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Smackdown Thread (May 2, 2014)

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  • Smackdown Thread (May 2, 2014)

    A mere two days before the much-anticipated Extreme Rules pay-per-view, the WWE Universe will be treated to a volatile edition of SmackDown, complete with a contract signing, a word or two from the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and a United States Title Match!

    Before The Shield takes on Evolution Sunday in a clash of two of WWE’s most dominant factions of all time, The Authority has placed one last obstacle in front of The Hounds of Justice: a Fatal 4-Way Match for Dean Ambrose’s United States Championship.

    With word that Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins will be banned from ringside, will The Shield’s most eccentric member be able to defend his illustrious title against three dangerous Superstars like Alberto Del Rio, Ryback and Curtis Axel? Will Triple H and Evolution look to intercede, further disrupting one of their adversaries before Sunday’s multi-era-spanning battle? Tune in tonight to SmackDown on Syfy at 8/7 CT to find out! And be sure to watch the SmackDown Pre-Show at 7:30 ET for further analysis – exclusively on WWE Network!

    Those who live without honor, end without honor.

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    The Wyatt Family defeats The Usos & Sheamus, Bray pins Jimmy after Sister Abigail

    The Wyatt Family celebrated briefly, but the Usos flew onto the Wyatts at ringside, and everybody started getting involved. Sheamus was whipped into the steps and in the ring, Harper took one of the Usos and gave him a hard lariat. Bray posed over the body of the prone Uso.

    An Adam Rose vignette aired. He debuts on Monday night

    Vickie Guerrero was in the ring for the contract signing of El Torito vs. Hornswoggle. 3MB and Los Matadores were also in the ring. I think this is the first-ever contract signing for a match on a special event/PPV pre-show. Vickie’s cadence here in her mic work seemed way off. Heath Slater butted in, saying Horny has some demands. All green, mini M&Ms. Also 200 copies of 3MB’s Greatest Hits. Torito interrupted on the mic and one of Los Matadores translated, saying when you mess with the bull, you get the horns. Vickie got upset, saying she wanted to see this signing kept nice and short. She thought that was the funniest thing ever. JBL said this was as big as Trump v. McMahon. Hornswoggle signed the contract, but Torito threw the pen away. One of the Matadores brought out a stamp pad, and Torito stamped his hoof on it, then onto the contract.

    Hornswoggle said at Extreme Rules, he’ll prove he’s the bigger man. He adjusted his chair to a higher level, so the same was done for Torito. Jinder Mahal got something out of the ring and put it in the chair, making Horny seem taller. Torito stood on his chair. Both stood on the table and went face-to-face. Horny shoved Torito, and Torito gave it right back. The two proceeded to brawl on the table. They were separated by their respective team members. Torito gored Hornswoggle, knocking Mahal down with him. Then, Los Matadores clotheslined the rest of 3MB over the top rope. Torito jumped from the table, to the top rope, and then onto 3MB at ringside.

    Rob Van Dam defeats Jack Swagger with the Five-Star Frog Splash after a distraction from Cesaro

    After the match, Cesaro gave the Neutralizer to Van Dam.

    A Bo Dallas vignette aired.

    Alexander Rusev defeats R-Truth by dq when Woods jumps Rusev

    The faces sent Rusev to ringside and Woods dove onto him. Then, when he got on the apron, Truth dropkicked him down.

    Daniel Bryan came out. Bryan said he’s no different than any of the fans. He said they stand up for what they believe in and fight for what they have. “We take care of our families,” said Bryan. He said the number one priority is to protect our families. Bryan said he’d walk into his Extreme Rules match as champion and walk out as champion. But, he said, it’s about way more than just the WWE World Title. Bryan was livid that Kane put his hands on his wife. He said it is now a war. This spices things up a little bit, much-needed as a Bryan vs. Kane title match on its own doesn’t have a lot of juice. Bryan said the devil’s favorite demon is going home, even if he has to go with him. A different kind of promo from Bryan, but it worked. Kane interrupted on the TitanTron.

    Kane said he likes hell and will even give Bryan a tour. He cued up a video package of his destruction of Bryan and Brie, saying that’s what hell looks like. He said he’s only just begun to show Bryan the depths of his depravity. Kane’s maniacal laugh ended the segment.

    Dolph Ziggler defeats Damien Sandow (still in his awful Magneto costume) with the Zig-Zag

    Big E defeats Titus O'Neil by dq when Titus won't break at the five count

    Big E. attacked after the match, throwing Titus all over the ringside area. He went to whip O’Neil into the stairs, but O’Neil’s foot was caught on a cable and he was tripped up by it. Titus went over the announce table thanks to Big E., and back in the ring, Big E. stood with one foot on Titus.

    Backstage, Bray set a record player up to play his now-trademark song, but then he stopped it. Wyatt said Cena’s face on Monday was “priceless.” He said the kids pulled out Cena’s heart and handed it to him. He said Extreme Rules has become so much more than just a Steel Cage Match.

    Dean Ambrose pins Curtis Axel with a La Magistral to retain the US Title

    The heels attacked Ambrose but, with the match over, The Shield ran out to save their third member. Superman punch to Axel by Reigns, then they gave him the triple poewrbomb. The Shield posed and celebrated in the ring as the show closed

    Those who live without honor, end without honor.