with three men he absolutely despises. And, he waited for that one moment when he got Bray Wyatt one-on-one inside the steel cage.

      Bryan said he became the buzzard last week and he chewed on the carcass of Bray Wyatt. He said he also exposed Bray last week. This Sunday, at the Rumble, he's going to do exactly the same thing because right before he came out here, he was informed that Luke Harper and Erick Rowan are going to be in the Rumble because that leaves Bray Wyatt to go one-on-one with him at the Rumble. "Yes!" Bryan shouted. The crowd joined in as Cole announced the match.

      Suddenly, the Wyatt theme interrupted. Bray Wyatt appeared on the video screen saying that a man not willing to do die for something means he's not fit to life. Bray said Bryan did not expose him, like he thinks, but exposed himself as a coward. Bray laughed to himself that Bryan flew right back into the people, who only look up to him because they chose to kneel. "Traitor," he chuckled. Bray said what he wants Bryan to do is go home, hug his mother, tell her he loves her, and tell her that he's sorry, because everything that happens to him from now on is his fault.

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        Fandango defeats Xavier Woods with a Guillotine Legdrop (blink and you'll miss this match) Emma was also shown in the crowd again

        Kane was standing around. WWE then showed Raw GM Brad Maddox talking to himself. Brad took credit for Batista's return. Kane then stood over Brad that they know that's not true. Suddenly, Stephanie McMahon barged in. Steph told Brad to leave, then Steph asked Kane what he was thinking last week on Smackdown when he chokeslammed C.M. Punk. Stephanie said it's bad enough that Randy Orton attacked John Cena, Sr. last week on Raw. She said they knew this was a risk changing Kane, but he needs to get a hold of himself because he is in a management position.

        Kane tried to talk back, but Steph cut him off and said he cannot put his hands on any Superstar, even if that Superstar thinks The Authority has some sort of hidden agenda against C.M. Punk. Kane apologized, but Steph said he needs to do more by apologizing to Punk. Kane snapped back that if anyone should apologize, it's Punk --- Kane's voice trailed off as Steph shot him a look. Kane lowered his head and took his marching orders to the ring.

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          Kane quietly requested Punk's presence in the ring. No sign of Punk. "C-M Punk" chants from the crowd. Cult of Personality then played to bring out Punk on-stage. Kane opened with a fake apology, saying he did save Punk from taking a beating from five other Superstars by chokeslamming him. Kane said he apologizes nevertheless.

          Punk responded by saying he didn't hear a word Kane said. "I said...I...apologize," Kane responded in Punk's face. Punk stared down Kane as the crowd chanted, "One more time." Punk looked toward the crowd to encourage more of the chant, but Punk said he doesn't need to hear Kane apologize again. So, Punk smashed him in the face with a forearm before kneeing him out of the ring.

          Kane freaked out on the outside, then Raw GM Brad Maddox walked out on-stage. Brad tried to calm down Kane, then gave Punk a fight tonight. He said Punk will be facing one of these two Superstars ... the New Age Outlaws's theme music played to bring out Road Dogg, followed by Billy Gunn. Brad called for a referee as the Outlaws marched down to the ring. The Outlaws played rock, paper, scissors, then kind of stood around ringside. Gunn entered the ring as Dogg joined the commentary position to begin the match.

          CM Punk defeats Billy Gunn with Go 2 Sleep

          Raw GM Brad Maddox came out on-stage to congratulate Punk on his victory. Kane then yanked the mic away from Brad and said he sees why Punk calls himself the Best in the World. He said Punk will have the chance to prove that this Sunday at the Royal Rumble. He said every number in the Rumble match is drawn at random. Except Punk's number. "Uh oh," JBL whispered on commentary. Kane then made Punk the #1 entrant in this year's Rumble. Cole said that was done out of pure spite for Punk.

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            Alberto Del Rio defeats Rey Mysterio with the Cross Armbreaker, then refuses to release the hold

            Suddenly, Batista's music played. Del Rio fired himself up, prepared to fight Batista, who marched down to the ring with eyes set on the guy who he's been trash-talking him for a few weeks. Batista snapped off his glasses as Del Rio told Batista to leave the ring. Del Rio started to leave, but turned back around to try to strike Batista, who dropped him with an okay-looking spinebuster. Batista then stomped around before dropping Del Rio with a good-looking Batistabomb (without the sit-out). "Welcome back to the Animal," Cole declared. Batista posed in the ring as Del Rio sold unconsciousness in the ring heading to break. Cole said Batista is ready for the Royal Rumble match on Sunday.

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              Show said he's in one of the biggest fights of his life this Sunday. Show then did Paul Heyman's voice pretending to be Heyman hyping Lesnar. It sounded like a bird choking on his feathers. Show then returned to own his voice hyping Lesnar's attributes. Show then re-entered Paul Heyman imitation mode, wearing himself out. Show said he's done waiting, then called out Lesnar to the ring.

              Instead, Paul Heyman emerged on-stage with a mad look on his face. Heyman showed self-consciousness about his voice after Show's mockery. Heyman then smiled to talk, but paused for a "walrus" chant. Suddenly, Brock Lesnar's music played. Lesnar walked half-way down the ramp with eyes locked on Show, who stood his ground in the ring. Lesnar then took off up the ramp and left with Heyman.

              Show took the mic and told Lesnar to get back out here and get in his face. Lesnar re-emerged on-stage, followed by Heyman at a close distance. Lesnar then stopped at the base of the entranceramp, folded his arms, half-smiled toward Show, and stood his ground as one fan near the audio mic called out Lesnar for being a coward.

              Lesnar eventually hit the ring steps and walked into the ring to go face-to-face with Big Show. Lesnar motioned like he was going to do something to Show, who flinched. Lesnar smiled, then went after Show, who chucked him across the ring. Lesnar reversed and pushed Show into the corner, but Show lifted Lesnar clear over the top rope to the floor. Lesnar did sort of a backward roll onto his feet to avoid injuring himself on the way down.

              Ringside, Lesnar cleared the announce table in anger, then grabbed a chair. Lesnar smashed the announce table three times, then charged the ring. But, Show stomped the chair and sent Lesnar scurrying out of the ring. Lesnar chucked objects toward Show in the ring, then Show mocked Lesnar by slamming down the chair. Lesnar calmed down, then started walking away from ringside as Heyman followed close behind. Lesnar smiled toward Show, who stood his ground ready to fight if Lesnar wanted to dance. Lesnar stopped in the middle of the entranceramp and shouted at the top of his lungs that he'll get Show. Show's music then played as Cole said he cannot recall any man doing to Lesnar what Show did tonight.

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                Divas champion A.J. Lee's music played as Jerry Lawler said he's glad the audience is still here tonight. A.J. and Tamina Snuka entered the ring as WWE cut to App footage of Bad News Barrett having some bad news for A.J. Lee. Barrett said the reason why no one showed up at A.J.'s party to celebrate her record Divas Title reign is because no one likes her. Josh Mathews then walked in to interview A.J. about no one liking her. A.J. screamed and threw a fit, then tried to smash cake into Josh, but Josh ducked and Tamina took the cake. Back in the ring, A.J. tried to smooth things over with Tamina, who continued to sell the effects of the cake gag. Cameron and Naomi were introduced as the opposition as Cole hyped A.J. passing Maryse on the Divas Title list.

                The Funkadactyls defeat AJ Lee & Tamina Snuka, AJ got caught with a surprise Small Package by Naomi who was playing opossum

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                  The Usos defeat The Wyatt Family, Jey rolls up Harper after Daniel Bryan came running down to ringside to attack Bray from behind. Bryan beat up Bray on the outside

                  Afterwards Bryan and the Usos stood tall on-stage leading the crowd in "Yes!" chants as Bray smiled to himself ringside

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                    Randy Orton defeats Kofi Kingston by dq after Cena arrives and attacks him

                    Kofi, the loser, cheered on Cena to keep beating up Orton. Good team player. Cena bashed Orton into the crowd as JBL said this is better than Cena, Sr. pressing charges against Orton. "Kick his ass, Cena," a fan shouted near the fight. Cena teased an AA, but Orton elbowed out, then walked across the aisle toward another section of the arena. Cena chased him down in the aisleway as fans screamed near the fight.

                    Orton delivered an elbow to the face, then tried to escape into a skybox. But, Cena chased him down. Orton then disappeared through the arena concourse to the outside area. Cena gave chase as a sea of people apparently returning from the popcorn main event were kept at bay by security. Outside the building, Orton was shown running down the steps of the arena before hopping into a get-away car. Who's driving the car? Lawler asked whose car that was as Cena stood on the stairs selling frustration with Orton taking off. JBL said Orton stole the car, but Lawler pointed out that Orton got in the passenger side. JBL tried to cover that maybe it was an English car.

                    Cena, thoroughly frustrated, walked back into the arena and stood on top of the arena to pose for the crowd as his music played. Cole said Orton cannot run from Cena on Sunday. Cena then walked down the arena steps, posing for pictures and fans. Cena continued to walk down the arena steps as WWE replayed the events both in the arena and out of the arena. Back live, Cena continued to make his way through the crowd shaking hands before hitting the ring to pose for the crowd.

                    The show ends with Cena standing tall in the ring.

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                      I heard that Batista kissed the ring mat. Was there a diva or a ring rat lying on top of it?