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    First of all, I was not picking the "top ten" wrestlers for each organization. I was simply picking ten guys from each organization at random to prove that the TNA roster is full of names that are more well known than that of ROH. Now, looking at my opponent's comments related to my list (though he heavily modified the ROH list), I would offer a few counterpoints:

    1. I agree with my opponent's assessment of most of the TNA list (within reason). Yes, I know Aries is ROH's only two-time World Champion. But, he has become a more well-known star in TNA. Facts are facts. He has also become a more seasoned wrestler. As for Samoa Joe, I never said he was better booked in TNA than ROH. I said he is a bigger star in TNA than ROH. He is. Regardless of his booking in TNA recently, his run in the company started with an 18-month undefeated streak that was not broken until Kurt Angle came to TNA. Joe is now being booked as a machine again, by the way.

    2. Yes, Vince Russo overbooked TNA for a while. And, yes, they probably have lost some of their original fans (that sentiment could be said of WWE as well). However, they still run over a million viewers each week. ROH would kill for these numbers. They are simply not there yet.

    3. I am also not arguing match quality. I have given ROH its props as some of the best in-ring action on the planet. That has always been the case. That is how they have survived. However, their fanbase is not growing exponentially, as my opponent might have the readers believe. ROH is turning the corner, I believe, on something positive. But, if they are to overtake TNA as the number two North American promotion, they must amp up their production value, get some corporate sponsorships people recognize (not a local proctologist), and make their organization "look" like more of a big deal. Most of that onus falls on Sinclair Broadcasting. If they could get some sort of major TV deal, that would certainly help, but Sinclair is not a major player in the TV world realistically, so I don't know if that is feasible.

    Ultimately, both organizations have faults. This, we must agree on. However, when you compare apples to apples, TNA's (apple) cart is more full right now than is ROH's. That, for the time being, will keep them number two. Ask me this question in two years and I may have a different opinion. Right now, I am sticking to my guns.

    In closing, I will say that no wrestling company on the face of the earth can rival the juggernaut that is World Wrestling Entertainment. It is clearly the number one organization in all of professional wrestling. As the capital of the pro wrestling world, North America, in general, and the United States specifically, is where other organizations fight not only to stay alive, but to have the right to "play second fiddle" to "The 'E."

    TNA has that distinction as we speak. They have a worldwide television platform. They are multimedia interactive. They have major corporate sponsorships. They have working relationships with Wrestle-1 and Bellator MMA. They have been doing pay-per-view since day one of the company's existence. They just inked a deal to put a new wrestling program in the British market. These are things that ROH cannot compete with on the same level.

    ROH is on syndicated television, not in a worldwide market. They do not have large corporate sponsorships. They have a working relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling, but it does not benefit them in a way that gains them any ground. They have one pay-per-view to their credit. They used the iPPV format for quite a while, with mixed success and many technical issues along the way. Basically, Ring of Honor is playing second fiddle to the second fiddle. They are TNA's "little brother."

    Ring of Honor is two-five years and a multitude of improvements away from overtaking TNA as the number two organization in North America. That is the long and short of it.

    One final thought, and then I will shut up. ROH constantly brings up new main eventers because they cannot keep the main eventers they build. They are a training ground. This is akin to being the AA affiliate of a major league baseball team. When the MLB team is ready for your best player, they call him up. This distinction does not make ROH number two.

    TNA is a haven for guys who could not find a home in WWE or who left WWE. They have bigger contracts because TNA has deeper pockets. They ink their talents to multi-year deals and still let them do indy events that are not televised or on DVD. The guys there are more established as stars, make more money, have more exposure, and are seen by more people. Outside of Japan, TNA is the number one organization not named WWE.

    I rest my case...
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      You do bring up some valid points and I don't hate TNA, even if some of the points may seem like it. TNA have a world of potential, but until recently they have squandered that, by not looking at the bigger picture. For years they put people like Hogan & Sting on a pedestal and didn't allow anyone to get solid wins on them, now with the veterans gone, TNA is realizing what fans had said for a long time that bringing in Hogan or Sting every time they're ratings took a hit was a short term answer, but once they were gone the company would be in real trouble because they never used the veterans to put over the home-grown talent which would ultimately be the future of the company. Now that the veterans are gone they've realized it and are now trying to turn their talents into legit main eventers. TNA's relationship with Bellator MMA is more of trying to keep Spike TV happy, the same reason they brought in King Mo, Tito Ortiz & Rampage Jackson, because without their television deal they're f*cked and they know it.

      ROH on the other hand realized this long ago, that they may have main event talents but once they accomplish all there was in the company they would leave and head elsewhere or talents would be forced out due to outside circumstances. (the Feinstein debacle comes to mind) In doing this they realized the stars they have now may not be with the company in a few years and have to get the next group ready to step up. This is why I say them losing guys like Punk, Joe, Aries, Black, Nigel, Bryan etc. has made them stronger not weaker. It has ensured that they will always have talent ready to step-up and lead the company into the future.

      That's the key ROH is looking at the future just as they've always has and in closing this is why ROH is preparing to overtake TNA, because they can see the bigger picture and are ready for the futre and the future is fast approaching.

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        As I have not heard from Taker of Darkness since July, I'm under the impression that he has given up on UD. Either that, or there is something personal in his life that has taken his attention away from it. Nevertheless, I am disappointed. If UD ever does make a return, I will be a proud and defending champion (the longest reigning UD Champion ever, at that). And, Flame, thanks for being my most persistent challenger.
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          As the new Moderator of UD, I am calling this match a draw. Considering all the controversy surrounding both of these companies since this debate thread closed, there is no way to truly rate a winner after all of these months. As in all draws where titles are defended, the Champion remains the Champion, which, in this case, is me. Good show, Flame! Well played.
          I'm the man, the myth, the legend..."The Show"!!!!