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VIDEO: NOAH - Great Voyage 2013 in Osaka (KENTA vs Takeshi Morishima)

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  • VIDEO: NOAH - Great Voyage 2013 in Osaka (KENTA vs Takeshi Morishima)

    Today's highlighted wrestler is KENTA

    KENTA is the most recognizable Jr. Heavyweight in the ranks of Pro Wrestling NOAH. Much like fellow Jr. Heavyweight competitor Naomichi Marufuji, KENTA got his start fresh out of the All Japan Pro Wrestling dojo, but moved to NOAH during the Mass Exodus. There, he found moderate success, until teaming with Marufuji, holding the GHC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Titles for nearly two years, and winning the 2005 Differ Cup along the way. After losing the belts, KENTA won the GHC Jr. Heavyweight Title from Yoshinobu Kanemaru, defeating all who stood in his path, from SUWA and Low Ki, to Taiji Ishimori and his close friend Naomichi Marufuji. He also competed in ROH for quite some time in 2006, even competing for the ROH World Heavyweight Title against Bryan Danielson. Since then, he's gone on to hold the GHC Jr. Heavyweight Title on more occasions, and has been in a heated feud with Kensuke Office. KENTA is the innovator of GO 2 SLEEP, and has used it to put down many of his opponents.

    Here he challenges Takeshi Morishima for the GHC Heavyweight title

    Here we go: KENTA vs Takeshi Morishima

    GO 2 SLEEP

    One of the more recent clips of the move, and one that can certainly be placed high on a list of the sickest G2Ss that KENTA has ever hit. Kotaro Suzuki is hauled up onto KENTA's shoulders, and he knows what's coming. He fights it off as best he can, but it's to no avail, as KENTA destroys his skull anyway.

    KENTA KOs Kotaro Suzuki

    Here, after Kotaro Suzuki somehow lived through the previously shown GO 2 SLEEP, KENTA isn't much for playing around. He drops his kneepad, and destroys Kotaro once again with an even sicker GO 2 SLEEP.

    KENTA Debuts GO 2 SLEEP

    Another big debut in the world of Puroresu, as KENTA damn near caves in the chest of Mitsuharu Misawa with the first GO 2 SLEEP in wrestling history right here. As with the Flowsion(and a good number of moves, honestly), note how the impact is slightly different than how we see the move today, and is centered around the chest and collarbone of the victim. A very effective move.

    KENTA Debuts the GAME OVER

    KENTA debuts his newest finisher against Akitoshi Saito.

    GO 2 SLEEP Montage

    KENTA first debuted this move in 2004, in a Trial Series bout against the legendary Mitsuharu Misawa. As time went on, GO 2 SLEEP slowly replaced the Busaiku Knee Kick as KENTA's primary finishing move. It was used in his quest to become GHC Jr. Heavyweight Champion, and allowed him to keep the belt for almost a year. Since then, it's been used to put away wrestlers all over the world, and even downed Bryan Danielson during his ROH World Heavyweight Championship reign, and only the ropes saved Danielson's reign when he and KENTA met in 2006 at Glory By Honor. Men of all sizes are at risk to be put to sleep, as even the likes of Takeshi Morishima and Kensuke Sasaki have been on the receiving end of brutality.

    The Top 10 Moves of KENTA

    Thanks for watching and of course I hope you enjoyed

    I'll be back tomorrow with Ryuji Ito

    Those who live without honor, end without honor.