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  • FWL Card Number 8!

    It's time for the biggest show of the year! The card will be consists of three big matches, and in case you've forgotten, here they are!

    flame (c) vs. Indy Junkie, for the FWL Championship!
    KingOfHarts vs. Zak, for number one contendership at card number nine!
    Cletus vs. thenige, winner will take on the loser of flame/Indy for number one contendership next card

    Don't forget, you are allowed to post two cards for this special card! Deadline will be April 22nd, if you need an extension please let me know. Thanks, and best of luck!

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    2 days later then I wanted but I start with

    ECW Living Dangerously 2014
    Scene opens on TD Gardens in Boston. The Fans are on their feet going crazy!
    Todd: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen we are live in Boston and tonight ECW is LIVING DANGEROUSLY!! I am Todd Keneley here with Jerry “The King” Lawler and Paul Heyman. We have an amazing night of action here tonight.

    King: You got that right Todd. I mean the fate of the ECW Tag Team titles is on the line tonight. Will three men reign as Tag Team champions or just two?

    Todd: King of course is talking about the Extreme Triangle Tag Team gauntlet as Sons of Money fight to claim all three as tag team champions.

    Paul: Of course to make sure they’ve earned it they have an uphill battle. They will face the team with history of winning these style of battles as The Colony is made whole again. Tonight Fire Ant and Soldier Ant team once again with the debuting Green Ant in Sons of Money’s first test. Then they have to face the Extreme Triangle Tag Team champions 3.Okada.

    Todd: Paul it seems you went evil on Sons of Money.

    Paul: I didn’t stop there in their final gauntlet challenge they face The Second City Saints and a Mystery Partner.

    King: Looks like destiny ends tonight.

    Paul: Enough talk let’s get to the action, we got some debuts to get to.

    Chance Prophet Vs Pinkie Sanchez Vs Rich Swann Vs Ray Rowe Vs Kota Ibushi

    Rowe and Prophet started off the match. Rowe demonstrated power over Prophet by tossing him into each corner to break tie ups. Prophet gave crazed smiles after each toss then went straight at Rowe. Rowe was able to overpower Prophet but Prophet kept a good brawl going. Prophet got tossed over the top rope which lead to Swann diving onto him while Kota ran in to exchange chops with Rowe. Sanchez wanting in on the action dived off the top rope onto Swann and Prophet. Rowe and Kota showed off the battle of power and speed by Rowe downing the Aerial attacks while Kota moved quickly out of the power holds. Kota managed to get Rowe out of the ring with some quick strikes. Prophet was winning the brawl on the outside but when he went back to get into the ring he was blindsided by Façade with a Kendo Stick. Façade hit Prophet various times then slid him in to Kota. Kota sat Prophet on the top rope then drove him to the mat with the Phoenix-Plex followed by the three count.

    Eliminated Chance Prophet

    Before Kota got up Swann dived in with a 450 splash on Kota. Pinkie breaks the hold with a springboard hip press. Rowe gets back in the ring then tosses Pinkie and Rich out of the ring. He sees Kota get to his feet then runs and connects with a double knee strike sending Kota to the floor. Swann slides in dodges a clothesline then get out to the apron and moonsaults onto Kota. Pinkie goes right at Rowe only to be Gorilla Pressed onto Swann and Kota. Rowe back up then waits and suicide dives onto all three men. After some more exchanges Rowe connected with the Death Rowe on Swann. Kota managed to connect with a superkick on Rowe. Pinkie then came out of nowhere and connect with a Springboard Tornado Nakayubi! Pinkie covered for the three.

    Eliminated Kota Ibushi

    Pinkie tried to cover Swann but he kicked out at two. Pinkie pulled him up only to get kicked with the Backflip Nika Kick Pinkie stumbles to the ropes. Then gets leveled with the Chicken Fried Driver leading to a pin.

    Eliminated Pinkie Sanchez

    Swann got up but only stumbled into the Death Rowe once again which lead to a quick cover.

    Winner Ray “Death” Rowe

    Rowe poses to the delight of the crowd.

    King: That was an impressive debut I wanna see more of this “Death” Rowe.

    Scene cuts to the back where Hot & Spicy are standing with Rhia O’Reilly .

    Rhia: Ok boys tonight like so many nights before you have a chance to get a shot at the ECW Tag Team titles. But it has to be asked what do you guys think on your opponents?

    Axel: Rhia tonight we “Players” and Ants. Now when you hear that you think nothing of it. But when you analyze it that changes. You got Phantom and Yellow Crazy Ant two certifiable insane high flyers. Then you got Sonjay Dutt world traveled and battle tested vet. Tama has also been on a role while teaming with Sonjay. But we are not some rookies that got lucky to sign with ECW. We are a team that has proven that we can hang with teams that are strong. We have proven our skills by winning Tag team titles in Germany. We are not afraid to step into the ring with this level of competition in fact we welcome it. We are here to prove that we are not just European but internationally ready for battle. We never asked or expected a hand out we are here to prove that Germany can still produce the best in the business. Tonight we take one step closer to our shot. Sit back and watch the Germans intertain.

    Both men walk off and the scene cuts to Ray Rowe standing with Scarlett Bordeaux.

    Scarlett: Ray you won your first match in ECW and against some very stiff competition.

    Rowe cuts her off.

    Rowe: Scarlett yeah I had great competition out there but I still feel that I need more. I am looking you Morishima, Tanahashi, Okada, Devitt, Rhodes, and you too Strong. I came here to get the best of the best in strong style. I don’t care about titles, I don’t care about the glory. I want the competition that I have been starving for. The Competition that ECW can offer. The Extreme Strong Style is born here, and “Death” Rowe is here to give it its new evolution. Prepare yourselves tonight was just the start.

    Scene cuts back to the ring.

    #1 Contender for the ECW Tag Team Championship
    Single Fall

    The Colony (Yellow Crazy Ant/Phantom Ant) Vs The Original Playas (Sonjay Dutt/Tama Williams) Vs Hot & Spicy (Axel Dieter Jr./Da Mack)

    Yellow and Axel started the match off. Yellow kept to a sporadic unorthodox style. Axel had a hard time keeping up with the flow. Sonjay used that to his advantage making a bind tag and taking advantages on Axel. Throughout the match Sonjay and Tama were able to combine their Speed and power combos to take early advantage. Yellow and Phantom went to insane high flying maneuvers to throw all four others off. At one Point Tama found himself on the outside what would follow was a series of dives that got the entire arena on their feet and leaving Sonjay the last man standing. Soon after Sonjay was at the mercy Axel and Mack. Tama managed to Toss the Ants into each other. Keeping them down. Tama rushed into the ring tossed Axel out of the ring onto the Ants. Mack then fell victim to a Playa Cutta Bomb! Tama dived onto the other three to take them out while Sonjay got the pin.

    Winners and #1 contenders The Original Playas

    Sonjay and Tama celebrate in the ring. As the scene cuts to the Dead Pool sitting in a hallway. Dustin Rhodes walks into the scene. Both the Von Erichs stand and face him. Prophet comes to the side then steps in front not shying away from a fight.

    Prophet: Have you come to take vengeance on me for taking your students?

    Rhodes stares forward.

    Rhodes: They were never my students. Just some men who I had a mutual understanding with for a short time. Congratulations to you two for finding a home. Hopefully you are not destroyed by it. As for you Prophet we still have unfinished business.

    Prophet: I did with a Golden Freak. You are different now. So yes I want this business finished properly. Maybe I’ll put you in the next pool of victims.

    Rhodes: I look forward to it.

    Rhodes backs away and walks off. All of the Dead Pool watch him walk away.

    Gory: When do we get him?

    Prophet: In due time.

    Scene cuts to another locker room where Wes Draven, AR Fox, and ACH are getting ready for a the match. Façade, Kendrick, and Lyndon walk in.

    Façade: I am here to talk. Since show one you have had my back. I come here to extend an invitation to join me Flip and Louis in Ninja Elite Squad. Together we can take out Dead Pool.

    Wes smiles then shakes his head. He stands up and walks right to Façade.

    Wes: I helped you as an act of respect. One ninja to another. I may not speak for The Wolves, but when the odds are against you I will help. When the odds are fair we Ninja handle our own business. The Wolves are free to do as they please. I owe the fans to be as I always have and obtain the victory I am capable of. Tonight we stand two Ninjas blades drawn and ready to strike. Enemies on the battle field that is the way tonight. Next time well we leave that to next time.

    Wes walks off. ACH and AR follow him. The Ninja Elite Squad watch them walk off. Scene cuts to the ring.

    #1 Contender For the ECW Extreme Triangle Tag Team Championship
    Elimination Australian Rules

    The Dead Pool (Jason Gory (Captain)/Ross & Marshall Von Erich) Vs Wes Draven (Captain)/The African American Wolves (ACH/AR Fox) Vs El Gremio de Lucha Libre (AeroStar (Captain)/Mistico II/El Hijo de Rey Misterio) Vs Ninja Elite Squad (Michael Façade (Captain)/Louis Lyndon/Flip Kendrick)

    Façade and Gory start the match. They didn’t wrestle so much as just throw a flurry of punches and kicks. It would be a brief moment before all of The Dead Pool and Ninja Elite Squad rushed in. Draven and Aerostar’s teams sat back watched both teams fight. Chance Prophet and BxB Hulk ran down to ring side and tossed in chairs. Draven and the African Wolves would dive out onto Prophet and Hulk. Aerostar, Mistico, and Rey watch all this chaos unfold. All three start talking then play a game of paper, rock, scissors which Rey wins. Aerostar rushes into the ring while Mistico and Rey dive out onto Draven, The Wolves, Prophet, and Hulk. What followed was a crazy dive fest by all remaining in the ring. After the dive insanity the Von Erichs came back into the ring with the chairs and a table. Fox and ACH got back into the ring and stopped the Von Erichs from getting the table setup. While ACH and Fox battled the Von Erichs Façade slid in and setup the table. Fox manages to hit the Lo Mein Pain on Ross. He went for a pin but the ref informed him that it can only be the captain. Using the chair Marshall cleared the ring of ACH and Fox. Façade turned out to suffer a chair shot. Marshall pulled him up as Ross got to his feet then took him out with a V2E! Lyndon and Kendrick rush into the ring and keep Marshall and Ross from going for the pin. Gory gets into the ring and pulls Façade to his feet. He rolls Façade onto the table the climbs the nearest corner. Draven manages to get to the corner then trips up Gory crotching him on the corner. Draven grabs Gory by the head and dives off the top with Gory in Mark of the Wolf driving him into Façade. Draven Covers Gory for the pin then covers Façade for another pin.

    Eliminated Dead Pool and Ninja Elite Squad

    Mistico rushes into the ring and connects with a dropkick to Draven’s face. Draven and his team would have many exchanges with Team Gremio. In one of these exchanges it was a Shinning Wizard attack from each wrestler. They also had a battle of 450s. The match came down to Draven alone in the ring with Rey. Aerostar and Mistico had taken out ACH and Fox with a pair of dives but were taken out as ACH and Fox were holding chairs at the time. Draven had the advantage and was setting up for Mark of the Wolf. Rey maneuvered out then connects with the Misterio Express he rolls through then connects with a top rope moonsault and hooks the leg for a pin 1…2…3!

    Winners El Gremio de Lucha Libre

    All three men pose in the ring. Aerostar and Mistico hold up the Mexican Flag for celebration. Scene cuts to the back. Taylor is sitting alone in a chair staring at his half of the ECW Tag Team title.

    Taylor: Well you have been bringing this so called “Destiny” to my life. So what is it you have planned for me now? Am I to defend you alongside Ted and my brother? Is this the “Destiny” I can look forward too? I was a singles champion at one time and now I am stuck in tag team action. Yes I am a champion now but what of my own glory? Well I never believed in this whole “Destiny” thing and I still don’t.

    He stands up and grabs the title.

    Taylor: I am not gonna lose just to break out on my own. “Destiny” let’s put you to the test.

    Taylor walks off.

    ECW Tag Team Championship Fate Extreme Triangle Gauntlet Match

    Sons Of Money Vs The Colony (Fire Ant/Soldier Ant/Green Ant), 3.Okada (Kazuchika Okada, Shane Matthews/Scott Parker), The Second City Saints (CM Punk/Colt Cabana) & ???

    Windham tried to use power against all three ants. It worked till Soldier Ant made him salute and march. Green Ant was also able to out maneuver Windham twisting him into various submission. Using G.I.ant Fire was able to overpower Windham. The whole Colony showed that they have not lost a step. DiBiase and Taylor had similar troubles with the Colony members. The Colony dominated the match till Fire went for a Frankensteiner on Taylor. Taylor Managed to hold on and Windham hit Fire in the back with a forearm. Taylor holds him in powerbomb position. Windham climbs the corner then drives Fire Ant off Taylor’s shoulders with Sister Abigail. He lays Ant towards the corner then dives out onto Green, Soldier, and Dibiase. Taylor comes off the top with a Senton Splash on Fire Ant that leads to the three count.

    Eliminated The Colony

    Before SOM can catch a breath 3.Okada rushes to the ring. The ref stops an attack explaining they get a short breather. Once the breather is over Okada starts off the match with Windham. This face off saw many stiff hits and chops. Eventually Okada forced Windham to leave the ring. Taylor rushed in as was kicked out of the ring. Dibiase takes his time coming in. Okada tags out. Dibiase was able to go toe to toe with Parker and Matthews. Dibiase displayed impressive tagging using the slide out of the ring to get Windham into the ring to take on Matthews and parker. When Okada was tagged in he was stiff and striking all the Sons Of Money. Eventually SOM got a break when Okada and Matthews were on the outside held at bay by Windham and DiBiase. Taylor was able to hit the Bodazzled II (Double Underhook DDT Lift Sitout Facebuster into double knees) which lead to a pin fall.

    Eliminated 3.Okada

    Taylor rolled Parker out of the ring. Taylor, Windham, and DiBiase to rest but Okada hits the Rainmaker on Windham followed by a stiff kick to the head of Dibiase. He slides into the ring drops Taylor with the Heavy Rain then locks him in the Red Ink! Taylor taps furiously. The ref and 3.0 try to make him break the hold but he refuses. Colt and Punk rush to the ring, quickly followed by Hiroshi Tanahashi. As soon as Tanahashi gets in the ring Okada breaks the hold and gets right in Tanahashi’s face. With a smirk he leaves the ring and walks away 3.0 walk after him carrying all three titles. Tanahashi and the second city Saints wait in their corner for Sons Of Money to rebound. DiBiase steps into the ring letting the Brothers Rotunda rest from the Okada attack. Colt starts off in the ring with DiBiase. The remainder of this match was a constant fight for Sons of Money to stay alive. But with The Saints and Tanahashi were too fresh and rested for a proper comeback. Even bringing in chairs and tables did not aid. The end came when Colt and Punk has the Rotundas on the outside and beaten. Tanahashi put DiBiase on a table the drove him through it with a High Fly Flow for the merciful pinfall.

    Winners The Second City Saints and Hiroshi Tanahashi

    As the Saints and Tanahashi leave the ring Sonjay and Tama run down to the ring. Both men carrying chairs smash them over the Rotunda brothers heads. Sonjay grabs a mic.

    Sonjay: As the number one contenders to the ECW Tag Team championship we choose to invoke the right to our match now.

    Sonjay tosses the mic.

    Todd: Can they do that?

    Paul: I hate to admit it but unless it is specified when the contendership is to be used they can do it when they choose to.

    King: Really, oh Sonjay you are so smart!

    ECW Tag Team Championship

    Sons Of Money (c) Vs. The Original Playas

    Taylor and Windham couldn’t get to the ring in time to stop the immediate Playa Cutta Bomb on DiBiase! Sonjay dropkicked both Rotundas to keep them out of the ring as Tama got the Easy 3!

    Winners and NEW ECW Tag Team Champions The Original Playas!

    Sonjay and Tama are handed the titles. Both men hold the belts up in victory.

    King: Well I guess that is the end of Destiny.

    Todd: Ladies and Gentlemen it may not have been scheduled but we have New ECW Tag Team Champions!

    Paul: They played the system and did it well. I may not agree with their methods but I can’t deny the results.

    Suddenly Roderick Strong, Takeshi Morishima, and Harry Smith walk out to the ring. Sonjay and Tama bail long before they get to the ring. Taylor and Windham pull Ted out of the ring as well. The Triple Threat enter the ring. Roderick calls for the mic.

    Roderick: Now that I have the time I am here to tell you all that the match I will be involved in tonight with be Jigsaw Vs Fergal Devitt Vs Dustin Rhodes with me as Special Guests ref. Now pay attention people the match you are gonna see is worth five times what you paid so appreciate it.

    Roderick tosses the mic then steps out of the ring.

    FTW Heavyweight Championship
    Takeshi Morishima (c) Vs Harry Smith

    Takeshi and Smith Circle each other then lock up. Morishima pushes smith to the ropes. Morishima hits a shoulder block. Smith falls to the ground and stays down. Morishima makes a weak cover. Smith makes no attempt to kickout. The ref counts three.

    Winner and Lone FTW Heavyweight Champion Takeshi Morishima

    The fans boo viciously.

    Todd: What was that we’ve been conned!

    King: Ingenious they fooled everyone.

    Strong reaches under the ring and pulls out a black bag. He grabs the mic once again.

    Strong: You all actually though Triple Threat would give this kind of match? How stupid can you people be?

    Roderick hands the black bag to Smith then hands him the mic.

    Smith: Now I may not be the FTW champion but that is ok. You see unlike a certain “SoCal Hero.”

    Smith opens the bag and pulls out the ECW High Impact championship belt.

    Smith: I have no problem making a new reputation for a title. Like “The Franchise” I ignite a new torch to burn. I will make this title what it should be like I should have from day one.

    Smith hands the mic back to Strong.

    Strong: So now we rule all the singles title in ECW. Now Triple Threat takes its claim once again as the most dominant force in ECW!

    All three men pose with the titles. Back at the commentary table.

    Todd: I can’t believe this can they do that.

    King: Try and stop them Todd. Go ahead try I could use the laugh.

    Meanwhile Paul is on his phone. After a minute Paul hangs up his phone and walks in front of the table and calls for a mic.

    Paul: Hey Strong. I have to hand it to you. Shane Douglas himself couldn’t have done it better. After talking with my fellow powers that be we officially recognize Harry Smith as the new ECW High Impact champion.

    The fans boo.

    Paul: However, I am not gonna let that match slide. You see I have the power to make any match I see fit. So Smith you will make your first defense here tonight.

    The fans cheer happily.

    Paul: Also since the FTW title was not really defended Morishima you will defend your title as well.

    The Fans go wild.

    Paul: I have decide that this will be a double fall match with four other wrestlers involved. The first fall will be for the ECW High Impact, and the second for the FTW title. Strong you are banned from ringside for this match so leave.

    Strong exits the ring and heads to the back.

    Paul: Now to pick the other four. You know I am in a giving mood. The first four into the ring will be in the match.

    TJ and Bingo immediately run out to the ring leaving two spots left. BxB Hulk sprints out to the ring as well. Jay Briscoe and Ray Rowe rush to the ring. Rowe and Briscoe fight at ringside. Rowe tries to go for the Death Row but in mid lift Briscoe maneuvers onto the apron and slides into the ring taking the last spot.

    Paul: Ring the BELL!

    FTW Heavyweight Championship/ECW High Impact Championship
    Double Fall Match

    Takeshi Morishima (c) Vs Harry Smith (c) Vs TJ Perkins Vs Bingo Ballance Vs BxB Hulk Vs Jay Briscoe

    Ballance and Smith start the match off. TJ, Bingo, Hulk and Jay use their speed early on to outdo the power that Smith and Morishima used for offense. Hulk was able to go strike for strike with Morishima. Jay and Morishima attacked each other with stiff chops. After Smith got sent to the floor a dive fest occurred with the culmination of a Morishima Suicide dive on to everyone. Shortly after Morishima dive Bingo hit The 114 on Smith but before he could follow up Hulk Super kicked him then connected with the First Flash on Smith followed by the cover 1…2…3!

    Winner of First Fall and NEW ECW High Impact Champion BxB Hulk

    Hulk was swiftly tossed out of the ring by Morishima. Hulk then grabbed a chair and leveled Bingo with it. He then dropped Bingo on it with a H Thunder. Hulk then grabbed his title and walked away from the match. Briscoe would focus on Smith and drop him with a Jay Driller! TJ would break up the pin. TJ then tossed Jay out of the ring but fell victim to a chair shot to the back from Morishima. Morishima drives TJ into the chair with the Amaze Impact then covers 1…2…3!

    Winner of Second Fall and STILL FTW Heavyweight Champion Takeshi Morishima

    Morishima is handed his title and he exits the ring bringing Smith with him. Scene cuts to the back where Jigsaw and Fergal Devitt are standing with Rhia.

    Rhia: Alright guys so tonight you battle with each other and Dustin Rhodes. With ECW champ Roderick Strong as ref. What could be running through your minds?

    Devitt: Rhia tonight all I am thinking is that I am in a match beneath me. I should be facing Strong for the title right now. Not battle this masked goofball or that old has been. The way I see I win tonight I take Rhodes place in the main event at Barley Legal. You can count on me demanding that. That is all I am gonna say.

    Devitt walks off.

    Rhia: And you Jigsaw?

    Jigsaw: I could talk about how I got screwed how I deserve my shot again. But I am more of a man of action. I was taught to wrestle and earn what I want. Tonight I’ll earn my spot.

    Jigsaw walks off.

    Main Event
    Single Fall Three Way
    Special Referee: Roderick Strong
    Fergal Devitt Vs Jigsaw Vs Dustin Rhodes

    Strong stands in the corner leaving the three men to their own devices. Devitt wasted no time in fighting both men. Jigsaw and Rhodes don’t bother teaming as we see all men jump back and forth with battling each other. The three fight to the outside. Strong watches from the inside pleased by what he sees. Rhodes slams all both men into the guardrail. Devitt fights Rhodes with chops and Jigsaw connects with a moonsault off the guardrail. Various high risks, stiff kicks, and slams passed as Roderick looked down in pleasure. Jigsaw looked like he was going for a moonsault off the apron but instead he kicked Roderick in the head as he stood in the corner. Jigsaw would then rush into the ring and dropped Roderick with the Jig ‘N’ Tonic! Devitt quickly ran in and drove Jigsaw into the mat with the Blood Sunday. Devitt tried to pin but Strong was still reeling from the Jig ‘N’ Tonic. Devitt tries to wake Strong up and helps him to his feet only to kick him in the gut and drive him to the mat with the Bloody Sunday as well. Devitt then locks in the Devitt’s End on Roderick. Roderick taps furious begging to be let go. Rhodes comes into the ring out of Devitt’s line of vision, carrying a chair, and kicks his high back. He then hits Devitt in the back with the chair he brought in. He puts the chair down then puts Devitt into a Camel clutch. Strong starts to come to Just in time for Jigsaw to connect with a Superkick to Rhodes. Strong without Hesitation drops Jigsaw with a Gibson Driver onto the chair. Rhodes is out from the kick and Devitt is reeling from the Camel Clutch. Strong grabs Rhodes then drops him on Devitt with a release Gibson Driver! Strong then makes a speedy three count.

    Winner Dustin Rhodes

    Strong is handed his title and stands over all three men. Strong calls for a mic. He rolls Rhodes to his back and stands over him.

    Strong: Hey Rhodes, I forgot to tell you. I talked to Shane and he made our match a last man standing match. If you lose you are gone from ECW. So pack your bags cause at Barley Legal I end you one last time!”

    Scene fades to black with Strong holding the title high still standing over Dustin Rhodes.
    Destroying an Empire to win a war is no victory. And ending a battle to save an Empire is no defeat.-Kahless


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      Pyro goes off and different than most shows, Lance Storm welcomes everyone to the first NXT show outside of Florida! Storm announces a 12-man tag team match, 6vs6, the Shield getting their rematch clauses, and Seth Rollins squaring off with Johnny Gargano. Sami Zayn comes out though to a huge reaction and takes a microphone, stating he isn't mad at Storm, but he's mad at reDragon and he wants to get his hands on them. Storm tells him he'll get that opportunity in the 12 man tag team match, which is going to kick off the show right now!

      Match number one - Sami Zayn, Eddie Edwards, Samuray Del Sol, Kofi Kingston, Justin Gabriel, and Corey Graves vs. Antonio Cesaro, Bobby Fish, Kyle O'Reilly, Clayton Jack, Chas Betts, and Teddy Hart (with the Ascension at ringside):

      The bell rings and we start off hot with Kofi and Fish, trading punches and elbows. In short order, reDragon hits the brainbuster/roundhouse kick combo and knocks out Kofi. KOFI KINGSTON HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. Zayn sprints into the match getting huge "Ole!" chants and taking it right to reDragon. He hits a double clothesline onto the ramp and continues the beatdown, despite the double DQ on both members of reDragon and Zayn. BOBBY FISH, KYLE O'REILLY, AND SAMI ZAYN HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED. At that moment, Jericho saves Zayn from a major beatdown. In the ring, Jack and Betts show great chemistry and Jack hits a dead lift German suplex onto Gabriel for the three. JUSTIN GABRIEL HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. Teddy Hart steps in for the first time and puts on a show, but gets over confident and rolled up by Del Sol after Graves, who was beaten down by him, made the tag. TEDDY HART HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. Corey Graves is taken out after the elimination and Hart and Graves brawl to the back as the Ascension was taken out by a Del Sol moonsault. Betts meanwhile drops Edwards on the outside allowing Cesaro to Neutralize Del Sol for three. COREY GRAVES (officially) AND SAMURAY DEL SOL HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED. Edwards takes out both Jack and Betts despite the disadvantage and being worn down by them with the Die Hard on both of them, but Cesaro hits one more Neutralizer for three! WINNERS: ANTONIO CESARO (surviving member), CHAS BETTS, CLAYTON JACK, TEDDY HART, BOBBY FISH, AND KYLE O'REILLY.

      After the match it's announced that Zayn/Jericho vs. reDragon and Ascension and Teddy vs. Graves and the British Thrillseekers (Neville, Grey, and Haskins) will occur on night two.

      Match number two - Roman Reign vs. Petey Williams, for the NXT TV Title: A great match between these two, better than their first encounter even, for the first five minutes that is, as it's cut short due to the Shield's interference. NO CONTEST

      Post match: The Shield continues the assault until Best Friends and the rest of the Motor City Machine Guns stop the attack. Storm in a rage announces that the Shield's rematch clauses are null and void unless Rollins can defeat Gargano tonight. The Shield goes crazy inside the ring as Storm leaves to cheers after that announcement. The guys psyche up Rollins to defend and soon after leave.

      Match number three - Xavier Woods vs. Cody Rhodes: Great mat performance shown by both men, a solid 12 minute match that was full of suspense, like a countered Cross Rhodes into a reverse DDT, but in the end, a well-time Disaster Kick and Cross Rhodes to finish it ends the night for Xavier Woods. WINNER: CODY RHODES

      Match number four - Alabama Attitude (Corey Hollis and Andrew Everett) vs. C&C Wrestlefactory: Alabama Attitude's debut was not disappointing at all, Everett showing the aerial skills everyone talks about and Hollis working on the mat. But C&C Wrestlefactory could keep up on the mat and in the air. Still though, the new team kept pace and control of the more experience team in the ring and Everett had Alexander in perfect position for a SSP, but Coleman hit the Leap of Faith frankensteiner and hit another dive onto Hollis on the outside as Alexander finished the job with a leaping STO for the three count. WINNERS C&C WRESTLEFACTORY

      Post match: C&C and Alabama Attitude shake hands, but Caprice calls for a microphone.

      Caprice: Guys, you two are some of the best young talent I've wrestled here in NXT. Unfortunately, I'm on the other end of the age scale, my run is nearing the end. I'd like to announce my retirement match at night two of the NXT Wrestle Festival. Cedric, I want it against you.

      Cedric looks surprised at this, but takes another microphone.

      Cedric: Caprice I have the utmost respect for you, because it's your wish, I accept.

      The crowd cheers as the four men shake hands and Caprice and Cedric hug before leaving.

      Backstage: Matt Striker is backstage with Chris Jericho.

      Matt: Chris during the opening match of the show while Sami Zayn was attacked by reDragon, you saved him from a serious injury. What was your motive?

      Chris: I've seen this happen to too many wrestlers at the hands of too many groups. Promising careers, shortened in two minutes work, I didn't want that to happen to a guy of Sami's caliber. Bobby and Kyle have a chip on their shoulder, we're here to knock it right off, and beat them in that ring.

      With that Chris exits and we head back to the ring for the main event.

      Match number five - Seth Rollins vs. Johnny Gargano, for the NXT Championship, if Seth loses the Shield loses their rematch clauses:
      The feeling out process doesn't last longer than two minutes and these two burst into a great series of moves that ends in a standoff that doesn't last too long. The guys go for 20 minutes with counters, big moves, including a Phoenix splash ending in a miss with Gargano's roll through enziguri for just a two count. Following that, the Hurts Donut is rolled through into a leaping forearm and standing moonsault for another two count. Rollins whiffs on the Blackout, rollup, two count and a half, but Seth superkick the knee out, Avada Kedabra superkick connects! Phoenix splash is good! ONE, TWO, NO!! Gargano fired up and wails away, suicide diving onto Rollins as Regal announces the 30 minute mark has passed. Seth is rolled in, Lawn Dart attempt, Seth squirms out caused Gargano to plant himself into the buckle and Seth drives his knees into the back. Once more, Blackout, another whiff, Hurts Donut lands! ONE, TWO, THR-NO! Just two! Gargano Escape, Rollins turns it into a backslide, ONE, TWO, NO! Leaping enziguri from Rollins knocks out Johnny though. Blackout finally lands, ONE, TWO, THREE! WINNER: SETH ROLLINS, still NXT Champion.

      The crowd boos heavily as the Shield comes out to motion that all the gold will return to them as we fade out on night one.


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        Pyro goes off and Regal along with Steve Corino welcome everyone to night two! They run down the card, Ciampa, Compton, and Reigns vs. Williams and Best Friends, Ascension and Teddy vs. British Thrillseekers and Graves, Caprice vs. Cedric, reDragon vs. Zayn and Jericho, and Rollins vs. Lance Storm himself! We go for the first match.

        Match number one: Ascension and Teddy Hart vs. The British Thrill Seekers (Haskins, Grey, and Neville) and Corey Graves: The match begins and the speed of Neville flusters Conor and not even Teddy can stop him. Victor slows down the pace but once Graves comes in he works on the leg, eliminating their only speed threat. Cameron tries to gain momentum and does so. Haskins is roughed up too and with Hart and Haskins cancelled out it's pretty much 3vs3. In the end. The Red Arrow takes out Victor. WINNERS: BRITISH THRILL SEEKERS AND COREY GRAVES.

        Post match: The Ascension takes their rage out on Hart, decimating him. They leave him out cold on the mat.

        Match number two: Petey Williams and Best Friends vs. Shield (Compton, Ciampa, and Reigns): The Shield's power matched well and Trent was quickly beaten up. Knees by Ciampa were key to stop the Best Friends and the speed couldn't pick up due to the punishment dealt by the Shield. Despite the slight comeback, Reigns ends it with a spear though and team chemistry and the dominance of the Shield gives them the victory and they show they're geared up for their rematches. WINNERS: THE SHIELD.

        Backstage: Cesaro, Jack, and Betts make a very simple statement, they are the three men of the future, they are bringing tradition, honor, and chivalry back to pro wrestling, with their own modern twist. They tell is we don't want to miss out and the three next big things.

        Match number three: Caprice Coleman vs. Cedric Alexander: Caprice in what is dubbed as his final match went out and performed a clinic with his former partner. Cedric didn't want to be outdone by his mentor, and vice versa, but Cedric's over the top rope moonsault was very difficult to top. Caprice tried his Leap of Faith, but Cedric caught him with a power bomb off the top, ONE, TWO, NO! Cedric couldn't believe it, his leaping reverse STO was also countered into a backbreaker drawing huge oohs from the crowd, but only a two count. Caprice signaled for the cutter, but Cedric pushed him off and countered with a superkick, but still two! Cedric heads up to the top rope, but Caprice climbs up too, top rope cutter!! ONE, TWO, THREE!! YOUR WINNER: CAPRICE COLEMAN.

        Post match: The two men hugged in the ring to 'You still got it' chants. Cedric is visibly moved from this great moment for him and releases the hug to raise him hand in victory. Out of the back though runs Tadarius Thomas to jump Cedric to huge boos! Caprice joins in on the vicious assault too and the crowd begins throwing cups at them. Caprice says over the boos 'I'm not done yet'! Tadarius and Caprice now hug and leave the ring together.

        Backstage: Storm is taping his wrists when Curt Hawkins walks into the room.

        Curt: Do you have any idea what you're stepping into? This is the biggest mistake of your life.

        Lance: Curt I suggest you leave now before I punch your lights out, like I will to Seth.

        Curt: Whoa killer, didn't mean to offend you. Besides, you, title match? Isn't this abuse of power?

        Lance: The board has cleared it, I get one chance to dethrone Seth, and that's all I'll need to do so.

        Curt: (laughs) Good luck with that.

        Curt leaves as Lance shakes off the attempt at mind games.

        Match number four: reDragon vs. Sami Zayn and Chris Jericho: Zayn jumps right in to lay in punches to Fish, then Kyle, then Fish again, as Jericho looks on in shock and amusement watching reDragon get their Just Desserts. Zayn keeps control but a blocked Blue Thunder Bomb gives Fish and reDragon control for the first time. Kicks and MMA ground and submission strategy to wear out Zayn is seemingly working until Zayn gets a second wind and hits the hot tag to Y2J who comes in, flying forearms, enziguri, and even a Lionsault, only two, but he stays on the attack, refusing to give reDragon any opportunity to breathe. He tries the Walls of Jericho on Fish, but Kyle breaks it up after whipping Zayn into the barricade. Fish lifts Jericho up for the brainbuster/kick combo, but Jericho worms out and shoves Fish into Kyle, Codebreaker! ONE, TWO, NO! Just two, Zayn's back and is begging for the tag, to which Jericho obliges. Zayn throws Fish into the corner, Ole Kick! Kyle runs in, BRAINBUSTAHHHHHH! Fish gets wristlocked, Tornado DDT, ONE, TWO, THREE! YOUR WINNERS: SAMI ZAYN AND CHRIS JERICHO.

        Match number five: Seth Rollins vs. Lance Storm, no-DQ match: Storm enters first and before this match even starts, Hawkins clocks Storm with fists as he ran in behind him. Rollins walks down the ramp confidentially and relishes the beating he gives Storm. Boots and punches to start, then he takes off one of his black gloves and slaps Storm with it. Storm tries climbing back up but Rollins shoves him back down. Hawkins slides in a chair and Rollins drops him with three chair shots over the back. He walks back out and grabs the bell, hitting Storm in the head with that. Rollins hits the Avada Kedabra kick and as Storm slowly tries to get up, Rollins sets the chair up and hits the Blackout onto a chair, Storm is out, the referee calls the match. YOUR WINNER VIA KO SETH ROLLINS.

        Post match: Storm, out on the mat, is still getting beaten by Seth, Curt, and now the rest of the Shield. The referees have no control and the beatdown continues until Zayn and Jericho run down. Zayn goes on a rampage, Ole Kick to Curt, BRAINBUSTAHHHH to Compton on the top rope, Blue Thunder Bomb to Roman, and finished with a dropkick to Ciampa and Seth already fled up the ramp. Jericho tends to Lance as Zayn urges the Shield to return while holding the NXT Championship. Night two fades out to "Ole!" Chants as Sami holds the NXT Title. Despite Rollins winning, the crowd goes home very happy that Zayn took came of business.


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          Gonna give out a three day extension for the cards, good luck to everyone!


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            ROH: Proving Ground from the Scotttrade Center in St. Louis MO

            We go to highlights from last week that shows the metamorphis of the God Hand into the Minstry of Greatness.

            Tenay: Welcome everyone, this is our last stop before he head to Chicago for our 2nd CPV
            Kelly: I'm sure everyone on the roster is looking to impress the ROH faithful, to get voted in for Sunday.
            Tenay: We're going to kick off this week's show with some in-ring action, as Scorpio finally gets his hands on Joey Ryan again

            Scorpio Sky is ready and waiting for Ryan in the ring.

            Joey Ryan is out on stage with a mic: Now Scorpio, I could come down there & kick your ass, just like I've been doing for weeks now. However I'm sure the fans are tired of seeing The King of Sleeze beat you down each week, if you want me your going to have to go through my new bodyguard.

            Tenay: Bodyguard?

            Scorpio: Fine, I'll trounce him then I'm coming after you

            Ryan: I've got this introduction - "Ladies and Gentlemen, making his ROH debut, he stands over 6' tall and weighs in at well over 300 lbs, from the 9th Circle of Hell, I give you, The Freakin' Deacon!"

            The Haunted plays as Deacon makes his way out carrying a small wooden box.

            Scorpio Sky vs Freakin' Deacon

            Scorpio starts off with knees to the head, Deacon completely no-sells it and takes Sky's head off with a lariat. Sky fights back with a series of chops & kicks and a spring-board dropkick. Scorpio seems very concerned with the box Deacon brought. This gives him the advantage and looks for the D3 - Deacon Death Drop but Scorpio counters into the Argle Bargle, but instead of going for the cover his gaze goes back to the box, he opens it and it was empty, this gave Deacon time to recover.

            Ryan grabs a mic: Big D show him why you're called Freakin'

            Deacon makes several quick hand signs, before opening his mouth wide and a tarrantula crawls out of it!

            Tenay: What the hell?
            Kelly: That's just wrong

            He shows Sky the spider, and Scorpio is very creeped out. Deacon puts the spider back in his mouth and swallows it. Sky tries a crossbody but is caught in a powerslam. FD says time to end it and connects with the Deacon Bomb (also known as Gallows Pole/12 Step), he re-produces the spider from his mouth again, places it on top of his own head and covers Sky for the win.

            Winner: The Freakin' Deacon

            Aferwards he places the spider in the wooden box and walks off with a smirking Joey Ryan

            Tenay: Something tells me this guy is going to create a lot of sleepless nights for the other members of the ROH roster
            Kelly: A very bizarre addition to the roster

            Another War plays as The Ministry of Greatness makes his way to the ring, coming through the crowd

            Bernard takes the mic: People have been asking me all week, why we did, what we did to Bryan. The original reason we targeted Bryan was due to our former leader KENTA, marking Bryan as the one to make our names off of. He's also the main reason we had to perform a coup detat on KENTA for retribution for that, we're going to make sure Bryan never gets that ROH title.

            The Council show up on the tron clapping

            Flame: Nicely done boys, but since your so pleased with yourselves & you're still under ROH contract some of you will be in action tonight. Two of you will be facing the Tag Champs Rocky Romero & Necro Butcher next, We'll let you decide which 2 to pick other than you Bernard.

            Battousai: As you'll be in the main event, one on one with the man you f*cked over last week, Bryan Danielson.

            Ice: And just in case any of you thought about interfering, if anyone interferes they will be terminated.

            Flame: Also if you planned to use the same lights out assault from last week, we've come prepared for that from now on.

            The lights go out and giant spotlights shine on the ring

            The Coucil: So good luck in your matches tonight

            It appears the Ministry of Greatness have chosen: Satoshi Kojima & Rockstar Spud for the tag match

            Ministry of Greatness' Satoshi Kojima & Rockstar Spud vs ROH World Tag Team Champions Rocky Romero & The Necro Butcher

            Kojima and Romero to start things off, Kojima with hard chops, Rocky fires back with some kick combinations. Satoshi with a Rydeen Bomb for 2, Romero with a jugigatme armbar near his corner & Necro with a blind tag. Necro with mutliple punches, he goes for a Powerbomb, Kojima counters into a Cozy Cutter, then removes the elbow pad for the lariat & tags in Spud. Spud comes off the top with the 5 Stone Spud Splash he gets 2 when Necro powers out.

            Tenay: Spud just doesn't have the body weight to hold down someone as tough as Necro.

            He goes for the Satellite DDT, but Necro counters into a Tiger Driver. Romero with a blind tag and a diving knee 1-2

            The Career Killers attack both teams causing the match to be thrown out.

            Winner: No Contest

            Kelly: It looks like they're trying to prove to the fans they deserve the title shot Sunday

            Mason has Rocky in a Cobra Clutch, Bradley is waiting, Ryan hits the Cobra Clutch Powerslam and while Romero is coming down Jay also connects with The Boom Stick

            Tenay: Apparently they call that Blood Money

            Otunga & Jacobs in Otunga with The Verdict on Mason & Jimmy hits The Contra Code on Jay, they're both going up as David gives Jacobs the boost for an assisted Senton. The Young Bucks are in and hit More Bang For Your Buck. The Champs are back in take out The Bucks. They hold up the titles. All Night Express are in King takes out Necro with the Coronation while Rhett drops Romero with the Muff Driver. They pick Rocky back up and connect with One Night Stand. Titus & King hold the titles up.

            Kelly: Could this be a sign of things to come this Sunday?

            Low-Ki vs Mike Quackenbush

            Ki's in the ring awaiting Quack, who's nowhere to be found.

            Tenay: This isn't like Quack

            His music plays again & still no Quack

            Kelly: Something's very wrong here

            His music plays one more time and still nothing

            Referee Fred Fuchs awards the victory to Low-Ki

            Ki grabs a mic: I know Quack & he wouldn't no-show something wrong.

            He drops the mic and heads to the Quack's locker room, the door had been ripped completely off its hinges. Ki goes in and Quack is found deeply lacerated covered in blood with a message left on the wall (presumably in his own blood) "See you on Sunday" signed JW

            Kelly: I'm getting word somethings going down in the parking lot.

            Homicide, Super Dragon, Go Shiozaki, Rockstar Spud, Scorpio Sky,Satoshi Kojima, Jimmy Rave, B-Boy, Willie Mack, Steve Corino, Ryuji Ito, Austin Aries, Ryback, Michael Elgin, Marco Corleone, Naomichi Marufuji all seen beating the living crap of each other in the parking lot and also wielding ladders.

            We go to the back for the contract signing for the ROH World title match between Joe & Whitmer. Each man is also given a chance for parting words.

            Joe: BJ don't take this the wrong way, I respect you, but I've beaten you before, Sunday I get back what I put on the map. The match's outcome is inevitible, I am Samoa Joe, I am Pro-Wrestling & after Sunday I will once again be YOUR Ring of Honor WORLD Champion.

            Whitmer: Foregone Conclusion? I defeated Low-Ki in the most grueling match in my life to make it this far & people didn't give me a chance in that one either. Yes, you defeated me before but that was a different Whitmer, I'm at the best I've ever been now. This Sunday I cement my career with the only thing missing from it a World Title reign.

            Kelly: We're getting set for the main event, but before that, we've been talking about it all night so its time to run down the entire card for the CPV on Sunday:

            John Walters vs Mike Quackenbush - First Blood, No Ropes Barbed Wire, 10,000 Thumbtacks, Falls Count Anywhere or Last Man Standing

            Money in the Bank Ladder Match - Low Ki and 5 of the following: Homicide, Super Dragon, Go Shiozaki, Rockstar Spud, Giant Bernard, Scorpio Sky, Satoshi Kojima, Jimmy Rave, B-Boy, Willie Mack, Steve Corino, Ryuji Ito, Austin Aries, Ryback, Michael Elgin, Marco Corleone or Naomichi Marufuji

            ROH Tag Team Championships - Rocky Romero & The Necro Butcher vs Young Bucks, Career Killers, All Night Express, A-HUSSters or Joey Ryan & Sami Callihan

            ROH World Championship - Samoa Joe vs BJ Whitmer

            Dream Match: Bryan Danielson vs a Mystery Opponent - One Fall to a Finish, 2 Out of 3 Falls or 60 Minute Iron Man Match

            Kelly: You are listening to, What I'm Made Of by Crush 40 the official theme for Interactive Insurrection

            Tenay: Interactive Insurrection is live on CPV in 6 nights and presented by The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

            Bryan is out to The Final Count Down, Bernard makes his way through the crowd to Another War, he steps over the guard rail is met by a tope suicida from Bryan.

            Brayn Danielson vs Giant Bernard

            Tenay: And this one is underway in a hurry

            Bryan's firing kicks on the outside, he goes for a diving knee off the apron but gets caught in a Powerbomb by Bernard, GB rolls him back in and fires multiple forearm shots to the chest before getting back in the ring. He looks for a Powerbomb but Bryan turns it into a Triangle Choke, GB to the ropes, Byan with a Half-Hatch Suplex he goes for the Crossface Chickenwing, Bernard's too large and he can't get the hands locked for the full effect allowing him to easily escape. Bernard Bomb 1-2, Bryan kicks out and quickly converts to the LeBell Lock, GB makes it to the ropes, Bryan connects with the Busaiku Knee Kick for 2, Bernard hits the Bernard Driver.

            Then Another War plays, Bernard seems confused

            Tenay: Is the Ministry really going to push The Council

            Then Joe, Whitmer, Ki, Homicide, Willie Mack, Ryback & Michael Elgin show up on stage with big smiles on their faces

            Kelly: Somehow I think the Council is behind this, giving Bernard a taste of his own medicine

            Bernard is irate and takes his focus off Bryan to yell at the people on stage, during this Bryan comes to, realizes what is going & decides to play opossum. GB finally decides to re-focus on the match goes back to Bryan, whose eyes open suddenly as if to say (Wait, I'm Alive!) and rolls him up in a surprise Small Package for the win

            Winner: Bryan Danielson

            Tenay: Bernard just found out why they call Bryan 'Mr Small Package'

            Bernard was irate was going to attack Bryan when the others on stage joined Bryan in the ring forcing Bernard to retreat.

            Kelly: That's it we're out of time folks, for the Professor Mike Tenay, I'm Kevin Kelly & we'll see you in the Second City for Interactive Insurrection on CPV

            The show ends with a video package of everything that's gone down since Death Before Dishonor set to What I'm Made Of

            Interactive Insurrection Threads for Voting





            Edit: I just got the go ahead the dream match is on and will be the main event of the CPV
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              Alrighty everyone, thanks for the great shows! Poll will be up Friday to give everyone a couple days to look at the cards and decide, thanks again!
              THIS IS THE BOATIEST BOAT! YOUR UD Champion!


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                A quick update: I just got the go ahead the dream match is on for the CPV, link for the match choices has been added above.

                Those who live without honor, end without honor.


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                  ECW Barely Legal 2014
                  The Lights come up on the capacity crowd as they are going wild!

                  Todd: Hello ladies and gentlemen her tonight ECW is going Barley Legal! We are here at the Target Center in in lovely Minneapolis Minnesota. I am Todd Kennely joined as always by Jerry “The King” Lawler and of course The Power of ECW Paul Heyman.

                  Heyman: Thanks Todd we have a show of shows tonight.

                  King: Oh I can’t wait for the night to begin.

                  Heyman: Then let’s not, on with the show!

                  Battle Royal
                  Pinkie Sanchez Vs Wes Draven Vs Michael Façade Vs Jay Briscoe Vs CM Punk Vs Colt Cabana Vs Axel Dieter Jr. Vs Da Mack Vs Kota Ibushi Vs Green Ant

                  All ten men started in the ring at the same time. After a few high flying attacks going awry the high flyers staid on the mat. Punk and Colt teamed up as did Axel and Mack. Green Ant focused solely on Pinkie while Façade went after Briscoe and Draven went after Ibushi. The first two over the top were Façade and Draven due to interference from Dead Pool who pulled both men over the top rope.

                  Eliminated Michael Façade and Wes Draven

                  While the brawl of Dead Pool, NES, Wes, and the African American Wolves broke out on the outside and spilled into the crowd Punk and Cabana had their hands full with Dieter and Mack. On the opposite side of the ring Green Ant got over zealous and clotheslined Pinkie over the top but took himself with him.

                  Eliminated Pinkie Sanchez and Green Ant

                  At this point the tag teams were still facing off while Kota and Jay were battling to force the other over the corner. After a few minutes of back and forth action, Punk and Cabana nearly had Dieter and Mack over the top rope. Dieter was able to maneuver and stay on the apron, but Mack was not so lucky being sent over the top rope by Punk.

                  Eliminated Da Mack

                  In the corner Jay has Kota completely inverted over the top rope but just can’t get him over. Punk came over and tried to eliminate both of them while Cabana focused of Dieter. Dieter was able to get Colt over the top with a Hurricanrana.

                  Eliminated Colt Cabana

                  Dieter landed on the apron then was dropkicked off by Kota.

                  Eliminated Axel Dieter Jr.

                  Punk, Kota, and Jay make the final three. These men went from pushing each other over the corner to an amazing three way chop fest in the center of the ring. Kota won the chop fest and forced Punk into a corner. He tried to run at Punk with a kick but Punk got him lifted and almost dunked him over. Kota held on and tried to pull Punk over. Jay rebounded from the chops bounced off the ropes and dumped both men over the top rope.

                  Winner Jay Briscoe

                  Jay stood tall in the ring. Punk slid in to the ring and got right in Jay’s face.

                  King: I think Punk is gonna go off on Jay.

                  Punk gives a smirk then offers to shake Jay’s hand. Jay and Punk shake hands. Punk walks off as Jay celebrates in the ring. Scene cuts to The Dead Pool’s “Hallway.” All the members are sitting in random spots in the hallway.

                  Prophet: At the last show we seem to have made more enemies than we did before. We took something precious from Triple Threat. Well I couldn’t very well let their domination surpass ours. You see it was never about titles but to strike at ones pride sometimes taking a title is better than breaking their leg. For self-centered title hounds like Triple Threat taking their title is taking their identity. That is a pain that truly stings worse than death. Moving on the long last thorn in our side, Ninja Elite Squad, you guys still believe you can take us down. You failed from the day we came. You fail to this day. You will continue to fail as long as you try. Yet you still wish to attack. Well we have fun playing our games with you so I feel no need to stop the fun. But all things will come to an end, not tonight but soon one of us will not be allowed to continue when that day comes there will be pain, there will be blood, and there will be destruction. Remember we are not in it for the victory we are in it for the pain.

                  Scene cuts back to the ring.

                  King: I swear that guy gives me the heebie jeebies.

                  Todd: I second that King.

                  3-Way Atomico
                  The African American Wolves (ACH/AR Fox) & Aeroform (Flip Kendrick/Louis Lyndon) Vs The Dead Pool (Chance Prophet/Jason Gory/Ross Von Erich/Marshall Von Erich) Vs The Colony (Soldier Ant/Fire Ant/Phantom Ant/Yellow Crazy Ant)

                  While the Colony were set to have a good old fashioned Atomic battle Dead Pool and the Team of Wolves and Aeroform had none of it. Aeroform constantly went under the attack of Dead Pool. Brawls constantly broke between the two teams while the Colony looked on. The match was also filled with spectacular high flying attacks from all three teams that more than once brought the fans to their feet. We also say a Tower of Doom situation that gave the Dead Pool a small advantage. Then end of the match came quickly during what would be the third brawl between Dead Pool, the Wolves, and Aeroform Marshall was left alone in the ring and the Colony jumped on the situation. Fire Ant connected with the Beach Break then the team performed the Ant Hill With Yellow Crazy connecting with a 630! Yellow covers while Fire, Soldier, and Phantom dive onto the other eight!

                  Winners The Colony

                  The Colony celebrate on the ramp way while heading to the back. Meanwhile Marshall comes too and goes back out to the brawl. Wes Draven and Façade rush to ring side to help their respective teams. Even though Dead Pool are at a 6 to five disadvantage they hold their own. All eleven men spill out into the crowd. As the brawl goes on the scene cuts to the back with Gremio De Lucha Libre and Scarlett.

                  Scarlett: Well guys after an impressive win earlier this month you have the chance of taking a title in trios action. But 3.Okada has been on a hot streek, what do guys have to say about the match.

                  Rey: Scarlett you are right. I mean this is only Mistico’s as well as myself’s second show and we have a chance to win gold. Yeah 3.Okada you have been doing well and you always talk about how nice the “Promised Land” is but tonight we take you out of that land and take it for ourselves. Esta noche es para Lucha Libre, es la hora del Gremio De Lucha Libre!

                  All three men walk off as the screen cuts to 3.0.

                  Matthews: Did Kazuchicka seem angry last show.

                  Jagged: I am sure he is just stressed. Over what I have no idea. Come on the match is about to start. We got drinks with Debbie and her friends to night.

                  Jagged walks out of the room. Matthews grabs his title and runs after him. Scene cuts back to the ring.

                  ECW Extreme Triangle Championship
                  3.Okada (c) Vs El Gremio De Lucha Libre

                  Throughout this match Okada stayed on the apron never attempting to make the tag. Parker and Matthews managed to keep up with the high speed pace set by GDLL, but just barely. Parker and Matthews tried to slow the pace of the match using their technical holds but they were unable to keep Misterio, Mistico, or AeroStar grounded. Despite losing speed Parker and Matthews were staying strong. The end of the match came when Matthews and Parker had Misterio set up for the Sweet Taste of Professionalism when Okada ran in and connected with a boot to the face Parker. Matthews let go of Misterio then was leveled with the Rainmaker! Okada then pulled Misterio up and drove him into Matthews with the Heavy Rain! Misterio lays on Matthews as the ref counts 3!

                  Winners and NEW ECW Extreme Triangle Champions El Gremio De Lucha Libre

                  Okada looks down on both men then takes one of the titles from the ref and lays it over Mysterio. Okada laughs then walks out of the ring. Aerostar and Mistico slide in to check on Mysterio. The scene cuts to the back where Sonjay and Tama are standing ready to talk.

                  Sonjay: You know we are one smart team. I mean no one thought of taking advantage of the undeclared #1 spot and the powers that it gives. But we did and it paid off. We took the broken fools and took the belts home. Now we get them tonight fresh but the result will be the same. Why? Because we are the Original Playas.

                  Tama: And we are that Awesome!

                  The scene cuts back to the ring.

                  ECW Tag Team Championship
                  The Original Playas (c) Vs Sons Of Money (Rotunda Style) w/ Ted DiBiase Jr.

                  Tama and Sonjay pulled out what seemed like every underhanded tactic in the book in the first five minutes of the match. Pull of the tights, feet on the ropes, eye poke, low blows and other various moves were done to try to get the match over quickly. Taylor and Windham on the other had brought a hard fight throwing the tag team champions for loop. Tama and Windham went to see who was stronger frequently in the match only for Windham to win each time. It seemed the match was over when late in the match Windham connected with Sister Abigail on Tama but Sonjay connected with Arabian Facbuster before Windham could get up. Sonjay rolled Windham out of the ring Taylor quickly paced the chair over Tama then as Sonjay turned around Taylor drove him into the chair covered Tama with the BoDazzled! Sonjay rolls off Tama in pain and Taylor covers for the easy Three!

                  Winners and New ECW Tag Team Champions Sons Of Money!

                  Ted grabs the titles and rushes into the ring. He wakes Windham up the gets both Rotundas to his feet and lifts their hands and the titles in victory! The sons of Money leave the ring. Harry Smith runs to the ring and tosses out Sonjay and Tama out of the ring.

                  Todd: What is Smith doing?

                  King: Whatever he wants Toddy.

                  In the ring Harry demands a mic.

                  Smith: I don’t care what is supposed to be next I don’t want any more wasted time. Hulk get out here and give me my rematch!

                  Heyman stands up and gets a mic.

                  Heyman: Smith, hey Smith. You know the title rematch clause for the rematch on the High Impact title calls for a six way right?

                  Smith: I don’t care get who you need to fill the match out here now and give me my rematch!

                  Heyman: As you wish let’s get this match started.

                  ECW High Impact Championship
                  Elimination Match
                  BxB Hulk (c) Vs Harry Smith Vs Bingo Ballance Vs Ray Rowe Vs Micheal Façade Vs Rich Swann

                  Smith and Rowe were out of their element with the other four men going with over the top aerial maneuvers. Both men however proved that they could also fly during a diving to the outside session as both men performed body presses over the top rope. During the match Façade focused on Hulk and would leave the ring if he tagged out. Ballance also had a preference for Hulk, based on what he did to him at the end of the match earlier this month which the commentary did mention. The first elimination arrived when Façade and Bingo had a miscommunication trying to take out Hulk. As Bingo went for a springboard Enziguiri while Hulk was held by Façade Hulk ducked and Façade took the hit. Hulk then drove Bingo into Façade with the BXB Smash and let Bingo pick up the first fall.

                  Eliminated Michael Façade

                  Hulk is cut off by Swann before he can try to eliminate Bingo. Swann pulls Bingo to his feet but is quickly reversed and driven to the ground with the G-17! Bingo quickly covers for a Three!

                  Eliminated Rich Swann

                  Before he can balance Bingo is driven to the mat with the Bulldog Bomb from Smith! Smith holds and gets his three count.

                  Eliminated Bingo Ballance

                  With the final three in the ring there was no teaming up. Rowe went stiff his chops making every one of them sound like a tree snapping. After Smith and Hulk were able to forget the sting of the chops Smith tried to overpower Rowe while Hulk tried to out speed them both. The next elimination came when Smith tried to go for a Running Powerslam but Rowe wiggled out and connected with the Death Rowe which led to the pin!

                  Eliminated Harry Smith

                  As soon as Rowe gets up Hulk moonsualts onto him rolling into the pin. As the ref counts Hulk grabs the tights! 1….2…3!

                  Winner and STILL ECW High Impact Champion BxB Hulk!

                  Hulk quickly rushes out of the ring. He grabs the title and begins to leave but Smith blind sides him and strikes viciously. The rest of the Dead Pool runs out followed by the rest to Triple Threat and Ninja Elite Squad. A brawl breaks out. Soon ACH, AR Fox, and Wes Draven run out. Rowe also decides to join the brawl. Refs and security try to break up the brawl. Morishima eventually breaks away from the brawl and takes the FTW title into the ring. The brawl continues heading into the back.

                  FTW Heavyweight Championship
                  Takeshi Morishima (c) Vs TJ Perkins Vs Hiroshi Tanahashi

                  All three men stare down each other. Suddenly Kazuchicka Okada walks down to ring the ref tries to hold him off as do a few others. Okada is arguing to be let into the match.

                  King: What is going on?

                  Todd: Looks like Okada wants in on the title match.

                  Heyman doesn’t say a word then gets to his feet takes off his headset and grabs a mic.

                  Heyman: You know this is a very familiar scene. Almost 15 years ago another man had this same idea with the ECW Heavyweight title. That man took the title and became infamous in ECW. That was Mike Awesome. So you know what out of the respect for Mike I’m gonna let Okada into this match and make it a Double Jeopardy match. Give Okada to Morishima and TJ to Tanahashi and let’s get started!

                  Double Jeopardy
                  FTW Heavyweight Championship
                  Takeshi Morishima (c) Vs Kazuchicka Okada Vs TJ Perkins Vs Hiroshi Tanahashi

                  Okada wasted no time running in and going right at Morishima. TJ and Tanahashi were civilized in their exchange. The four men were quickly back to back this moment began a four way chopfest. TJ was eliminated quickly then Morishima took down Okada and Tanahashi. Perkins then connected with a diving dropkick on Morishima. While there would be more four exchanges the match finally boiled down. Tanahashi hit the High Fly Flow while Okada managed to lock in the Red Ink outside the ring. The ref counted three eliminating TJ the rushed the outside just in time to call Morishma giving Okada the submission elimination.

                  Eliminated TJ Perkins & Takeshi Morishima

                  Okada went back into the ring. Okada and Tanahashi circle each other. After both men locked up they fought to the outside. Both men brawled in the audience much to the delight of the crowd. Okada went crazy and tried to drown Tanahashi in beer. Both men took chairs and tried had a chair swordfight. Tanahashi won the sword fight then cracked the chair over Okada’s head. Tanahashi went back to the ring and grabbed a table. He set up a table next to a entrance then puts Okada on it. Tanahashi walks to the top Tanahashi goes for the High Fly Flow! Okada rolls out of the way and Tanahashi crashes through the table. Okada stumbles over then locks in the Red Ink! Okada pulls Tanahashi back but Tanahashi refuses to tap. Eventually Tanahashi stops moving. The ref lifts his hand it falls one! He lifts his had it falls two! He lifts the hand it falls three!

                  Winner and NEW FTW Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada!

                  Okada holds his title high in victory and walks back to the ring to celebrate. Roderick Strong walks into the ring and stares down Okada. Roderick calls for a mic.

                  Strong: I know you think you’re hot stuff right now. But I hold the higher title. Get out of my ring. Maybe next time you will get a piece.

                  Oakda leaves.

                  Strong: I admit Triple Threat has had rough night but that ends right now. Here and now I will retain my title and send Dustin Rhodes out of ECW forever!

                  ECW Heavyweight Championship
                  If Dustin loses he leaves ECW
                  Roderick Strong (c) Vs Dustin Rhodes

                  Strong doesn’t wait for formal introductions and goes straight at Rhodes. This was a straight brawl. Neither man actually tried a wrestling hold for 5 minutes. It was pure punches, kicks, and chops. The first actual move was a hiptoss by Rhodes into an armbar submission. What would follow was a series of reversals and a string of submission holds from armbars to cloverleafs. After the submission battle both men picked a body part; Rhodes focused on the neck while Strong kept to the back. After a long battle of breaking each other bring in weapons to increase the pain the match saw a run in by Triple Threat that was cut off by Jigsaw and The Second City Saints! While chaos erupted on the outside Strong managed to get the advantage with a low blow on Rhodes. Strong then called for a Death By Roderick. Strong gets Rhodes on his shoulders but Rhodes maneuvers out of it and locks Roderick in the Dragon Sleeper! Rhodes forces him to the mat then leans forward putting one leg under his arm and the other around the back of his own neck then dead lifts Strong and drops him with the Rhode Less Traveled! Rhodes covers for 1…2…3!

                  Winner and NEW ECW Heavyweight Champion Dustin Rhodes

                  Dustin is handed his title and lifts it up high.

                  Todd: Ladies and Gentlemen DUSTIN RHODES IS YOUR NEW ECW CHAMPION!

                  Heyman: It was a hard road but Dustin has finally achieved the rank that has always alluded him!

                  Dustin climbs the turnbuckle and holds the title high to the delight of the crowd as the scene fades to black.
                  Destroying an Empire to win a war is no victory. And ending a battle to save an Empire is no defeat.-Kahless