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  • Current State of UD

    When I took over for The Indy Junkie, I was ready. I have had high hopes and dreams on continuing the success of UD. I have tried to rebuild the UD that we have all loved and participated in. But, now I am so done with that. I have tried so many ways to get people back into things here in UD. I have tried different rules formats and different styles of matches. Some really enjoyed them and some didn’t. It truly is time for a change. There have been a lot of people who have given me great advice and have been around to help in anything I have needed. I thank those people. To all of the people who have doubted me and wanted me to fail, I am over that and not even worried about you anymore.

    I have set a format of my choosing. If you do not like it, please do not sign up for the card. There will be times that the format/rules will change, but they will be posted with that card’s sign up thread. I am always here to answer any questions, so message me. Some may know that I was never a huge fan of the “old” school UD format. I was never a huge fan of dragging out a debate for an entire month. I know people have jobs, kids, wives, husbands, lives, and that is why I have set the schedule for the debate ahead of time with the posting of that card’s schedule as part of the sign-up thread. If that schedule does not work for you, please DO NOT sign up! I am not here to host a mediocre UD. I want this to be the best era of UD ever.

    Things around here are going to change. I hope that everyone will be involved with the evolution of UD. Are you ready?
    (so many wrestling references there)

    Our last UD card was cut short. I am ready to move on and make the next card the best one. Details, rules, format changes, and the next card sign-up will be posted in next couple of days.
    Stay tuned.

    Thank you,
    Taker of Darkness

    Please post appropriate comments here or you can always just PM me.

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    Well said, Taker. As the UD Champion, I wish to be a part of the dawning of a new era. My goal is to be the longest-reigning UD Champion of all time. With two more title defenses, I will make that goal a reality. I invite every former UD Champion to step up to the plate and take a swing at me. I refuse mediocrity. I deplore it. I demand to defeat the best competition there is. That is the heart of a champion. While I understand pro wrestling is a work (and I worked it very well for eleven years), I also take anything I do on OWW seriously. With that said, I take these debates seriously as well. I have already defeated Flame (twice), Cletus (twice), Chaos Kid (in the debate of the year), Nick Anthony, and Mr. Tambourine Man. There are no less than three former UD Champions in that list. I have also laid out challenges to Goldie and Macho (the current longest-reigning UD Champion). So far, those have gone unanswered. I want the best opponents available. I fear no one. Gentlemen (and ladies, if the case didctates), I ask that anyone who signs up for a debate going forward understands the demand it will put on your time and will take it seriously. I love winning, but I love earning the victory. Winning by default in the last debate left quite a sour taste in my mouth. I will not have it. I am ready and willing to take on anyone...and prove to the world that it is indeed "Show Time!"
    It's "Show" Time!!!!


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      The reason why the OLD debates could drag on for a month was for the very thing you say.... people struggled to keep within the timeframes and kept asking for extensions. I won't name and shame but it was usally the same debaters (though on occasion even the reliable debaters no showed ... loss of internet connection, family emergency, need to complete college work etc)

      It all depends on the debaters, we had our reliable ones who would finish up quickly and then get annoyed because they had to wait around.... (yes thats understandable) and then the people who were less reliable and needed more time to commit. When we were stricter with the timeframes, there were fewer completed debates on the card.... and several no shows made the card as a whole, look successful.

      We tried inflicting punishments for now shows (such as banning for the next card etc) but it didn't really make any difference. We asked people to only sign up if they could commit.... but circumstances changed

      If you do have a set of reliable debaters then I am sure that these changes will work, though as I said, its completely out of the UD staffs hands, as to whether a debetar finds the time to complete or not. If you have reliable debaters, this should work. Good luck!
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        The bottom line is this: the leadership of UD has changed, indeed. The format has changed, to some degree. However, the premise is still the same as I would assume it has always been--the participiants choose a side and defend the merit(s) of that choice. This is the one constant that is the watermark for UD. Why new leadership and new formats have ruffled so many feathers is beyond me.

        Granted, I am new to OWW, but I understand what a debate is, clearly. I am undefeated on this site in mutliple matches against a variety of opponents. I know how to debate and will debate any topic with anyone (just ask my wife, LOL). My point in saying that is that I understood what sort of demand would be put on my time and intellect before I ever "penned" the first syllable. I am a UD rookie, true enough. Everyone I have taken on in this forum is a veteran, and all of them should have known what they were in for. Unless you know that you can commit to a debate, simply do not sign up for it. That seems pretty cut-and-dry to me.

        The last debate, which I was keenly excited for, was a huge disappointment. I gave what I thought to be a great opening statement. I felt I set the tone for the debate to come. I then waited patiently for a response. My opponents had three full days to formulate something, anything, that would have continued the conversation. That was the only deadline besides the end date. In three days, no one could muster even a sentence of retort. This made a mockery of that particular debate. Though I feel I would have won either way, I would rather have the chance to win outright and not simply because my opponents did not bother to reply. No offense to my esteemed colleagues, but Cletus and Tambourine should not have signed up unless they knew they had the time to follow through. That's my opinion, and I know the old saying. "Opinions are like derrieres. Everyone has one."

        The only reason I took part in the debates in the first place was because I thought it would be an interesting challenge, so I purposed myself to make time for it. New leadership and a new format should have no bearing on the quality of a debate. It should certainly have no bearing on who signs up for them. Whether you have two weeks or a month, everyone could find thirty minutes of their precious time here and there to type out an argument. It should not take all day to formulate a post. If it does, then perhaps debating is not the path you should choose on OWW.

        I am not trying to "rock the boat" here. I know that UD has a rich heritage. So does Taker. I have conversed with him about this. He wants to make UD the best it can possibly be and he has tried to accomodate everyone in doing this. But, you simply cannot accomodate everyone all the time. Ultimately, it is time for UD to evolve and adapt to a changing scene. People innately are creatures of habit and do not take change well. However, in this instance, it is necessary. I would love for everyone who used to debate regularly (especially former UD Champions) to rejoin the fray, so to speak. I want to take on and defeat the best competition there is. We need to move forward and would suggest that all of the "old school" UD purists begin to think big picture and get over themselves just a bit. Let's make UD fun again. Let's restore UD to its former glory, but with a new look--a new era--if you will.

        Besides, who among you wouldn't want the chance to shut me up?
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        It's "Show" Time!!!!


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          I was not trying to bash former UD leadership. Nor was I trying to bash any person from UD's past, present, or future. I just wanted to state my thoughts and feeling of the current state of UD. I wanted to post it here for everyone to see what is going on in my head when it comes to UD. I know many have seen this thread, I am awaiting for those people who have opinions to post something.

          Like Jordan said, Yes UD has a really rich heritage. I remember when I first came here to OWW thanks to chaoskid. It was just a scary thought of what am I getting into here. Then after a few debates here and there I was hooked. When the opportunity came to be apart of the judging panel I thought that was a better place for me. Then when the opportunity came to take the reins from The Indy Junkie I was very excited. I can tell you guys that I am very excited to be apart of UD.

          I think the time has come for UD to evolve into something more. I am ready to make the few changes and tweaks that I think will make UD better. Are you with me?

          Thank you for your thoughts and opinions. Thank you to Goldie, Jordan, and chaos for the support.

          Right now I am in the middle of packing and moving to a new place. So I will be without internet for a bit, but I will be checking in on things through my phone.
          Once I am settled into my new place UD will be back with a new card and I hope everyone will be ready to start again with a great card.

          Message me or post something here.

          UD will be back May 1st hopefully.


          Taker of Darkness
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