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VIDEO: CMLL - 7/8/07 (Dos Caras Jr vs Universo 2000)

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  • VIDEO: CMLL - 7/8/07 (Dos Caras Jr vs Universo 2000)

    Today's highlighted wrestler is Dos Caras Jr (aka Alberto Del Rio)
    Even behind the mask, this man is well known to the majority of the wrestling world. Debuting in 2000, Dos Caras, Jr. began to keep his father's wrestling legacy alive, even as the elder Dos Caras continued wrestling.

    After winning the Pan American Games in wrestling, Dos Caras, Jr. was poised to represent Mexico in the Olympics, but due to extenuating circumstances, a team wasn't sent to the games. After this setback, Caras, Jr. fully committed to wrestling. After making numerous appearances, he finally made his in-ring debut in September of that year. He would travel to Japan, a place his father had quite a bit of success, in 2000, teaming with his father in a winning effort. He would also compete in 14 MMA fights, compiling a record of 9-5. His most famous fight would be a KO loss to Mirko Cro Cop in PRIDE, in which he was defeated following a brutal High Left Kick.

    Back in Mexico, Dos, Jr. spent the next few years honing his craft, before jumping to CMLL. There, he found himself in the 2005 La Copa Jr. Tournament, a tournament where each competitor was at least second generation. He would make it to the semi-finals before being defeated by Dr. Wagner, Jr. However, the following year, he would defeat Heavy Metal, Apolo Dantes, Wagner, and in the finals, Hector Garza to win the tournament. At this point, Caras, Jr's stock was rising at an intense rate. After tasting defeat at the hands of Universo 2000, Dos Caras, Jr. not only avenged the loss, but took the CMLL World Heavyweight Title in the process, his first belt. As champion, he would turn away both Lizmark, Jr. and Universo 2000, as well as Ultimo Guerrero. After a 533 day long reign, he would lose the belt to Ultimo.

    During this time, rumors began surfacing suggesting that Caras, Jr. had signed with WWE. Those would prove false, as he signed a new contract with CMLL in 2009. However, at this time, his demeanor would change, and he eventually turned rudo. However, the storyline would never finish, as Dos Caras, Jr. signed a contract with WWE, clearing up the remaining issues the two parties had. After a stay in FCW, as well as a small armada of name changes, he was eventually known as Alberto Del Rio. In the summer of 2010, vignettes began airing, with Del Rio proclaiming himself to be an honest man. He would debut as a heel, defeating Rey Mysterio on an episode of Smackdown. The match turned into a long feud, which also saw Christian, Kane, Matt Hardy, and Evan Bourne taken out by Del Rio. That would lead to the Royal Rumble, in which Del Rio proclaimed it was his destiny to win. He followed up his words, winning the match, and guaranteeing himself a title shot at Wrestlemania. He and Edge would feud heading into the big event, and saw both men win some big matches leading up to the show. Del Rio and Edge would take one another to the limit, but destiny would have to wait for Del Rio.

    He would receive another shot against Christian(filling in for the retired Edge) while drafted to Raw, again coming up short. However, Del Rio wouldn't be denied, and won the Money in the Bank ladder match, securing him a shot at the WWE Title at a place of his choosing. He would attempt to cash in later that night, but was stopped by new champion CM Punk. Del Rio would bide his time until Summerslam, pouncing on a victorious Punk after he had received a Jacknife Powerbomb. Landing a brutal Step Up Enzugiri, Del Rio had finally fulfilled his destiny, also becoming the first Mexican WWE Champion. (Rey & Eddie were born in America so, while Hispanic are technically American not Mexican WWE Champions) His first defense was a tough one, but he defeated rival Rey Mysterio, injuring him in the process.

    Del Rio's style has changed as time has passed, but a few constant moves remain. His time in CMLL saw him wrestle a very technical style, sometimes employing his father's signature Dos Caras Clutch, as well as the Tope Suicida. He would also begin using a Dropkick to the back of the head to a grounded opponent. One of his finishers in Mexico, the Gorilla Press German Suplex Hold, while not exactly practical, showed off his impressive strength. Over the years, he has perfected the Step Up Enzugiri, and the Cross Armbreaker has claimed many victims over the past few years.

    Here he challenges Universo 2000 for the CMLL World Title

    Here we go: Dos Cara Jr vs Universo 2000

    Villano V Interferes and Pays the Price

    Dos Caras, Jr. hits the ropes, and Villano knees him in the back. Villano V admires his handywork, but turns his back, and gets flattened with a Step Up Enzugiri.

    Cross Armbreaker

    Negro Casas pins Perry Aguayo, Jr. with La Casita, while Dos Caras, Jr. sets up Villano V for destruction. Once he's got him in firm control, Dos goes flying, and takes Villano down into the Cross Armbreaker.

    Incredible Step Up Enzugiri

    Dos Caras, Jr. looking like he's in an ugly perdicament. However, he dodges the charging Perro Aguayo, Jr, evades a Lariat from Villano V, and knocks Terrible off the ropes with an incredible Step Up Enzugiri.

    LA Park Gets Clocked

    Sometimes, it just doesn't pay to showboat, and here is a perfect example. La Parka gets sent to the apron by Dos Caras, Jr, and proceeds to strut, apparently considering it a victory he landed on his feet. After a few moments, Dos tires of this, and clocks Parka with a Step Up Enzugiri.

    The Top 10 Moves of Dos Caras Jr

    Thanks for watching and of course I hope you enjoyed

    I'll be back with Dan Spivey

    Those who live without honor, end without honor.