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    Hello everyone, and welcome to card number six! First things first, I've been busy as of late so I apologize to you all for not being on recently, but secondly, congrats to flame for becoming the NEW FWL Champion, great card though Indy! Now though, time for the card!

    It's a tag team match, here's how it'll go, I posted a couple months ago about a tag show where you'd work together, well that time is now! I was in talks with Indy, but since we have an odd number, I randomized the other three (Zak, flame, and Cletus) where the odd person out would get to have two shows while using Gary's roster as well. Your teams are:

    KingOfHarts and Indy
    Flame and Zak
    Cletus with WWEGary's roster

    Each team will post two shows (one per person, Cletus is allowed to post both of his shows of course). There aren't any real winners or losers, I'll post a discussion thread, but no peer's poll. Since I'm sure everyone's very busy the card will be open till January 21st, so a month and a week. Any questions, please ask, and good luck!

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    I am not busy I just over procrastinate.
    The Ultimate challenge begins. Head to the column forum to check it out


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      I do tend to procrastinate too, don't worry.


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        Got my show done, just working on the show with WWEGary's roster so I can post them at the same time.


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          The pyro goes off and William Regal and Matt Striker welcome us to the first show of the NXT/ECW dual shows. They announce the blockbuster main event, a 3 vs. 3 ECW vs. NXT tag team match, but the first match is about to begin, they flip it to ringside.

          Match 1: 10-man battle Royal for a shot at Roman Reigns's NXT TV Title. Participants: Flip Kendrick, Wes Draven, Kenny Omega, ACH, Aerostar, Christian York, Hunico, Caprice Coleman, Cedric Alexander, and Mark Haskins. The bell rings and our first match of the supershow is underway! Tons of action everywhere, Draven and Haskins are going at it, Hunico and York are getting pummeled by C&C Wrestlefactory, ACH and Omega are fighting chopping each other back and forth in a corner, and Aerostar and Flip and having a technical exchange. At about the four minute mark, Hunico clotheslines a weary Draven over the top only for ACH to hit him with a superkick sending him out! WES DRAVEN AND HUNICO HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED. ACH was then hit from behind by York and began to get stomped on, while on the opposite corner of the ring, Flip ascends the ropes to go for a moonsault senton, only for his target Aerostar to leap up and jump to the top rope with him and hit a hurricanrana, however that left him open to getting grabbed by Mark Haskins and get tossed over. AEROSTAR HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. On the opposite side we have C&C Wrestlefactory dumping out Kenny Omega. KENNY OMEGA HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. Just then, out of nowhere, Haskins and ACH both superkick Alexander and Coleman, Alexander hitting just before his partner. CEDRIC ALEXANDER AND CAPRICE COLEMAN HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED. We are down to four: ACH, Mark Haskins, Flip Kendrick, and Christian York. York is stomping on ACH in a corner while Haskins is trying to eliminate Kendrick. Kendrick avoids elimination and hits a roundhouse kick from the apron to Haskins. Motions for a springboard moonsault, but as he springs up, Haskins wakes back up and drills him with a superkick! FLIP KENDRICK HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. York has now gone over to Haskins and began working on tossing him out, but is soon joined by ACH and it turns into a three man brawl. ACH manages control in the brawl following a pair of T-Bone suplexes, but York charges, however ACH lowers the ropes and York tumbles right over them. CHRISTIAN YORK HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. But he turns right into a Haskins superkick, but lands on the apron. Haskins goes for another but it's missed a he's caught on the top rope! ACH takes a step back before charging with a bicycle kick! Haskins topples to the floor! MARK HASKINS HAS BEEN ELIMIMATED. HERE IS YOUR WINNER, ACH!

          Match 2: 3v3v3v3 Elimination Tag Team Match: Dustin Rhodes and the Von Erich Boys (Marshall and Ross) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, and Petey Williams) vs. The Colony (Fire Ant, Soldier Ant, and Yellow Crazy Ant) vs. The Ascension (Conor O'Brian, Rick Victor, and Kenneth Cameron). Dustin, Sabin, Soldier Ant, and Victor are the starters for the match as the bell rings and we are underway. Victor immediately goes to Soldier Ant and begins drilling him with uppercuts. With Sabin distracted, Dustin begins the attack on Sabin, backing him into the friendly corner for Rhodes and we see our first tag to Marshall. At the same time, the Ascension is dominating Soldier Ant with quick tags. Just then, Conor makes a beeline toward the now legal man Ross Von Erich and hits a huge running splash and drags him over to the Ascension's corner. He stacks Ross in the corner on top of Soldier Ant and begins the method of stomps and quick tags. This break allows Sabin to break away and tag in Petey who comes in and changes the complexion of the match by going over to Kenneth and beating him down. After a couple clotheslines, Petey hits a pinning double underhook power bomb, but only for two. By now the Yellow Crazy Ant and Dustin got hot tags and go right after Petey. Soon enough, Yellow Crazy Ant rolls up Dustin, but Marshall breaks up the pin and Yellow Crazy Ant comes to equalize the odds. At this point, around 10 minutes in the match, every single wrestler involved in the match is in the ring. With the referee occupied with Dustin and Sabin in the ropes, Teddy Hart runs in and hits a Hart Destroyer on Yellow Crazy Ant and the rest of the Ascension takes out Soldier and Fire Ants and Victor crawls over and got a pinfall. THE COLONY HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. Though from behind Dustin, after knocking Sabin out of the ring, turns Rick around and drills a Final Cut, which was good enough for the pinfall. THE ASCENSION HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. Now all three men of each team are having a stare-down and Dustin and the Von Erich's throw the first punches. They go back and forth for just over five minutes, but in the end, a Canadian Destroyer finished Ross and the match. DUSTIN AND THE VON ERICHS HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED. HERE ARE YOUR WINNERS, THE MOTOR CITY MACHINE GUNS.

          Backstage: Road Dogg is at the interview area holding a microphone.

          Dogg: Please welcome my guests-

          Matthews: Whoa, new interviewer.

          Parker: You're not Scarlett.

          Matthews: You're a lot older.

          Parker: And less pretty.

          Matthews: And a dude.

          Dogg: My guests, 3.Okada. Guys, how are you preparing for your match with the Sons of Money, Mike Bennett, and Cody Rhodes.

          Matthews: Oh believe me D O double G, we are prepared. You see, we've been doing team bonding for the past week, rock climbing, renting out Chuck E. Cheese's-

          Parker: My favorite!

          Matthews: Yes, Scott's favorite. But we haven't been doing this alone.

          (In runs in the Best Friends, holding shirts)

          Trent: WE REMEMBERED!

          Dogg: Remembered what?

          Taylor: Shane, Scott, Okada, congratulations on being honorary Best Friends.

          (Taylor passes out shirts that 'I'm with my Best Friends' with arrows that both to the left and right)

          Parker: Alright Chuckie T! (High fives to everyone as Road Dogg shakes his head and sighs)

          Dogg: Back to you guys at commentary.

          Match 3: ACH vs. Roman Reigns, for the NXT TV Title. ACH is getting huge fan support as the match begins, Rollins at ringside for Reigns. Although ACH avoids Roman for the first part, Reigns eventually slows down the pace, beating down on ACH. He never breaks free for more then a couple of seconds as Roman remains on the attack, until the flying clothesline is countered into a midair enziguri. ACH finally gets up and regains control and is looking for the victory! He heads to the second rope, looking for the Best 450 Ever, but jumps on the ring apron and distracts ACH and the referee, only for Rollins to get ejected! ACH now ascends and gets through the first rotation, only for Reigns to pop up and nail a spear! 1-2-3! THE WINNER OF THIS MATCH AND STILL NXT TV CHAMPION, ROMAN REIGNS.

          Match 4: The Best Friends and 3.Okada (Trent Barreta, Chuck Taylor, Shane Matthews, Scott Parker, and Kazuchika Okada) vs. The Sons of Money (Ted DiBiase, Taylor Rotunda and Windham Rotunda), Mike Bennett, and Cody Rhodes. The bell rings and we are underway with Parker and Bennett starting for their teams. The fake lockup, kick to the gut works for Bennett and allows them to isolate Parker. Parker gets out of their corner following some punishment and gets in Chuck Taylor to face off with Taylor Rotunda hitting a reset on the match. Now the opposite happens, Chuck puts Rotunda into their corner and utilized the strategy of isolation to gain control. The Sons of Money appear in trouble but a big power slam onto the now legal man, Trent, allows him to get the tag to his brother, and Trent tags in Okada. Windham gets the better of it and sets Okada up for a splash, but he moves! Chuck drills Ted DiBiase with the Awful Waffle when Ted tries intervening, and Bennett and Rhodes brawl with 3.0 while Trent and Taylor Rotunda are out cold. Okada sets up for, and hits, The Rainmaker! 1-2-3! HERE ARE YOUR WINNERS THE BEST FRIENDS AND 3.OKADA!

          Match 5: reDragon vs. The Second City Saints: This match barely gets underway, the two teams begin brawling wildly until the referee, who has completely lost control, rings the bell and announced a double DQ. The match continues until Lance Storm comes out and announces they'll end their feud on the ECW hosted NXT/ECW show!

          Match 6: Tag Team Turmoil: Last team standing is the winner: First team, Hot and Spicy (Alex Dieter, Jr. and Da Mack), Second team, Kofi Kingston and Justin Gabriel. The two teams have a short feeling out process with Kofi and Justin getting the better of it. However that doesn't happen for long as Hot and Spicy roar right back taking advantage of a missed cross body by Kofi. But the first match of this turmoil doesn't last long as just a minute thirty in, Kofi inside cradles Da Mack and gets the pinfall! HOT AND SPICY HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED. TEAM NUMBER THREE…TAMA WILLIAMS AND SONJAY DUTT. Kofi tries right away for another inside cradle, but it's only a two count, but Tama just barely ducks the Trouble in Paradise, causing him to roll out and regroup. As the referee instructs them back in, out of nowhere comes Antonio Cesaro to jump Kofi from behind and knock out Gabriel! He leaves without the referee noticing and Tama immediately hits a standing 450 Splash for the win. KOFI KINGSTON AND JUSTIN GABRIEL HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED. TEAM NUMBER FOUR, SAMURAY DEL SOL AND EDDIE EDWARDS. Del Sol and Tama have a great athletic exchange going back and forth with neither man beating the other. Dutt and Edwards tag in and have a technical exchange as well, with multiple counters, but no advantage. Dutt gains control with a cheap shot and for a solid three minutes dominates Edwards, until finally he tags Del Sol! Del Sol cleans house and gets the win with a Del Sol Driver! TAMA WILLIAMS AND SONJAY DUTT HAVE BEEN ELMINATED. TEAM NUMBER FIVE, CHANCE PROPHET AND JASON GORY. They almost immediately get DQed by using a chair, but continue their assault until instructed to leave. CHANCE PROPHET AND JASON GORY HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED. TEAM NUMBER SIX, KOTA IBUSHI AND HIROSHI TANAHASHI. Despite their best efforts, Edwards and Del Sol could do nothing and Ibuahi put Del Sol away quickly. EDDIE EDWARDS AND SAMURAY DEL SOL HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED. YOUR WINNERS, KOTA IBUSHI AND HIROSHI TANAHASHI.

          Match 7: Adrian Neville vs. AR Fox. This special challenge match definitely did not disappoint! For 15 minutes Neville and Fox flew around the ring, only the first few minutes did not feature any flying. Highlights include the Kickflip Dive by Fox, a Neville springboard moonsault onto Fox seated on the barricade, and the Red Arrow countered into a Lo Mein Pain! The wild match ended with a 360 Kick from Neville and a Red Arrow to seal the deal, a great match! YOUR WINNER, ADRIAN NEVILLE!

          Match 8: 3 vs. 3, ECW (Fergal Devitt, Jigsaw, and TJ Perkins) vs. NXT (Sami Zayn, Chris Jericho, and Johnny Gargano). The match starts Jericho and Devitt, a 50/50 intense crowd. The crafty veteran Jericho gains the advantage with an armbar early, but Devitt counters with one of his own. Jericho fights up and shoots him off the ropes, should tackle, and another, a cover barely gets one and Devitt backs into the corner. Jericho tags in Zayn to a huge response and Jigsaw comes in as well to hype the crowd even more. Dueling chants from the crowd! The two chain wrestle for a bit with no real advantage for either man. Until finally, Zayn hits a few legsweeps and takes control, tagging back in Jericho. Despite Jericho being fresh Jigsaw gains control, however, Jericho regains control, and eventually, locks on the Liontamer and Jigsaw taps! JIGSAW HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! But Devitt runs in, Bloody Sunday! 1-2-3! CHRIS JERICHO HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. Now Perkins and Gargano square off. Perkins bridges Gargano back and sweeps the leg, only a one count though, tried again, still one. Gargano gets up and does the same to TJ, 1-2-NO, just a two count. They finally begin a more wrestling style matchup with TJ and Fergal utilizing all of the tag team five count they can get. Eventually, it becomes too much and Gargano is felled and pinned by TJ with the Detonation Kick. JOHNNY GARGANO HAS BEEN ELMINATED. Two on one now, Zayn is the lone NXTer. Fergal and TJ look to double team but it goes awry when Fergal gets tossed over the top rope as he charges and TJ gets hit with a hurricanrana! Zayn grabs TJ's wrist and connects with a wrist lock tornado DDT! 1-2-3! TJ PERKIMS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Zayn is in the ring, Devitt on the apron, crowd is hyped, when out of nowhere, the Shield's music hits and out comes all five members! They take out Zayn, beat down TJ, and brutally attack Fergal. Gargano, Jericho, Bingo Ballance, and Jigsaw all come running out, but as soon as they do, out comes Triple Threat from the crowd! The crowd is in a stunned silence as the Shield and Triple Threat pummel all that try to enter the ring, from other wrestlers to trainers, Lance Storm, referees and even the camera crew, heck, even William Regal and Matt Striker are targeted. The show ends with the Shield and Triple Threat standing tall with a hush in the arena and over commentary.


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            ROH alongside NWA, Expect the Unexpected from the Manhattan Center in New York City

            We see highlights from last week featuring the new talent, Ryuji Ito joining the God Hand & Ryback choosing to stand with ROH

            The usual opening videos plays

            Tenay: Welcome to New York City, a bit of a different show this week as we are also joined by the NWA roster
            Kelly: Thats's right in what will be a double shot, this week as after the show the ROH roster will be heading to the NWA show
            Tenay: The Council has sent word that there's going to be a bare minimum of interviews and backstage segments this week

            Hysteric plays as one of the newest members of the ROH roster: Naomichi Marufuji makes his debut then Dschinghis Khan plays as his opponent NWA's Uhaa Nation comes out for our first match of the night.

            Marufuji looks to put the match away fast and goes for the Twist Donut, but Uhaa counters into the All Out Assault only for a 2, he looks to follow up with a Standing Shooting Star Press but Marufuji gets the knees up and connects with the Shiranui only for a 2, he places Uhaa on the top and looks to be going for the Shiranui Kai when KENTA shows up on the tron

            KENTA: Marufuji, my old friend there's a place for you here in the God Hand

            Naomichi after the distractios goes back up to hit the move, but too much time passed as Uhaa counters into a Superbomb. He says that's it and hits the Uhaa Combination for the win.

            KENTA: See Naomichi if you were with us and we watched your back that wouldn't have happened.

            Marufuji grabs a mic: KENTA I don't know what happened to you, but the KENTA that I knew as my friend wouldn't stoop to the levels that you have, you may have his name & move arsenal but you lack his heart and courage. Your nothing but a p*ssy and you & your God Hand can go f*ck yourself!

            KENTA: Bad decision 'old friend'

            Then the rest of the God Hand jump Marufuji like a pack of dogs, putting a beating on him. Quack comes from the crowd wearing some type of gloves wrapped in barbed wire and goes after Walters, forcing John to retreat. Ryback comes out to help Marufuji and the God Hand retreat.

            KENTA: Ryback you stupid son of a b*tch! That's twice in a row now you have stuck your nose in our business. You could have joined us but you chose to oppose us instead. In doing so your the architect of you own demise. Once we get through with you, not even your bones will be left!

            Quack asks for a mic: Walters you've got a Pure Title shot down the line, but at Interactive Insurrection I just want to beat you to a pulp, I don't care what type of match it is but at the CPV you will pay for your deception.

            Ryback's still in the ring: I know I wasn't scheduled until later, but I'm ready to go, I'll face anyone in the back regardless who it is.

            Big Show comes out and we go straight to the 2nd match.

            Show hammering Ryback, but it doesn't even seem to phase him, he goes for The Termination, but Show counters into a Chokeslam only for 2 he goes for the WMD but Ryback ducks and hits the Meat Hook, he then says its time to end it. He picks Show up and nails a Backpack Stunner for 3.

            Tenay: Just how strong is this monster Ryback
            Kelly: His power seems to be limitless

            Then The God Hand attack Ryback. Joe, Bryan & Whitmer out for the save, then Bad Influence attack this brings out Kassius Ohno, Green Ant & AJ Styles then Brock Lesnar arrives and takes out all the faces except Joe and they stare down

            The Council shows up on the screen: Since you all are so desperate to get at each other, the match between Joe & Bryan will be held next week and the main event tonight will be a 16 man tag of: The God Hand's - KENTA, Giant Bernard, Rockstar Spud, Satoshi Kojima & Go Shiozaki, Bad Influence & Brock Lesnar vs. Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe, BJ Whitmer, Ryback, Kassius Ohno, Green Ant, AJ Styles & a Mystery partner

            For our third match the Career Killers are out and issue an open challenge. Sammi Callihan comes out to answer the challenge.

            Bradley takes the mic: Sammi this is a challenge for a tag team match, and I don't see anyone teaming with you.
            Sammi: I have a partner
            Mason: Who?

            Dean Ambrose comes through the crowd and stands behind them with a mic
            Ambrose: Me and hits them with the mic

            Tenay: I don't think when Career Killers issued this challenge they thought they'd be facing Switchblade Conspiracies

            Sammi takes Ryan down with a lariat & puts the Stretch Muffler on, Bradley breaks it up and hits Boom Stick. He gets a 2 count before Ambrose breaks it up and hits Orange Crush followed by the One Hitter. Mason barely makes the save in time and was going for a full nelson when Callihan hits a Yakuza Kick followed by a Headlock Driver, he then gives him to Ambrose who puts him away with the Hook and Ladder.

            Your winners: The Switchblade Conspiracies

            The 4th match: Scorpio Sky vs Crimson

            Scorpio is in control and looks for the Argle Bargle when Joey Ryan comes out on stage to heckle his former partner. Crimson gains control and shoots several knees into Scorpio. Joey is enjoying the beating, sitting on the stage and eating popcorn, Sky is distracted and misses a lariat Crimson hit the Red Sky for the win. Joey is shown applauding telling Scorpio that was a match of the year contender without question.

            Kelly: This just made official at Interactive Insurrection it will be Mike Quackenbush vs John Walters in either:

            First Blood
            Falls Count Anywhere
            No Rope Barbed Wire
            10,000 Thumbtacks
            or Last Man Standing

            Tenay: Those are some pretty brutal stipulations, also there will be a 6 man Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Low-Ki is in due to the match at Death Before Dishonor and coming down to help ROH during the main event, the other 5 will be decided by the fans, pretty much everyone's name is listed pick the 5 men you want to see added to the match

            Kelly: You are listening to, What I'm Made Of by Crush 40 the official theme for Interactive Insurrection

            Tenay: Interactive Insurrection is live on CPV in 3 weeks and presented by The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

            Tenay: Its Main Event Time

            16 man tag: The God Hand's - KENTA, Giant Bernard, Rockstar Spud, Satoshi Kojima & Go Shiozaki, Bad Influence & Brock Lesnar vs. Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe, BJ Whitmer, Ryback, Kassius Ohno, Green Ant, AJ Styles & a Mystery partner

            Everyone makes their entrance and now the faces are waiting for the mystery partner, music starts to play as "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin makes his ROH debut as the mystery man

            It doesn't take long for things to break down in a hurry. Go Flasher to AJ, that's broken up by Ohno who follows up with a Ripcord Elbow for 2, Kojima breaks it up and hits a lariat, Whitmer in before there's even a 1 count and hits a Wrist-Clutch Exploder, Kazarian in with the Wave of the Future that's broken up as Joe drops him with the Island Driver and goes for the choke, Daniels in to give Joe his Last Rites and looks for the BME but Bryan pulls Joe out of the way and takes Daniels out with a Busaiku Knee Kick, Bryan turns around right into a Bernard Driver followed by a 5 Stone Spud Splash.

            Green Ant is in and lockes the Chikara Special: Green on Spud. KENTA with a kick to Green Ant and Go 2 Sleep, Bryan in and going right after KENTA he gets Cattle Mutilation on. Ito's coming from the back with a lead pipe, but gets dropped by Super Dragon who came from the crowd, Dragon plants him with a Psycho Driver on the floor. Brock's in and he's decimating everyone with F5's. AJ with a Pele kick sends Lesnar to the outside and Joe comes charging with a Tope Suicida. Brock and Joe fight to the back.

            Bernard's looking for a Bernard Bomb on AJ when Ryback takes his head off with a Meat Hook Lariat followed by The Termination. KENTA back up and takes Ryback out with a Busaiku Knee Kick of his own. He sees Bryan down and covers 1, 2 AJ breaks it up with a Spiral Tap at the last second. Elgin in backfist, Buckle Bomb to KENTA followed by The Revolution Style Elgin Bomb for the win.

            After the match Elgin offers KENTA a handshake and he accepts. The faces head to the back while the God Hand question KENTA. He says he lost fair and square and they then attack him. Bryan Ryback & Elgin make the save. The God Hand bail except Spud who was caught and gets drilled with Go 2 Sleep for his troubles.

            Tenay: It looks like KENTA's out of the group that he created
            Kelly: Interesting days ahead that's for sure
            Tenay: For Kevin Kelly, I'm the Professor, Mike Tenay, always remember to Expect the Unexpected when it comes to ROH and we'll see you next week

            Interactive Insurrection Threads for Voting




            Those who live without honor, end without honor.


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              I've been asked for an extension, cards will be due the 24th!
              THIS IS THE BOATIEST BOAT! YOUR UD Champion!


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                ECW Guilty as Charged: A Matter of Respect 2014
                Note all in ring Promos will be translated to the Japanese crowd by Yoshiro Tajiri.

                A video plays showing the outcome of the NXT Vs ECW show. Focusing on the final match and Shield/Triple Threat standing tall. Then the video shows the final minutes. Strong holding a mic.

                Strong: Hey Devitt, Perkins your belts are ours now. But how about we make it official at Guilty as Charged in the Tokyo Dome your titles on the line!

                Suddenly, “This is Extreme” echoes in the arena. Paul Heyman walks out to a deafening pop.

                Heyman: Strong as you know the next show is another ECW vs NXT show. Me and Lance Storm have been talking. We decided that at Guilty as Charged it will be Shield and Triple Threat against Jigsaw, Fergal Devitt, TJ Perkins, Bingo Ballance, Sami Zayn, Johnny Gargano, and Chris Jericho in a Six Sides meets four side WARGAMES!

                Shield and Triple Threat act in shock.

                Back to the current show all the pyro goes wild.

                The picture goes to the Commentators table where we see Todd, King, and Heyman.

                Todd: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to ECW Guilty as Charged and tonight in Tokyo Dome it is a Matter Of Respect.

                King: Oh I have been looking forward to this show. A brand new year and what a way to start things off.

                Heyman: Let’s not talk about let’s get this started.

                8-Way Match

                ACH Vs Oliver Grey Vs Vs Shane Matthews Vs Mark Haskins Vs Hiroshi Tanahashi Vs Christian York Vs Marshall Von Erich Vs Petey Williams

                To blink while watching this match would have made you miss action. The crazy speed that all the competitors brought to the table was amazing. With various dive scenes to the outside the fans had little time to sit. During the match Oliver Grey and Mark Haskins formed an alliance, rekindling their Thrillers tag team, which lead them to success. Combined the Thrillers teamed up and caused the first to eliminations. Thanks to s miscalculation by Shane Matthews Haskins and Grey dropped him with a spike brainbuster for an easy 3.

                Eliminated Shane Matthews

                Shortly after York followed Matthews also falling to the spike brainbuster!

                Eliminated Christian York

                Grey and Haskins continued to dominate the match but the got too cocky. They assumed they had Tanahashi broken but as grey went for a Brainbuster Tanahashi reversed it into a release northern lights suplex. Haskins runs at Tanahashi only to fall victim to a Bridging dragon suplex on the chair that was meant for the brainbuster Grey was gonna hit Tanahashi with. Haskins outcold from the move could not kick out.

                Eliminated Mark Haskins

                Before Grey can rebound he is hit with a Free Bird Crossbody from ACH, followed by being whipped to the corner then getting hit with the Dragon Ball Z. ACH quickly finishes him of with The Best 450 Ever and gains a three count!

                Eliminated Oliver grey
                The Match quickly comes down as the final four pair off with Marshall going after Tanahshi facing off in the four sided ring while ACH battled Petey in the six sided ring. At one point Marshall and Tanahashi went stiff no selling on each other with kicks and chops. The fans ate it up, as they did with ACH and Petey trying to out do each other with fancy attacks. Eventually ACH went to the well once to often and suffered a Canadian Destroyer that lead to his end.

                Eliminated ACH

                Petey sat back and let Marshall battle Tanahashi. He didn’t wait long as shortly after he sat down Tanahsahi connected with the Sling Blade for a three count!

                Eliminated Marshall Von Erich

                Tanahashi and Petey stare each other down from the opposite side of the ring. Both men stand up and walk to the center of the ring. They stand in front of each other Tanahashi sowing his slight height advantage. Both men then go into a chopping frenzy. After an amazing chain of reversals both men entered into a stricking contest that was won by Tanahashi. The end came when Tanahashi was looking for a German Suplex. Petey flipped out of it then quickly connected with a Canadian Destroyer. Petey left the ring grabbed a chair then slid it in and connected with another Canadian Destroyer onto the chair to be sure Tanahashi would not kick out!

                Winner: Petey Williams

                Tanahashi eventually gets to his feet and shakes Petey’s hand for the great match. Both men celebrate the hard fought match in the ring. Suddenly Triple Threat enters the ring and tosses Petey and Tanahashi out of the ring. Strong still holding the ECW World title asks for a mic.

                Strong: Heyman, I know you got the power. Why else would you come back to a company you buried years ago. So use that power and give me a shot at this title tonight.

                Heyman is handed a mic.

                Heyman: Strong I am not all too sure what you are saying but yes I have a great deal of power. You see you already have a match tonight.

                Strong: Then put the title on the line in that match!

                Suddenly Team ECW rushes the ring followed by Shield and NXT. Storm also comes out at ringside.

                Shield and Triple Threat leave the ring. Devitt takes the mic.

                Devitt: Hey you fat piece of crap if he wants it so badly let him have it, all the better for me to take my title back.

                Storm talks to Heyman on the side.

                Heyman: TJ you willing to put up your title?

                TJ nods.

                Heyman: Ok Strong the ECW and FTW can be on the line. If you win you get the ECW and Morishima and Smith can be co-FTW champions. But for this to be official there must be two agreements. 1. Your teams gives up the man advantage in the match.

                Shield and Triple Threat agree.

                Heyman: The second is that Shield has all their titles on the line as well.

                Shield does not look happy and shake their heads.

                Heyman: Hey you want something you have to give something. This is our pound of flesh if you will.

                Shield think it over. Then Rollins screams ok! The image shows Team ECW/NXT Staring down team Shield/Triple Threat.

                Scene cuts to the back with Shane Matthews looking down. Scott Parker walks into the scene.

                Scott: What’s up man?
                Shane: I lost my match.

                Scott: It happens bro.

                Shane: But this is a bad sign. I mean we just got back to the Promised Land and here I am losing matches.

                Scott puts his hand on Shane’s.

                Scott: Look man, we are the Extreme Triangle champs with Okada. If we lose in singles it is not a big deal. As long as when we three team up and achieve victory then is what matters.

                Shane: True but it is still rough.

                Scott exhales.

                Scott: Ok I wanted to wait to tell you but it will perk you up.

                Shane pays attention.

                Scott: After the show you, me, Okada, Chuck, Trent, and Kazuchicka are going out to the best Karaoke bar Japan has to offer.

                Shane brightens up.

                Scott: Also I was able to pay for Debbie her sisters and cousins to come to Japan.

                Shane looks at Scott wide eyed then pulls him over by his shirt.

                Shane: Are you serious? Don’t be joking with me bro.

                Scott: No joke they are here.

                Shane smiles.

                Shane: The Promised Land keeps giving!

                Scott then flips to looking at the camera.

                Scott: That is right the Promised Land has come to us. Tonight is celebration being in the Promised Land. Tonight we are showing are greatness and letting these….

                Scott and Shane hold up the titles.

                Scott: Take a breather as we show why we deserve to be on the Promised Land. Can you feel the flow of…

                Shane: 3.0

                Both men turn to the left and walk off talking about what songs to choose when they go to Karoke.

                Back in the ring Paul Heyman is out of the announce table and in the ring with a mic.

                Heyman: You know Teddy Hart left ECW under less than stellar conditions. He has also been wanting to unmask the Yellow Crazy Ant. Due to those reasons I feel the next match needs a little more. So Colony Vs The Ascension and Teddy will be a Mask Vs Hair. All of the Masks of the Colony Vs. All the Hair of Ascension and Teddy Hart.

                Corwd pops and Heyman exits the ring.

                Atomico Mask Vs Hair

                The Colony (Fire Ant, Soldier Ant, Yellow Crazy Ant, Phantom Ant) Vs The Ascension (Kenneth Cameron, Connor O’Brian, Rick Victor) & Teddy Hart

                During this match the Colony used their speed to get advantages when they could. Ascension members managed to power the down periodically. Eventually the ref allowed GiAnt to come in when battling Cameron, O’Brian, and Victor. Teddy Hart avoided entering the ring unless Yellow Crazy Ant was in the ring. Hart kept trying to pull the mask off instead of going for pins or submissions. Ascension was dominant despite Teddy completely disregarding how to win the match. Filled with plenty of crazy dive from the Colony and Teddy. The end came when Ascension, Soldier, Fire, and Phantom were on the outside leaving Teddy with Yellow Crazy Ant. Phantom, Soldier, and Fire Managed to turn chair use against Ascension with various attacks forcing the chairs into each member of Ascension taking them out. Teddy was to busy trying to remove the Yellow Crazy Ant’s mask that he does not notice the remaining members of the Colony walking into the ring. Fire Ant pulls him off then hits a Beach Breaker. Soldier Ant follows up with a TKO. Phantom hits the PhANTom Stomp (Springboard Double Stomp). Fire and Soldier then connect with a Ants Go Marching… Solider and Fire setup Teddy in the Ant Hill and Phantom gets on their shoulders. Yellow Crazy Ant gets on Phantom shoulders and leaps up completing the Ant Hill with a Phoenix Splash! Yellow covers for the three!

                Winners THE COLONY

                The refs bring in 4 chairs scissors and a pair of electric clippers. All four men sit in the chair. Yellow takes the electric clippers and buzz cuts three quarters of his hair Ascension are done like Teddy as well. The Colony leave in victory and Ascension and Teddy hang their nearly hairless heads in shame. The ring is cleared and cleaned for the start of the next match.

                The Original Playas (Sonjay Dutt/Tama Williams) Vs. Matt Taven/Mike Bennett Vs. The Mega Men (Kota Ibushi/Kenny Omega) Vs. The Motor City MachineGunns (Alex Shelley/Chris Sabin) Vs Hot & Spicy (Axel Dieter Jr/Da Mack) Vs Best Friends (Chuck Taylor/Trent Barreta)

                This match started in the six sided ring with Taylor and Omega. Both men went face to face in the center of the ring. Both men flick their hair at each other and start to argue over who has the better hair. Taven steps into the ring and joins the debate using his hair. Omega and Taylor grab Taven’s hair after having a feel both men agree with Taven then punch him. Shelley rush in the ring and attacks Taven forcing him into the four sided ring. Bennett and Sabin follow them turning the four sided ring into their own private ring for a brawl. Omega and Taylor stop the match and watch the brawl from the six sided ring. Sonjay and Tama run into the ring and attack Taylor and Omega. Ibushi and Trent rush into the ring. The Mega Men focus on Tama while Best Friends focus on Sonjay. Hot & Spicy, being smart German boys, stay out of both rings letting the others wear each other out. The match was a pure double brawl for almost five straight minutes. Eventually the ref, Megumi Grace Asano, just stood in Hot & Spicy’s corner waiting to order to comeback itself. While the Gunns, Taven, and Bennett keep brawling the other teams eventually came to order. Even while the match continued in the six sided ring the fans were focused on the Brawl in the four sided ring. Sonjay was annoyed by this and he a Tama invaded the four sided ring. Sonjay and Tama sided with Taven and Bennett and attacked the Gunns. They would regret this as Shelley and Sabin rallied got Taven, Bennett, and Sonjay out of the ring then dropped Tama with the ASCS Rush followed by an easy three.

                Eliminated The Original Playas
                With Taven and Bennett on the outside the Gunns did a pair of suicide dives to attack. Back in the ring Hot & Spicy are in the match. They quickly start taking advantage over Trent but after he slides out Omega and Ibushi take the advantage to knock Taylor down and attack the young German duo. Shortly after Omega was setting up Mack for the Super Croyt’s Wrath in a corner. Dieter managed send Ibushi to the outside then attacked Omega Dieter then locked his arms moving Omega into a German Suplex as Mack came off the top with a BlockBuster! Mack dived out onto Best Friends, MCMG, Taven, Bennett, and Ibushi to prevent a break up as Dieter covered.

                Eliminated The Mega Men

                After the elimination all teams moved back to the six sided ring and the match started to look like one. After various exchanges Shelley was in the ring with Dieter and had connected the Sliced Bread #2, but before he could go for a pin Bennett ran in and Taven pulled Dieter out. Bennet school boyed Shelley and pulled the tights, the ref was not at an angle to see it and made the count!

                Eliminated MCMG

                Bennett would quickly regret this as Taven was taken out by Dieter with a desperation clothesline. Sabin would slide in then the Gunns dropped Bennett with a Made in Detroit! Trent and Taylor would slide into the ring as MCMG left. Taylor and Trent drop Barreta with a combination Omega Driver/Gobstopper leading to an easy three!

                Eliminated Matt Taven/Mike Bennett

                Down to two teams we finally saw a standard tag team match. Taylor and Trent made the best use of the roll out tag with Dieter and Mack just couldn’t keep up with. The crazy veterans were finally able to put away the young upstarts when Taylor connected with his Omega Driver out of a corner on Dieter while at the same time Barreta dived out onto Da Mack allowing Taylor to take the pin!

                Winners Best Friends (Chuck Taylor/Trent Barreta)

                Chuck and Trent Celebrate as 3.0 come in and celebrate with them. The scene cuts to the back where Scarlett Bordeaux is standing the Second City Saints.

                Scarlett: Punk, Colt tonight you guys face off with a team who has beat you. But you have also beat them. Tonight is the deciding match what is your thoughts on this?

                Punk: It has always been on their turf on their terms. Tonight is on our terms and on our home turf.

                Colt: Well not our home turf I mean our name is Second City for a reason. But you can call this a second home. SO this is the Second City’s second home. But anyway tonight we take reDragon down.

                Kenny Omega suddenly walks past the scene with a bowl of ramen. Colt follows the smell. Scarlett and Punk watch him walk away.

                Scarlett: My he is focused.

                Punk: You learn that even when he is 100% focused, food is always an option. reDragon tonight you will fall. Tonight Colt and myself will break you.

                Punk walks off as the scene cuts back to the ring.

                Second City Saints Vs reDragon

                O’Reilly and Fish had no issues adapting to the hardcore style and tag system that ECW implemented. At many times they took the floor tag to an intense advantage. Colt actually managed to not get goofy and had a really serious fight. While O’Reilly tried to keep stiff with Punk, Punk proved he can still make stiff hurt. Fish tried to enhance his attacks with chairs and canes while it did get him far Punk and Cabana managed to get around him. Eventually both set of teams also brought and broke at least four tables leaving all four men lying in pain at one point. The end of the match came when O’Reilly and Fish looked to have the upper hand having put Colt through a table on the outside. Fish and O’Reillyhad Punk sitting on top of a corner and a table in front of him. O’Reilly and Fish decided to go an extra mile by setting the table on fire. Before both men could get on top to do away with Punk he rebounded and sent O’Reilly crashing to the floor then managed to drive Fish through the flaming table with the Pepsi Plunge which lead to the three count.

                Winners The Second City Saints

                Scene cuts to the back. Were Windham Rotunda, Ted DiBiase Jr., and Taylor Rotunda are getting ready for their match.

                Taylor: So are you guys over this Destiny stuff yet?

                DiBiase: What you mean?

                Taylor: We lost at NXT so this whole thing isn’t destiny right?

                Windham: Oh little brother you are so naïve. NXT is not where our destiny lies.

                Windham gets to his feet and grabs DiBiase’s half of the tag titles.

                Windham: This is our company of destiny. Here is where we will dominate.

                Taylor: Bro you aren’t even a champ here.

                DiBiase gets up.

                DiBiase: That is just something we will remedy next month. For tonight we will dominate the Extreme Triangle. Let’s go.

                DiBiase and Windham leave the room. Taylor grabs his belt.

                Taylor: Destiny is not real, no matter what happened destiny is not real.

                Windham (yelling): Destiny guides us!

                Taylor exhales then runs after his brother.

                Six Way Extreme Triangle Match

                Sons Of Money (Windham Rotunda/Taylor Rotunda/Ted Dibiase Jr.) Vs Xavier Woods/C&C Wrestling Company Vs. Ninja Elite Squad (Michael Façade/Flip Kendrick/Louis Lyndon) Vs Kofi Kingston/Justin Gabriel/Tadarius Thomas Vs. The Dead Pool (Chance Prophet/Jason Gory/BxB Hulk) Vs Hunico/Samuray Del Sol/Clayton Jack

                Hulk and Flip start this match off. Both men went right at each other with strikes. Shortly after Hulk and Flip started the remaining Dead Pool and Ninja Elite Squad dashed into the ring where a brawl between the two team commenced. The other teams just stood back and let the two teams go crazy. The brawl spilled on the floor when it did. Gabriel decided to run into the ring and dive out onto all six men. What would follow was dives by Woods and Samuray. But before Taylor could try a dive Kingston cut him off. While NES and Dead Pool performing various attacks and dives, the match continued on the inside. The fans were jumping back and forth between the brawl and the match. Eventually Façade and Gory were in the ring having pushed eachother in from the brawl. Woods took advantage of the chaos after they came in and connect with a double Culture Shock! He covers both men at the same time as the ref counts both falls.

                Eliminated Ninja Elite Squad and The Dead Pool

                Samuray rushes in and attacks Woods. When Façade and Gory come too they continue to fight and go back to the group brawl. The Dead Pool and Ninja Elite Squad brawl goes out to the corwd. Wes Draven and ACH rush to the crowd and enter the brawl. As the brawl disappears from the fight Samuray continues to dominate Woods. The match had settled into a regular triangle match. The Sons of Money made the best use of the ECW tag rules catching their opponents off guard more than once. This eventually lead to Windham Connecting with the Sister Abigail on Thomas after DiBiase dived out onto Jack and Woods. Windham picked up the easy pin.

                Eliminated Kofi Kingston, Justin Gabriel, & Tadarius Thomas

                The three final teams took it too each other. Finally the NXT teams had the tag rules figured out and were able to take a lead. Jack was able to take advantage to a degree that he eliminated Alexander (With his finisher)!

                Eliminated Xavier Woods/C&C Wrestling Company

                Down to the last two teams the action became more intense. Windham relied on his power, DiBiase on his Technical skill, and Taylor on his speed to battle the speed of Hunico and Samuray and the above average technical skill of Jack. Various times Samuray had Taylor finished only be saved by Windam or DiBiase. The end came when Samuray and Hunico missed dives on Windham and DiBiase. Before Jack could finish Taylor off. Windham and DiBiase drop Clayton with a combination Dream Crusher and Side Suplex. Windham drags Taylor onto Jack then step to the apron as the ref counts.

                Winners Sons Of Money

                As the ring clears Heyman steps into the ring again.

                Heyman: Ladies and Gentlemen this next match is a Torneo Cibernetico. It is not only for pride in ECW or NXT it is also for the #1 contendership to that Companies respectable World title. Whoever wins tonight shall receive a title shot at either ECW’s Barley Legal in April or at a future NXt event to be decided. Well I talk to much so let’s get this match started.

                Torneo Cibernetico

                Team ECW (Dustin Rhodes/Wes Draven/Scott Parker/Aero Star/Kazuchicka Okada/Jay Briscoe/Ross Von Erich/AR Fox) Vs. Team NXT(Cody Rhodes/Adrian Neville/Corey Graves/Curt Hawkins/Lance Storm/Eddie Edwards/Antonio Cesaro/Chas Betts)

                As per rules the Brothers Rhodes began the match. The start with an exchange of fists. Dustin got the advantage and forced his brother in a corner using his fists and kicks like a mad man possessed. Cody slides out of the ring to stop the onslaught. Dustin is forced out due to rules of Cibernetico letting Draven and Neville rush into the ring. The match continues with each members getting time in the ring. After the first through on the batting line up Team NXT was able to draw first blood as Corey Graves made Scott Parker tap to the Lucky 13.
                Eliminated Scott Parker

                Without Hesitation Aero Star flies into the ring. On the next tag Okada took out Hawkins after a Super Kick from Storm and a Rainmaker followed by a Red Ink by Okada.

                Eliminated Curt Hawkins

                Hawkins would attack Storm only to get group attacked by the remaining members of both teams. After being ran out the Hawkins looked back screaming he would have the last laugh. The match continued. What followed was a series of amazing eliminations starting with Chas Betts dropping Fox with a Bundle of Arms Suplex.

                Eliminated AR Fox

                This would be followed by Okada dropping graves with a devastating Rainmaker!

                Eliminated Corey Graves

                Cody would avenge Graves by dropping Draven with a vicious Cross Rhodes onto a chair.

                Eliminated Wes Draven

                Betts would later eliminate Aero Star with a Bundle of Arms Legsweep with a bridge into a pin!

                Eliminated Aero Star

                After Some more amazing Tag exchanges seeing Jay and Cody having a vicious exchange, and a Dustin Vs. Storm hard hitting confrontation. Also we say Edwards and Okada Go stiff on each other. This all lead to Jay dropping Cesaro with the Jay Driller for a 3!

                Eliminated Antonio Cesaro
                Betts tried to capitalize setting up for another Bundle of Arms move only for Jay to twist it into a Jay Driller! Cody managed to pull Betts out of the ring and tag himself in. The match continues to Edwards and Briscoe. Briscoe manages to nail a second rope Jay Driller to eliminate Edwards!

                Eliminated Eddie Edwards

                Before Jay can notice Betts rushes the ring and hits him with a Bridging German Suplex onto a chair for a quick three!

                Eliminated Jay Briscoe

                Von Erich rushes into the ring and connects with a Sit out Spinebuster then he rolls him into an Clover leaf but Von Erich changes it up to where he is facing the direction of Betts head. Betts screams in pain and taps after fighting to get to the ropes multiple times!

                Eliminated Chas Betts

                Before Von Erich can Break the hold Cody comes in and drops him with the Cross Rhodes followed by the pin!

                Eliminated Ross Von Erich

                Dustin slides into the ring knowing he and Okada are all that is left. Dustin Eliminates his brother with the Rhode Less Traveled!

                Eliminated Cody Rhodes

                Neville rushed in to get an advantage but only lead to both men outside the ring leaving the Veteran Storm with the “New Age Star” Okada. This was vicious back and forth fighting not one man giving an inch. Eventually Okada missed a Rainmaker and fell victim to a Super Kick from Storm taking him out of the match and leaving Rhodes to a two on one battle.

                Eliminated Kazuchicka Okada

                Rhodes steps into the ring. Both he and Storm are out of breath and exhausted. They both take a second to breath. Storm looks at Neville. Neville is not fully fresh but fresher than the other two. Storm looks back at Rhodes. The both laugh then go at each other with strikes! After back and forth exchange Storm missed a Super Kick then was dropped with a capture suplex. Rhodes bridged to get the three!

                Eliminated Lance Storm

                Neville leaped into the ring with a Spalsh onto Rhodes that only gave him a two count. Neville goes wild on Rhodes. The end came when Neville climbed to the top rope Rhodes managed to trip him up then twists him to drive him to the mat with the Rhode Less Traveled! This lead to the final fall.

                Winner Dustin Rhodes

                Rhodes falls to his knees and screams in victory.

                The ring is cleared and the cages across both rings are setup for the wargames match.

                Team ECW/NXT Vs. Team Shield/Triple Threat

                Chris Jericho, Fergal Devitt, Sami Zayn, Jigsaw, TJ Perkins, Johnny Gargano, Bingo Ballanace Vs.
                Cliff Compton, Roman Reigns, Tomasso Ciampa, Seth Rollins, Roderick Strong, Harry Smith, Takeshi Morishima

                If ECW/NXT win NXT gets all he titles. If Shield/Triple Threat win Triple threat gets all ECW titles in the match

                The match started with Ciampa and Devitt. When the cage door closes Devitt wastes no time to strike viciously. Devitt dominated with kicks and chops till Ciampa got his bearings. The strikes quickly became even. Then time ran down as Gargano came to the ring. Ciampa tried his best to fight off both men but the fresh Gargano and the stiff Devitt kept him down. As the time started to run down Ciampa fell victim to the Hurts Donut! When the time came down Roman Reigns ran down to the ring. He came in like a man possessed and quickly took the focus off Ciampa. Reigns took a beating but managed to hold his own till Ciampa got back. Both Ciampa and Reigns were able to come back and make the match feel even, even Ciampa got vengeance on Gargano with the Project Ciampa! When the clocked finished out ran TJ Perkins! Being fresh and quick Ciampa and Reigns were quickly at a disadvantage while Reigns and Ciampa Managed to down Perkins, Devitt and Gargano quickly brough the match back into their favor. This would be the same case for the next two entrants, Harry Smith and Sami Zayn. But went Morishima came out to balance the odds the match quickly turned into the favor of Shield and Triple Threat. Morishima’s brute strength halted the attacks of ECW/NXT. Even after Ballance came into the ring Morishima kept him down. The domination ruled by ECW/NXT was stopped in its tracks as the power house team of Shield and Triple Threat went brutal and stiff especially when Compton came out next. But when Jigsaw dashed out to the ring the power shifted again. Like a wild man he went vicious. Jigsaw didn’t bother taking to the sky he went kick and strike on all his opponents. As soon as Rollins entered he focused on him as well. The match may have been even again but Team ECW/NXT was reinvigorated and dominant once more. After Jericho and Strong entered the fray the match got wild. Jigsaw focused completely on Strong beating him from one ring to the other. The rest were mixed, until Devitt also aided in the attack on Strong. By now all combatants wer bloody and barely standing with the exceptions of Strong and Jericho. The wild brawl continued with many submission attempts that were broken up. The end of the match came as Strong and Devitt were in the four sided ring. Devitt was looking for the Bloody Sunday but Strong reversed it into the Stronghold. Team ECW/NXT tried to break it up but were to beaten to move or being held back by Shield or Triple Threat. In the end with no way out beaten from starting the match Devitt passed out from pain and the ref called the match.

                Winners NEW ECW World Heavyweight Champion Roderick Strong, NEW Co-FTW World Champions Takeshi Morishima and Harry Smith and Still NXT Champions The Shield

                Hawkins ran out the ring to help clean up anyone who still tried to fight. As all of Shield were handed their titles and Triple Threat handed theirs all seven men stood tall and shook each other’s hands. Each team went to the respected ring the bodies of enemies fallen around them. Triple Threat posed with their titles why Shield did the same with theirs. The show went black with Shield and Triple Threat holding their titles high in victory and with them showing their domination of both companies.
                Destroying an Empire to win a war is no victory. And ending a battle to save an Empire is no defeat.-Kahless


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