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Faction Warfare Round 2: Degeneration X '97 vs Fabulous Freebirds

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    At this point in his career Triple H didn't have it on his own.
    Shawn pulled a lot of strings to help his friends career advance ... ie a spot in DX, IC titles, KOTR winner.... (as Tripper carefully learned from the best and would later become an even more ferocious manipulater than Shawn was)

    It took a long time for Tripper to manouveur himself into a top position ... Whereas Steve Austin and the Rock got over quickley once they changes their personas.... Tripper had to really work at it for a long time to get the crowds to really react to him.

    Without Shawn by his side at this point in his career... Tripper rarely shined. He would probably only just squeeze in my top 10 for the 1997 singles roster at any given time
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      Shock, stop twisting things.

      I made it very clear that it was a count out victory and I never said it was a career highlight.

      I mentioned the match because you said HHH was just part of HBKs entourage at this time. You were downplaying his role and mentioning the match was entirely relevant to countering this point. A win over the World Champ on RAW isnt something a background player was given. I dont remember Savio Vega getting wins over the champ when he was in the NOD.

      If you add the win over Bret to clean wins over Owen Hart and Jim Neidhart then you have HHH getting singles victories over a huge portiion of The Hart Foundation, the other formidable faction of the time.

      I now demand you retract your statement about HHH being merely part of the entourage. I feel you were deliberately downplaying his position at the time.


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        Originally posted by Goldie79 View Post
        Tripper rarely shined. He would probably only just squeeze in my top 10 for the 1997 singles roster at any given time
        but its not like The Freebirds were 3 main eventers. HHH was the secondary member of DX. That was his role, he shouldnt be criticised for that. A good faction had one top tier guy, supported by some mid card or upper mid card wrestlers. If this support was getting wins against the majority of the faction they were feuding with (such as what HHH did with the Harts) then he has played his role well. HHH was becoming a very solid mid-carder at the time. It is undeniable that he was on the cusp of progression.


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          Turley, it's funny that you say that the Freebirds weren't main eventer,s yet they were always at the top of the card in Mid-South and WCCW. That's quite an accomplishment when a trio is main eventing when that place is usually reserved for a single's champion.

          It's true, HHH was part of HBK's entourage. Look at the DX posters of the 3, and tell me who's in the middle or the center of the group photos. Tell me who accompanies whom out to the ring for his matches. Tell me who warms up to Shawn Michaels in those infamous promos where he asks who the show stopper, the show stealer, the main eventer is only for shawn Michaels to answer "ME" to those questions. The evidence is all there, history doesn't lie!

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            pretty good faction if the netourage gets wins over the World Champion...

            oh, and does that mean whichever Freebird members werent in the centre of their pictures are merely an entourage too?

            uh huh


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              yeah, a count out win *giggles*


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                as a matter of interest, did any of the Freebirds get televised wins over the world champion?


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                  Yes, Terry Gordy won the UWF Title on TV. But the biggest point is group unity nad the fact that the Freebirds worked %99 of the time as a trio for 7 years which takes us back to the topic of this thread/tournament. The Freebirds did it better, longer and broke ground along the way. Also if you look at any group photo of the Birds, any Horsemen version, the '97 Hart Foundation and the Dangerous Alliance, you'll see an ensemble group. Of course you'd have the leader somewhere in the center, but everyone else would look strong and established. If you look at any DX '97 pic, the photo focuses around HBK being celebrated by HHH and Chyna. It makes the other two look inferior and tag along. You are thinking individually like you did in the "who really carried the Hart Foundation tag team poll", where you're looking at the guy who went onto bigger things. You are doing somewhat the same thing in this thread where you're looking at the group as individuals rather than what the group accomplished together as a working unit. Freebirds have got this win locked. Freebirds for the win!!!


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                    Well I'm going with the Freebirds. Mainly because I don't consider this version of DX a faction. They're a tag team with Chums as their manager. The Freebirds were talented and ahead of their time in my opinion. DX set the company back because of their backstage antics and attempts to bury everyone. I just can't give DX the vote in this tournament.
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                      I read the comments and the point that Chyna wasn't an active wrestler swung the vote for me, also the fact that probably isn't a better six man team than the freebirds


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                        Fabulous Freebirds Advance