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  • FWL Card Number 5!

    Welcome guys to card number five! I'm excited as this should be a fun one! Three big matches are scheduled and they are: WWEGary vs. Cletus TheKingOfHarts vs. Kingzak And your FWL Title Match: Indy Junkie vs. Flame! Cards must be in by November 29th, good luck to all!

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    I am going to just post this promo for the episode.

    Tonight in the NWA
    The tournament to crown the first ever NWA champion begins tonight including the debut match of the man beast Brock Lesnar.

    Currently confirmed for the show
    Dolph Ziggler vs. Brock Lesnar
    Jeff Hardy vs. Dean Ambrose
    John Cena vs. Sheamus
    Sting vs. The Miz.
    The Ultimate challenge begins. Head to the column forum to check it out


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      I'm going to extend the card deadline until December 2nd, so you have till then.


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        (I'll Clean it up later!)

        ECW November 2 Remember 2013

        Scene opens on Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky. The crowd is going wild.

        Todd, “Hello ladies and gentlemen welcome to Freedom Hall and ECW’s November 2 Remember! We are live in Louisville and we have got an epic night of matches for you I am Todd Keneley here with Jerry “The King” Lawler!”

        Douglas, “And “The Franchise” Shane Douglas!”

        Suddenly the lights go out and a red light comes on focusing on the entrance ramp. Jason Gory starts to walk out looking crazed. He gets half way down the ramp when Michael Façade dives out from the crowd for an ambush attack.

        Caning Match
        Jason Gory Vs. Michael Façade

        This is not what you would call a match. More like a sanctioned bar fight. Punches and kicks were thrown wildly. It would take a good four minutes before the two men even touched the ring, and that was because Gory forced Façade into the corner. Façade and Gory were using chairs and tables outside the ring. Beating each other senseless and breaking each other in half. The ref literally just stood in a corner and watched the mayhem. Gory actually took the Cane at ringside that was meant for after the match. The ref tried to stop him but suffered a vicious forearm and cane strike for his troubles. Gory attempted to use the cane of Façade but Façade was able to dodge. Eventually Façade got the cane off Gory after a bad swing forced him to drop it. Façade then nailed him over the head. Façade would roll Gory into the ring, first time in the ring the whole match. Façade pushes Gory into a corner then sets to strike. Façade stops as Gory starts to laugh in a crazed way. Suddenly Façade learns why as Chance Prophet comes out and hits Façade in the back with another Singapore cane. Soon Prophet and Gory dropped Façade with a Spike Trepidation! Prophet rolled the half conscience ref into the ring to give Gory the three count.

        Winner Jason Gory

        Gory and Prophet take Façade and drape him over a corner. They hand cuff him to the second turnbuckle leaving him unable to fight back. Gory and Prophet both armed with Canes start to take turns hitting Façade’s back.

        Todd, “This isn’t right!”

        Franchise, “You can say that all night long Todd. But that isn’t going to stop it.”

        Gory and Prophet continue the caning till Flip Kendrick, Louis Lyndon, ACH, and Wes Draven run to the ring. Gory and Prophet bail before the group can attack. Prophet gives a blank stare into the ring as Gory continues his crazed laugh. A ref comes down to the ring with bolt cutters to release Façade. The scene cuts to the back where we see Taylor Rotunda sitting with is face in his hands. He runs his hands through his hair then stands up. Suddenly the door opens and in walks Windham Rotunda.

        Taylor, “Bro it’s great to see you.”

        The brothers hug. They break the hug.

        Taylor, “So what brings you to ECW?”

        Windham puts his arm around his brother shoulder.

        Windham, “Destiny my brother.”

        Taylor, “Oh dear god not you too.”

        Windham, “I see it my brother DiBiase and Rotunda have come together. But there are two Rotundas this time. With the three of us united the tag team division will be dominated!”

        Taylor, “Tag Teams can only be two you know.”

        Windam, “Let me worry about that. You and Ted just focus on the titles.”

        Ted walks into the room.

        Ted, “No problems on that. The stars are aligned the odds are in our favor. Glory will be ours.”

        Both Ted and Windham look up to the heavens. Taylor moves out from under his brother’s arm and slowly walks away leaving the scene. The scene then cuts to outside the arena with Gory and Prophet.

        Prophet, “You know many maybe asking why? Why would I aid Gory viciously beat Façade? Well do I need a reason to side with a man as crazy as myself?”

        Gory laughs a crazed laugh.

        Prophet, “No of course not. You see me and Mr. Gory have been on the same side before. Façade just always happens to be on the wrong side of us each time. Starting tonight a goal was achieved. The goal of fear. In ECW fear has been attempted by some. Achieved by few. A little birdie, a well-known birdie, has left his flock and nest leaving a home to be filled. I like to fill homes.”

        Gory laughs again.

        Prophet, “Thus begins the madness. ECW welcome to my twisted sense of home.”

        Gory laughs his twisted crazy laugh as Prophet joins in. Scene cuts back to the ring.

        Todd, “What have I just seen?”

        King, “Two twisted minds forming a union.”

        Douglas, “Twisted minds always lead to strong teams King.”

        Inside the ring Wes Draven has stayed in the ring for his match. In the ring Sonjay Dutt and Aero Star wait with him. “Burning Through The Night” by Eigenkreation echoes in the arena as Takeshi Morishima walks out to a huge pop from the crowd. He walks with focus to the ring. As he enters “Keep Your Eye On The Money” by Montley Crue hits the arena and Windham Rotunda walks out to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

        King, “Sons of Money’s newest member has arrived!”

        Todd, “I still wonder what he was talking about when he said the three united ruling the tag team division. We have the Extreme Triangle division with champions to be crowned tonight, but they are not taking part in it.”

        Rotunda gets to the ring. “Search & Destroy” by Twisted Jukebox Chance Prophet walks out in a sleeveless hooded cloak to immense heat from the crowd. As he gets close to the ring Wes Draven dives onto him. Sonjay goes after Aero Star as Windham attacks Rotunda starting the match.

        Sonjay Dutt Vs. Wes Draven Vs. Takeshi Morishima Vs. Aero Star Vs. Chance Prophet Vs. Windham Rotunda

        This match was a brawl. The ref just sat back and waited for the situation to be calmed. Draven and Prophet stayed outside the ring. Sonjay and Aero Star eventually took turns diving onto Wes and Chance. Takeshi and Windham were left in the ring. Windham whips Takeshi but Takeshi turns it into a Suicide Dive onto the other four competitors sending all five through the guard rail. Windham looks out at all five men. Then looks at the corner. Windham mounts the corner waiting for all five to get to their feet. Windham dives off the top with a crossbody taking all five men out. After the dive all six were slow to get up. Sonjay and Draven were the first to get to the ring. They battled each other on speed and strikes. Aero Star was next to slide in but quickly fell victim to a combinations of kicks from Sonjay and Wes. Wes manages to quickly kick Sonjay in the knee then connect with a Stealth Kill and quickly flow into a Mark Of the Wolf on Aero Star followed by a 3 count.

        Eliminated Aero Star

        Chance comes back into the ring he and Wes go right at each other. Windham and Takeshi get on the apron as does Sonjay as the rest and wait to be tagged in. Wes and Prophet trade various attacks. Various times Prophet held Wes in the corner giving him “advice” before attacking. Windham grew tired and stormed in tossing Wes over to the floor making an official tag. Both Windham and Takeshi started to perform this action when they wanted in. Eventually Prophet also made use of this way after Wes had been crushed by both Windham and Takeshi. He quickly tossed both out and hit the DoomSayer on Wes to get the three!

        Eliminated Wes Draven

        Before Chance realizes it Sonjay rolls in and connects with a Sonjay Cutter followed by the Hindu Press for a three.

        Eliminated Chance Prophet

        As soon as chance is eliminated and rolled out by Dutt Michael Façade runs to ring side to attack. Gory, Lyndon, and Kendrick run to ringside as a three on two brawl ensues. Gory keeps things even with the use of Canes and other weapons. Dutt watching all this insue falls victim to a backdrop driver from Takeshi. Before Takeshi can cover Windham hits him with a clothesline then hits the SMC2 (Stock Market Crash 2, Sister Abigail) on Sonjay. Windham picks up the easy cover.

        Eliminated Sonjay Dutt

        The two big men waste no time going at each other as the 3 on 2 brawl outside has spilled into the crowd then back to ringside and into the ring. Windham and Takeshi quickly took care of all five men using various suplexes. The end came when Windham went for the SMC2 only for it to be reversed into a lariat at the same time. As both men get back to their feet Windham when for a Lariat but it was reversed into the Amaze Impact which lead to the three count.

        Winner Takeshi Morishima

        Morishima leaves the ring without celebration.

        Todd, “That was a hard fought match!”

        Douglas, “That was an ECW classic Todd.”

        Scene cuts to the back where we see Scarlett Bardoux standing with Fire and Soldier Ant.

        Scarlett, “I am here with the newly reunited Colony Fire and Soldier Ant. You guys have signed in for the crowning of the Extreme Triangle Tag Team titles.”

        Soldier, “Mam yes mam!”

        Scarlett, “But you guys are only two. Green Ant is in another organization and assailANT is not here either so how do you guys finish this Triangle?”

        Fire, “A thing you must remember about ants Scarlett is they are always more in a Colony!”

        Suddenly a new Ant in a shiny Yellow Ant outfit with long shorts instead of pants jumps on the scene and moves around without reason or rhyme.

        Fire, “Say Hello to Yellow Crazy Ant! With this the Colony ranks three again. Tonight we bring a trio title back to The Colony!”

        Soldier, “SIR YES SIR!”

        All three leave the scene.

        Scarlett, “You know I never knew they were so resiliANT!”

        Scene cuts to Michael Façade, Louis Lyndon, and Flip Kendrick in a locker room still reeling from Windham and Takeshi’s attacks.

        Façade, “Gory, Prophet you two never stop do you. Were ever I go you two always try to break me. Well guess what I am still standing! This time it will be different at you can see the Ninja Elite Squad is with me this time. We out number you. We may very well add two more to the ranks to tilt the numbers even more in our favor. So this time Gory, Prophet you two will be the ones left broken.”

        Scene cuts to TJ Perkins and Bingo Ballance standing with Rhia O’Reilly.

        Rhia, “Hello Ladies and gents I am here with Unofficial FTW Heavyweight Champion TJ Perkins and the Interim ECW High Impact Champion Bingo Ballance. Guys the paths you to have taken have led to this an FTW Deathmatch were only one title can survive. You both stand face to face moments before the match. What are you guys thinking?”

        TJ takes the mic first.

        TJ, “Tonight I walk away champion. Bingo I beat you once and I will do it again.”

        Bingo pulls the mic to him.

        Bingo, “Don’t get ahead of yourself. The rules are different now. This time you fall.”

        Both men then attack each other. While viewing the scene Todd gives a rundown of the new FTW rules.

        Todd, “Well looks like Bingo and TJ have started up. Well the new FTW rules allow this anyway. The new FTW rules allow for the match to start anywhere in the arena. But when it comes to victory pinfalls can only occur in the ring while submission can occur anywhere in the arena.”

        Douglas, “And as always anything GOES!”

        FTW Heavyweight Championship Vs. ECW High Impact Championship
        TJ Perkins Vs Bingo Balance

        A ref showed up on the scene and got both titles as they were yanked off by TJ and Bingo. Both men brutalize each other in the back tossing each other into walls and doors. Periodically the two go into strikes. Eventually the two do make it to the entrance ramp to a decent pop from the crowd. Both men trade off performing and reversing submission holds. Eventually they get to ringside. Both men perform various leap and dive attacks off the apron. The end came after TJ Connected with a TJP DDT off the apron then locked Bingo in the Alejandro Lock 2 (Figure 4 cloverleaf) leading to the tap out.

        Winner and Official FTW Heavyweight champion TJ Perkins

        TJ is handed the FTW title then slides into the ring and celebrates showing off the title to the crowd.

        King, “Well Franchise for the first time in ECW history the FTW title is Official!”

        Douglas, “Oh it is a dark day in ECW.”

        TJ is pulled down by Bingo who has the High Impact title in hand. Bingo hands the High Impact title to TJ. TJ takes the title then shakes Bingo’s hand. Bingo lifts TJ’s hand in victory! After showing some more of the celebration the scene cuts to the back where Scott Parker and Shane Matthews are standing with frustrated looks on their faces.

        Scott, “Ya know ECW fans, getting back to the Promised Land has been hard and difficult path.”

        Shane, “Very hard and painful.”

        Scott, “Honestly we knew we knew ECW would have impressive teams, but we still thought we had an edge.”

        Shane, “Sharp as a knife. Not a butter knife but a steak knife.”

        Scott, “Sadly though every time we come so close only to get kicked off the path.”

        Shane, “Super Kicked right off.”

        Scott, “Honestly it has got me and my friend Shane depressed.”

        Shane, “Badly depressed. Almost Prozac depressed.”

        Scott, “Yeah I almost asked a friend of mine if I could borrow some.”

        Shane, “Who do you know who is taking Prozac?”

        Scott, “A guy.”

        Shane, “What guy?”

        Scott, “Just a guy.”

        Shane, “I know everyone you know. Who is it?”

        Scott, “You don’t know him.”

        Shane, “How could I not know?”

        Scott, “I do have a life outside you and people I know that you don’t.”

        Shane and Scott look at each other. Shane looks down confused.

        Shane, “You have a life outside me?”

        Scott, “Yeah Karaoke, dating, sometimes I get Olive Garden.”

        Shane, “Lasagna right?”

        Scott, “No just the salad.”

        Shane, “Just salad?”

        Scott, “Yeah I like to watch my figure.”

        Shane, “But your metabolism is amazing!”

        Scott, “Maybe be but to attract the ladies I still gotta watch it.”

        Shane, “Say you think you can help me with that?”

        Scott, “Of course.”

        Shane, “And you go to Karaoke with girls right?”

        Scott, “Yes two sometimes three.”

        Shane, “Can I come next time?”

        Scott, “Sure Debbie has been wanting to meet you.”

        Shane, “Debbie?”

        Scott pulls Shane in and whispers in his ear. Shane’s eyes widen. Scott moves away.

        Shane, “She’s that flexible?”

        Scott nods.
        Shane, “I wanna go.”

        Scott, “I thought so.”

        Shane gets a pervy smile on his face. Scott looks at the camera man realizing they are still in mid promo.

        Scott, “Oh right we gotta finish this promo and show first.”

        Shane, “The Promised Land is in my sights!”

        Scott, “That is right tonight we are offered the Promised Land once again as it is the Extreme Triangle championship. We have an impressive partner who it took a lot to convince to join us.”

        Shane snaps back from his perv moment.

        Shane, “That is right it took six of Scott’s mom’s home cooking.”

        Scott, “And introducing to Cheryl and Cassie.”

        Shane, “Who?”

        Scott, “Debbie’s sisters.”

        Shane, “Ahh.”

        Scott, “Now we wanna keep him a surprise. But tonight I guarantee that we will be in the Promised Land and be the first ECW Extreme Triangle Champions!”

        Shane, “Finally tonight you all will truly feel the flow…..”

        Scott & Shane, “Of 3.0.”

        Shane, “Now give me more info on Debbie?”

        Scott, “Of course.”

        Both men walk off Shane in deep fascination with the conversation.

        Scene cuts back to Douglas, Todd, And King all three looking confused.

        Douglas, “I need to talk with the ECW powers that be. Those guys should have never been hired.”

        Todd, “How flexible is “That Flexible?””

        King, “I’ll tell you when you’re older Todd. Right now it is time for Scarlett and Dustin Rhodes.”

        Scene cuts to the back where Scarlett Bardoux is standing with Dustin Rhodes and the Von Erich Brothers.

        Scarlett, “Ok Dustin you asked for this time I assume to talk about your match with Masato Tanaka. Masato has claimed one way or another this will be his last ECW match.”

        Dustin stops her. Then brings the mic closer to him.

        Dustin, “Tanaka I see what you are doing. Yes this is your last match. You are a man of your word so I know this is not like Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan you will do as you say. This is my test to see if I will walk tall or fall. By making this your final match it is I who am tested. This match I know has to be great. I know what you can do Tanaka. I have seen what you can do with the likes of Mike Awesome and you wanna see if I too can be that great or if the pressure is to much. Am I worthy? Years ago I would say that you were far better than me Tanaka. But times have changed. I have drastically changed. I am not the Golden Freak that the world once knew. I am a man set to fix the legacy I tarnished and to forge my own legacy. Redemption is the name of the game Tanaka. My road to it may not end with you but you get me one step closer. One step closer to what I need. So Tanaka I am ready for you. But you have to ask yourself. Are you ready?”

        Dustin and the Von Erich’s walk off.

        Scene cuts back to the ring where the ref has put the Barbed Wire wrapped Kendo Stick into place.

        AC/DC’s “TNT” echoes in the arena. Masato Tanaka walks out to a massive pop. The fans cheered for him all the way to the ring. Masato poses to the delight of the crowd then waits for Rhodes. “Redemption (Instrumental)” by Gackt begins to play in the arena. Rhodes walks out to a great pop from the crowd and slowly makes his way to the ring.

        Stairway to Hell

        Masato Tanaka Vs. Dustin Rhodes

        This match was fought as honorably as this match can be fought. The Von Erichs did not interfere or try to distract Tanaka at all. The match itself started as a standard match with chops and kicks and impressive chain wrestling that brought the fans to their feet. After Tanaka was able to ground Rhodes with stiff strikes he went for a ladder. Both men were able to utilize the ladder for various slams. Tanaka at one point to try and stop Rhodes got a chair. He would miss the shot and get the chair stolen by Dustin who proceeded to hit Tanaka with it. Tanaka absorbing and remain standing action he has always been known for. This delighted the crowd. After three shots Tanaka went down. Rhodes was able to use this to setup the ladder and climb up. Tanaka rebounded and climbed the other side. Both men fought for the stick. Rhodes was able to gain control of it. Rhodes drove Tanaka to the mat with a Barbed Wire Kendo Stick assisted STO. Both men laid in pain on the mat as the fans chanted “This is Awesome” and “Please don’t stop!” Both men would get back to their feet and exchange blows. Both men would then exchange blows with the barbed wire kendo stick. Both men ended up covered in blood. The end came when Rhodes using the Barbed wire kendo stick behind his neck drove Tanaka into a standing chair with the Rhode Less Traveled (Lightning Lock Delta Driver)! Rhodes covers for the three!

        Winner Dustin Rhodes

        Rhodes rolls off of Tanaka and sits against the ropes. Using the ropes Rhodes gets to his feet. Tanaka is aided to his feet by the ref. Tanaka moves away to stand on his own. Rhodes and Tanaka shake hands. The fans cheer wildly.

        Todd, “This was a great send off for Masato Tanaka!”

        Douglas, “Tanaka will be gone from ECW and I will be happy.”

        Scene cuts to the back where we see Kenny Omega, Kota Ibushi, and Hiroshi Tanahashi standing by.

        Omega, “So because of my focus on the last show me and Kota Came up short at Hostile City Showdown. But me and Kota have agreed that there will be no Comic conventions till after this show. Why because we have a shot at the Extreme Triangle Championship. The Mega Men here also have gained yet another ace this man right here. The multi-time New Japan Heavyweight Champion Hiroshi Tanahashi. We three have been dominant forces in Japan separately and in various teams. There is not a doubt in my mind that we will win and go one to dominate the ECW’s EXT Division. Now let’s go get this done I need to try to plan a quick cosplay outfit!”

        Tanahashi and Ibushi watch Omega walk off. Tanahashi looks at Ibushi and points a Omega.

        Tanahashi, “Baka!”

        Ibushi shrugs and Tanahashi sighs. Both men walk off.

        Scene cuts back to the ring where AR Fox and the Team of Hot & Spicy (Axel Dieter Jr. & Da Mack) standing in the ring getting mixed reactions from the crowd. Axel and Mack getting most of their pop from the ladies in the audience. “I Know the Reaper” by Machine Supremecy starts to play. Flip Kendrick and Louis Lyndon jump out to a huge pop from the crowd. Flip does his leap over Lyndon then ducks down. ACH jumps over both of them and turns it into a roll to the delight of the crowd. As the three come to the ring. “Ants Go Marching” by Dave Matthews Band starts to play. Soldier Ant and Fire Ant start marching out. Yellow Crazy Ant springs out and moves about wildly. Halfway to the ring “Dr. Wily (Mega Man 20th Anniversary Techno Version)” starts to play. The Mega Men and Hiroshi Tanahashi come out walk sprint to the ring. “Gimme Back My Bullets” by Lynard Skynard echoes in the arena as Jay Briscoe walks out to a huge pop from the crowd. Jay is shortly followed by the Von Erichs. “Feel The Flow” by Kenny Pickett starts to play. 3.0 walk out to a huge pop from the crowd. They walk a short distance then point back to the entrance. “Rain Maker” echoes in the arena and Kazuchika Okada walks out. As soon as all men are in the ring a brawl breaks out.

        ECW Extreme Triangle Championship

        Six Way Elimination Six Man Tag Team match

        AR Fox/Hot & Spicy Vs. The Colony Vs. Aeroform/ACH Vs. The Mega Men/Hiroshi Tanahashi Vs Jay Briscoe/The Von Erichs Vs 3.Okada

        This match was wild from start to finish. Various dive moments by Colony members as well as Aeroform, ACH, and Jay Briscoe. When things finally got settled after various dives Fox was in the ring with Omega. Aftre a lot of crazy tags and back and forth action the first team to be eliminated was Fox & Hot and Spicy after Axel fell victim to an Anthill combination from the Colony.

        Eliminated AR Fox/Hot & Spicy

        Shortly after that the Colony and Aeroform went at each other with various flying attacks. The Mega Men tried to get in on it as well but the Colony and Aerform were focused. During this exchange Jason Gory and Chance Prophet came to the ring and distracted Aeroform (members of the Ninja Elite Squad with Façade) long enough for Tanahashi to hit the Sling Blade on Kendrick and pick up the pin.

        Eliminated ACH/Aeroform

        Prophet and Gory left through the crowd before Aeroform could recover. Matthews and Parker tried to play games with the Colony only to me forced to salute and march at the Order of Soldier Ant! In fact for a few mintues all non-Colony participants when to saluting and marching in a circle at the order of Soldier Ant. This ended up back firing when Okada connected with Lariat during the march. A short time later Okada would gain a fall by connecting with Rainmaker on Kenny Omega!

        Eliminated The Mega Men/Hiroshi Tanahshi

        Moments later Jay Briscoe would Go for the Jay Driller on Okada only to be triple teamed by Okada and 3.0. Jay was taken out by a bulldog assisted Sweet Taste of Professionalism followed by a Rainmaker for good measure.

        Eliminated Von Erichs/Jay Briscoe

        With only the Colony and 3.Okada left the match went to being a normal Six man tag match. While the Colony went for high flying 3.0 and Oakada went power and technical. Eventually Parker got in to a verbal argument with Yellow Crazy Ant over who was crazier. Eventually Parker explained YC Ant’s name was proof enough and won the argument only to get kicked for his trouble. After a lot of back and for action. Matthews and Okada connected with a Wheel Barrow Rainmaker combination followed by a Frog Splash on Fire Ant to get the final fall.

        Winners and First ECW Extreme Triangle Champions 3.Okada

        3.0 goes wild with celebration. As soon as they are handed the titles they hug and dance around.

        Todd, “3.0 has reached The Promised Land!”

        Douglas, King, “Oh God why?”

        3.0 hand Okada his belt, we see a smile on his face but he is more reserved than 3.0 in his actions. As all three men celebrate in the ring the scene cuts to the back where we have The Second City Saints waiting with Scarlett Bordeaux.

        Scarlett, “Guy tonight you have a match with what some are calling a team of Destiny in the Son’s of Money.”

        Punk, “Destiny? Who could believe in such a stupid thing?”

        Colt, “CM don’t be doubting destiny. I mean after all destiny brought us to ECW. Destiny brought us the ECW Tag titles. Now don’t get me wrong I am sure destiny sides with Saints but you can’t be knocking it.”

        Punk hangs his head.

        Punk, “Anyway destiny or no destiny we are ready for you Ted and Taylor.”

        Colt, “Yeah just because your daddies were lucky back in the 90’s doesn’t me you have a chance here in 2013. Tonight we prove luck skips a generation. Skips a Generation sounds fun I need to make that in a game. Paper need paper.”

        Colt goes running off.

        Scarlett, “You feeling lucky….Punk?”

        Punk, “Well…”

        Punk shakes his head and takes a deep breath.

        Punk, “Frankly Scarlett I don’t give a Damn!”

        Punk walks off. Scarlett giggles.

        Scene cuts to Jigsaw and Harry Smith.

        Jigsaw, “Roderick since ECW was revived you have gone out of your way to be in my way. First you insult me, then you challenge me, then you cost me my belt not once but twice. Now you look to try and eliminate me from ECW altogether. Roderick couldn’t beat me back at Heat Wave and you won’t beat me tonight. Especially cause I have this man Harry Smith by my side. It doesn’t matter if it is you or Hoyt who fall tonight Roderick you will suffer period!”

        Smith, “Hoyt I carried you for over a year and at the end all you could do was disrespect me. Before me you were a lackey for Kid Kash, then you were a goof ball wanna be rocker, and then you were a no name. Then I came along and you became a somebody. Jigsaw may not care who is pinned, but I do. Tonight Hoyt I send you back to what you were just another nobody name. Tonight I do to you what my dad did to my Uncle. I will leave you in the dust. My uncle didn’t deserve that but you Hoyt do. Tonight you get what you deserve.”

        Hoyt walks off.

        Jigsaw, “Good Luck tonight boys.”

        Scene cuts back to the ring. “Keep Your Eye On The Money” by Montley Crue echoes in the arena as Taylor Rotunda and Ted Dibiase walk out to a huge pop from the crowd.

        King, “The stars have aligned tonight the Sons of Money achieve their destiny!”

        Once Taylor and Ted are in the ring “Bring the Noise” by Anthrax & Public Enemy begins to play. CM Punk and Colt Cabana walk out to a huge pop from the crowd.

        ECW Tag Team Championship

        Second City Saints (c) Vs. Sons of Money

        This was a heavy back and forth match. Both teams flexed technical muscle and strength. Both teams were able to utilize the roll to the floor tag to their advantage making it so the match was near dead even. Colt on various occasions tricked Taylor in to looking a direction only to be slapped by Colt. Ted fell for it once but not again for the rest of the match and slapped Colt the next 4 times he tried. When Punk was in the ring it was all business. The match reached it’s conclusion when Punk looked to be setting up the Pepsi Plunge on Taylor. Colt and Ted were out at ringside from a dive Ted did to Colt. Before Punk could connect with the move Kyle O’Rielly came out from the crowd and delivered a swift kick to Punk’s back. Before he could do further damage Punk kicked him off. Taylor rebounded and connected with a top rope Bo Dazzler! Taylor was able to pick up a pin shortly after.

        Winners and New ECW Tag Team Champions Sons Of Money

        Taylor gets to his knees literally shocked by his victory. Windham Rotunda runs down to the ring. He slides in and takes the titles from the ref he hands one title to his brother. The brothers embrace. Ted slowly slides into the ring. Windham hands him the other title then lifts both man’s hands in victory! All three celebrate in the ring.

        King, “Destiny has been realized!”

        As all three men celebrate the scene cuts to Roderick Strong and Lance Hoyt.

        Strong, “Jigsaw if you think it is personal what I do to you. Your right it is because and insignificant turd like you isn’t even in the same league as me. Yet you managed to take a title that is by all rights mine. Well tonight I will fix this injustice by sending you home permanently. Smith my friend Hoyt here wants to take you down. You think you were the force behind your team? All you Hart’s are a like pompous and self-absorbed. You guys were all supported by strong names not by your own merits. Hoyt will bring you down a peg.”

        Hoyt, “Strong may want Jigsaw out. But I want you out Smith. You have been holding me back for over a year. Once you are gone I will stand tall and take my place where I belong. Me and Hoyt will rule this company with an iron fist. I will be recognized as better than you!”

        Both men laugh.

        Strong, “Victory is ours! Bye bye boys.”

        Both men walk off pleased with themselves.

        “Riddle Me This” by Kenny Pickett starts to play as Jigsaw and Harry Smith walk out they are immediately ambushed by Strong and Hoyt.

        Loser Leaves ECW Match

        Roderick Strong/Lance Hoyt Vs. Jigsaw/Harry Smith

        This match truly broke down into a brawl early on with Hoyt and Smith at each other’s throats. Jigsaw and Strong also focusing more on each other than their other opponents. The ref literally just stood back at one point and let the four men brawl. Order came after a few minutes of the brawl. They still stayed to the pairs in the brawl throughout the match. Late in the match Hoyt stayed in the ring with Jigsaw. Smith had been beaten on the outside. Strong came into aid Hoyt in beating Jigsaw. Smith came in with a chair. Strong and Hoyt backed off but stayed in the ring. As Jigsaw got up Smith nailed him with a chair shot to the head. Smith looked to be in cahoots with Hoyt and Strong. Hoyt setup for a powerbomb only to get a chair shot to his back followed by a Death by Roderick! They Drag Jigsaw over Hoyt and the ref counts three!

        Winners Harry Smith/Jigsaw Lance Hoyt is forced out of ECW!

        King, “Strong just screwed over Hoyt!”

        Douglas, “I guess he saw a better prospect in Smith.”

        Todd, “Do you know something Franchise?”

        Douglas, “Me? I don’t know anything.”

        Scene cuts to the back where Fergal Devitt is standing with Rhia O’Rielly.

        Rhia, “Ladies and gents I am with the ECW Heavyweight Champion the “Irish Power” Fergal Devitt. Tonight you defend your title but who is your opponent?”

        Fergal, “Rhia tonight I take on the Mexican powerhouse Cibernetico. I may have passed this man before but I do not take him lightly. I am prepared for him. Everyone is saying I am not a true champion beacause of how I won the title and defended it. Well tonight I put my doubters to rest. Tonight I will beat Cibernetico clean. Tonight I will prove I am what ECW is meant to rule.”

        Scene cuts back to the ring where Cibernetico is waiting. Fergal Devitt’s music hits but he dead sprints to the ring not even caring about it or posing.

        ECW Heavyweight Championship

        Fergal Devitt (c) Vs. Cibernetico

        This was an amazing match. Devitt relied on his speed to stay ahead of Cibernetico. Cibernetico was able to slow him down with various power moves. Fergal worked strikes to throw Cibernetico off his game which did work for a bit till a clothesline connects with a stiff clothesline. After various exchanges the fans were on their feet loving the match chanting for both men. The end of the match came when Cibernetico was going for the Apocolyptica only to be hit with kick to the gut. A few more strikes lead to Fergal hitting the Bloody Sunday which lead to the three!

        Winner and still ECW Heavyweight Champion Fergal Devitt!

        Fergal is handed the title as he gets up. Before he can try to pose he is blindsided by Roderick Strong and Harry Smith. They connect with a running slam where Smith drives Devitt into Strong’s knees. They perform a spike Argentine Back Breaker on Cibernetico! Jigsaw runs down only to suffer the same fate as Cibernetico! Takeshi Morishima runs down to the ring. Strong and Smith Bail. Takeshi stares them down from the ring. Fergal, Jigsaw, and Cibernetico get behind Takeshi. Takeshi quickly turns and clotheslines both Fergal and Jigsaw! He quickly follows up with a Backdrop Driver on Cibernetico! Strong and Smith get back in the ring all three men embrace! They all lift each other’s hands.

        Todd, “What is going on!?!”

        Douglas, “A deadly union Todd. A revival if you will.”

        King, “A revival?”

        Strong calls for the mic.

        Strong, “What you see in this ring is a group of men who refuse to wait for what is ours! The best of Japan, Canada, and the US have paired up. We will dominate ECW! With the blessings of the one who ignited a torch!”

        Strong looks towards the announcers. Shane Douglas stands up and looks in the ring and nods his head.

        Strong, “We ignite another torch. Once again ECW will be dominated by….”

        Smith raises his arms with his ring, middle, and index fingers extended. Takeshi does the same. Strong picks up the ECW Heavyweight Championship and lifts it with his the same three fingers extended.

        Strong, “The TRIPLE THREAT!”

        The crowd goes nuts mixing boos with cheers. The Scene focuses on the new Triple threat in pose. Scene goes black.
        Destroying an Empire to win a war is no victory. And ending a battle to save an Empire is no defeat.-Kahless


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          ROH New Faces, New Problems from the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh PA

          We go to a video package detailing the wild and crazy night at Death Before Dishonor including the reveal behind the Godhand & the shocking mastermind behind it all.

          The normal opening video plays after that

          Tenay: Welcome to Pittsburgh everyone, the entire roster is reeling after the violent night in Philly
          Kelly: Now that KENTA has been revealed as the mastermind behind the Godhand what does he and is co-horts have in store?
          Tenay: Plus there's no rest for the weary, as now that our first CPV is in the books, we're on the road to our second Mega Event, Interactive Insurrection.
          Kelly: We'll have more on that later and how you can help form this card all the details later.
          Tenay: The rumors mills have been running rampant, after the end of the CPV, The Council have apparently signed some new talent, and some of those people are expected to arrive tonight.

          Our first match of the night: BJ Whitmer vs Joey Ryan

          Tenay: Whitmer is nowhere near 100% after the brutal war he and Low Ki were in
          Kelly: While Ryan also competed at the CPV, his match was alot less physical than BJ's

          Joey Ryan takes advantage of a weakened Whitmer and tries to end it early with a That 70's Kick, BJ is hurting but he's not out and kicks out and follows up a lariat. Joey kicks out and sets up the Mustache Ride, Whitmer counters into an Avalance Wrist-Clutch Exploder Suplex for the win.

          Kelly: A good win for Whitmer, as he builds momentum going into his title match at Interactive Insurrection.
          Tenay: He knows he's got either Joe or Danielson and neither match is going to be easy.

          The World plays as the God Hand is out in full force

          KENTA grabs a mic and gloats:

          Well I believe I said when or lose in the main event it was a night no one would ever forget and it wasn't. Now alot of people are asking why we chose to constantly target Bryan Danielson, why not. He's the one most consider the measuring stick for the company, eliminate him and no one would forget us ever.

          The other question is why did I and rest of my friends here do what we did. That answer is very simple: for a long time now we've tried doing the right things and time after time we've been passed over for roster spots and for title opportunities. Actually its been too long for our tastes, so we've decided if we're not going to be given opportunities then, we're not going to wait any longer and simply take what we want by force.

          Now I do have something of a proposition for anyone in the back. If you are tired of working hard and have nothing to show for it then join us. We're looking for more members, just remember one thing if your not with us then your against us and this is what happens if your against us:

          A video package plays that shows the God Hand's wrath of destruction since arriving

          The Council appear on the tron

          Flame: Well KENTA your going to have your chance at Bryan because tonight in the main event its KENTA vs Bryan Danielson
          Ice: While we're making matches, one half of the ROH World Tag Team Champions will be facing Super Dragon tonight
          Battousai: In addition the main event next week is the other semi final match Joe vs Bryan, with the winner facing Whitmer at our next CPV in a match of the fan's choosing

          Flame: Now Giant Bernard your in action against this man...

          Burn It Up plays as Marco Corleone is out for his debut match

          Tenay: Well it looks like the rumors are true, the Council did sign some new talent

          Corleone out with chops, Bernard fights back with vicious headbutts followed by a Cannonball Senton. Marco is down and Bernard crushes him with a running back senton but only gets a 2. Corleone back with a left hand knock out punch but only 2. Marco says its done and goes for Air Corleone, Bernard catches him in mid-air and turns it into a Bernard Bomb for the victory.

          Kelly: A good showing by Corleone but he was outmatched in power here
          Tenay: Marco will learn from the defeat and only improve from here

          Ryuji Ito is in the back watching his match from Sunday, he sees the ending where Dragon pins him with one finger and flips out. He puts his foot through the TV. Full of rage he yells, picks up another TV and throws it smashing against a wall then kicks the door off the hinges and leaves.

          Tenay: Well you knew Ito wasn't going to be happy, when he saw the way that match ended.
          Kelly: I would not want to be Dragon right now.

          Jay Bradley is out, bandaged up after the barbedwire table match

          Tenay: This is another unknown, Bradley's scheduled to compete tonight but doesn't have any idea who he's facing
          Kelly: Jay's in rough shape as well after the CPV

          Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin plays and out comes....


          Tenay: This isn't going to be an easy night for Bradley.

          Bradley tries to end it quickly with the Boom Stick, but it has no effect on Ryback.

          Ryback: Try mine

          Ryback decapitates Bradley with a Meathook Lariat and polishes him off with the Termination (Shell Shock)

          Kelly: Ryback's not wasting any time establishing his dominance

          Ryback heads backstage and runs into KENTA

          KENTA: Just the person I was looking for, you've been wronged by the suits for months now. You belong with us in the God Hand.
          Ryback: I'll consider your offer
          KENTA: We'll give you to the end of the show, to decide.

          Kelly: Well that's not good, for the rest of the ROH roster if Ryback aligns with KENTA's God Hand

          Next match:

          Rocky Romero is out and awaiting Super Dragon

          Dragon is shown getting ready to make his way out when he is viciously attacked by Ito. Ryuji spears him through a wall, Dragon attempts to get up only to be met with a lead pipe to the skull by Ito.

          clap, clap, clap

          KENTA and the rest of the God Hand are shown applauding

          KENTA: Very nicely done Ryuji, come with us, we have things to discuss

          Tenay: KENTA looks like he's found a new soldier in Ito
          Kelly: I'm being told Dragon's out, but the Council do have a replacement lined up for him

          Personal Jesus plays and out comes Austin Aries

          Kelly: The Council have done it again
          Tenay: Another huge signing

          Aries with left hands a bodyslam followed by a power elbow, Rocky works on the arm with a divorce court, he puts a headscissors on Aries who headstands out of it and hits a dropkick. Rocky goes with an octopus stretch, when his 'partner' Necro Butcher came down distracting Rocky allowing Aries to hit his combo: crucifix driver, kick to the head, Brainbuster & 450 Splash for the win.

          Afterwards furious with Necro, Romero lays him out with the belt and leaves. When Necro comes to he's jumped by the Young Bucks who hit More Bang for Your Buck and holds up the tag titles. Meanwhile in the back the A-HUSSters are brawling with the now reformed All Night Express and Joey Ryan and Sami Callihan.

          Tenay: I'm getting word The Council have made the first match official for Interactive Insurrection
          Kelly: Romero & Necro defend against either:

          Young Bucks
          Career Killers
          All Night Express
          Joey Ryan & Sami Callihan

          Tenay: Its up to you folks

          Kelly: You are listening to, What I'm Made Of by Crush 40 the official theme for Interactive Insurrection,

          Tenay: Interactive Insurrection is live on CPV in 4 weeks and presented by The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

          Main Event time

          Bryan Danielson vs KENTA

          They waste no time in going at it. KENTA fires off kicks and Bryan answers back with some of his own. They both have the same idea and go for the Busaiku Knee. KENTA looks for the Go 2 Sleep, Bryan reverses into a crucifix pin for 2. KENTA with a Falcon Arrow but only gets 2. Bryan with the Danielson Special but KENTA makes it to the ropes. Bryan with the airplane spin from hell and a diving headbutt for 2. MMA Elbows but KENTA gets out of it, he tries for Game Over, Bryan sees it coming and reverses into his own LeBell Lock. KENTA tries to make it to the ropes but Bryan drags him back to the center of the ring. He's getting ready to tap, when Bryan gets a lead pipe cracked over his head by Ito who came out of nowhere.

          The God Hand are now in and surrounds Bryan

          Tenay: Bryan wins by dq but this doesn't look good

          Joe, Homicide, Ki, Whitmer, Mack, Aries, Corleone are out to try and help Bryan

          Quack coming from the crowd, jumps Walters from behind and they brawl to the back

          Ryback is out

          KENTA leaves the ring and motions to his troops to leave other than Satoshi Kojima

          Ryback and Kojima stalk Bryan, then Ryback takes Kojima's head off with a Meathook Lariat

          KENTA furious grabs a mic: Whose side are you on?

          Ryback picks up Kojima: NOT YOURS!!!!

          and hits the Termination on Satoshi

          The other members of the God Hand retrieve Kojima while Ryback checks on Bryan

          The other ROH faces join them in the ring

          Ryback stands tall with the ROH roster choosing to fight the God Hand

          Tenay: KENTA gains Ryuji Ito, but Ryback chooses to stand with ROH
          Kelly: The God Hand won't be happy with this development
          Tenay: We're out of time folks, for Kevin Kelly, I'm the Professor Mike Tenay and we'll see you next week.

          Link to vote for the tag title match http://forums.onlineworldofwrestling...-match-choices

          (In the coming shows, as the card begins to take shape, they'll be more polls added as well)
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            I f$cking loved that song when I was younger
            (my card will be here tomorrow or the day after)
            The Ultimate challenge begins. Head to the column forum to check it out


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              Pyro sets off and we are underway! Striker and Regal welcome us to a night where NXT will go to war with the Shield. A graphic appears that shows the teams, they will be:

              Shield: Rollins, Reigns, Compton, Ciampa, and Hawkins.
              NXT: Neville, Zayn, Woods, Graves, and Jericho.

              Just as they finish and Striker begins hyping the card, many debuts, reDragon vs. The SCS, and Teddy Hart in action, Regal states someone is yelling in his earpiece to cut to camera seven backstage where Jericho is getting absolutely pummeled for the second time. We see Oliver Grey and C&C Wrestlefactory out in the locker room as well. It ends with a triple power bomb from Reigns, Rollins, and Compton and the Shield exits as quickly as they enter. The announce team looks frazzled as they send it to the ring for the opening match.

              Match 1: The Best Friends (Johnny Gargano, Chuck Taylor, and Trent Barreta) defeat Mark Haskins, Hunico, and Tadarius Thomas. In a very exciting match, we saw the debut of Gargano and Taylor, both were extremely impressive. One of the best moments was with a kneeling Haskins, Gargano set up for the Baby Ace Crusher, but at the same time that Gargano slammed him down, Barreta hit Haskins with an enziguri and Taylor also hit him with a dropkick, all three at the same time. The finish occurred with Barreta taking out Hunico with a Gobstopper knee, Haskins responding with a superkick, followed by a Taylor Awful Waffle, then a Thomas calf kick. Gargano gives Thomas a reverse STO, an enziguri to the running-in Hunico, before locking Tadarius in the STF for the tap out. While Thomas, Hunico, and Haskins looked good the Best Friends reigned supreme.

              Match 2: Mike Bennett and Cody Rhodes defeat Matt Taven and Alex Shelley. These two team's egos finally collide and it doesn't disappoint. Taven and Rhodes were spectacular and then Shelley picked up the pace, lots of high-octane action, including Bennett countering the Sliced Bread #2 into a sit out jawbreaker, only for Taven to run in illegally and hit his own Sliced Bread, also, Rhodes missing the Beautiful Disaster on Taven, but miscommunication with Shelley and Taven allows Rhodes to go for it again and hit it. Still, that wasn't enough, nothing was until Bennett hit the Box Office Slam on Shelley for three.

              Post-match: Taven and Shelley argue until Shelley goes to leave when Taven jumps him from behind and is soon joined by Bennett and Rhodes, who Taven ends up hugging it out with. Just as Bennett sets up for another Box Office Slam, Shelley's buddies Petey Williams and Chris Sabin make the save as Taven, Bennett, and Rhodes scamper away.

              Backstage: Teddy Hart is in the Ascension's locker room. He thanks then for taking care of "business" on ECW, pays them some cash, and says he's got their backs before telling Victor, "Stu would be proud."

              Match 3: Antonio Cesaro defeats Justin Gabriel. Gabriel wasn't able to muster up too much offense as Cesaro simply overpowered him. Antonio cut off any momentum with his dreaded chinlock and slowed down the pace. Cesaro would finish it after a big European uppercut and a Neutralizer. The announcers brought up the fact that Cesaro is beginning his bright future here in NXT.

              Backstage: Storm is talking to a crew member. Gargano enters.

              Gargano: Mr. Storm, I've noticed you're a man short, well I'm here to fix that for you. I'd like to become Team NXT's fifth member for tonight.

              Storm: Well, unlike Hawkins, I feel like you can be trusted, the guys like you, and I think you're a heck of a talent. You aren't fatigued after your opener I mean, that was an intense match.

              Gargano: No sir, I'm still ready, I've wrestled twice in one night before, I can surely do it again. I've been watching the Shield closely recently and personally I find what they stand for to be disgusting, as I'm sure you do too. What do ya say?

              Storm: Sure (applause from the crowd) welcome to team NXT.

              (They shake hands as the camera shot goes back to the ring. A short video package hypes reDragon interfering in the SCS's match on ECW before we head to entrances).

              Match 4: reDragon defeats The Second City Saints. In a rematch that has been brewing since the first match, reDragon started in control, keeping the pace upbeat and working over Colt's left arm. Quick tags came into play as almost every double team attack was targeted toward that arm. Despite the hurt arm, Colt is able at around the five minute mark to tag in Punk. CM cleans house and tries for an early Pepsi Plunge, only for a counter from Fish who grabs ahold of Punk's wrist and fells him with a jumping calf kick. Fish, the Muay Thai specialist, begins to control the pace heavily, using the knees, elbows, hands, and feet the sport uses to dominate Punk and, for a short period until he tags in O'Reilly, Colt. Colt found an opening and made the hot tag to Punk and O'Reilly tags in Fish. Fish isn't able to gain any offense on Punk who repeatedly kicks him. The tide turns however when Kyle grabs CM's foot, halting his momentum, but Colt drills him with a baseball slide dropkick, but Fish gets the opening to hit Sleeping with the Fishes! He gets the pinfall and reDragon walks away victorious.

              Match 5: Team Shield defeats Team NXT: Lance Storm joins the commentary team. The match begins with Woods and Compton, though neither gain any advantage over the other. After trading a couple arm drags and armbars, both tag out and the NXT Champion Rollins and Neville step in. The first interaction ends after some technical wizardry with a dropkick to Rollins. Rollins then tags out to Ciampa and in comes Graves. For the first time of the night both men stay in longer than a couple minutes, with Ciampa gaining the advantage. About eight minutes into the match, and with Graves just now gaining control, Graves's 13th Step is countered and Ciampa somehow stands up and flips it on him, Project Ciampa #2, Graves taps! COREY GRAVES HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. Things don't look any better for Team NXT when Ciampa falls into a Reigns tag who spears Woods who sprinted in, cover, 1…2…3! XAVIER WOODS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. It is now 5 on 3, Neville, Zayn, and Gargano remain. Now Gargano steps into the ring with Cliff, they tie up, Gargano goes under, roll up, 1…2…3! CLIFF COMPTON HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. Hawkins jumps in and immediately starts attacking on Johnny, clubbing blows to the back drop him to the mat and allow Hawkins to start stomping away. The next ten or so minutes is pretty back-and-forth, with tags and exciting action from both teams. Gargano and Rollins are now in the ring. Seth runs off the ropes, misses the Blackout, another roll up, 1…2…kickout, Rollins is right back up but gets knocked down with a dropkick, Gargano ducks a wild clothesline, enziguri! Rollins flops into the corner and tags in Ciampa and Johnny brings in Zayn, Sami hits a dropkick, grabs Ciampa's wrist, tornado DDT! Zayn is feeling it, he calls out, "BRAINBUSTAHHHHHHHH!" Unfortunately, Ciampa counters and kicks Zayn off the top, but misses an elbow drop, rolls into a corner, Ole Kick! 1…2…3! TOMMASO CIAMPA HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. But not before some cheap shots, but Neville and Gargano chase him away. While Neville and Gargano brawl with Hawkins and Ciampa, Rollins enters the ring, kicks Zayn in the stomach buckle bomb, Reigns spear! Rollins cover! 1…2…3! SAMI ZAYN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED, commotion happens and in all of it Neville schoolboys Rollins, 1…2…3! SETH ROLLINS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. Just then, Reigns spear to Gargano and Neville roundhouse kick to Hawkins, double cover, 1…2…3! JOHNNY GARGANO AND CURT HAWKINS HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED. Dropkick to Reigns, sets up, Red Arrow…NO, Reigns's knees were up, spear, 1…2…3! ADRIAN NEVILLE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! The bell rings and Reigns stands back up to the shock of the crowd. The rest of the Shield comes down to the ring to celebrate as Storm stands up and stares at them celebrating as the commentary booth falls silent and the show fades to black.
              THIS IS THE BOATIEST BOAT! YOUR UD Champion!