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Vendetta Pro: Summer Sizzle Tour 2014 Simi Valley, CA 6/14/14 ft. Chris Hero

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  • Vendetta Pro: Summer Sizzle Tour 2014 Simi Valley, CA 6/14/14 ft. Chris Hero

    Vendetta Pro Wrestling
    Summer Sizzle Tour 2014

    Saturday, June 14, 2014

    Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
    2850 Lemon Drive
    Simi Valley, CA 93063
    Doors Open: 6:30 PM
    Bell Time: 7:05 PM

    Vendetta Pro Wrestling returns to the Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley to kick off the Summer Sizzle Tour 2014! While it's all leading up to the big fifth anniversary event, Summer Sizzle V - VendettaVersary, this tour kicks off with some incredible action! Featuring the former WWE-NXT and current ROH & PWG Superstar Chris Hero! Plus, the Ballard Brothers defend the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tag-Team titles! And, in the main event, J.D. Horror teams up with Brawlin' Bo and Sage Sin to take on his former tag partner Sledge, who brings Tyler Bateman and Hudson Envy into battle with him!

    Singles Match
    Kadin Anthony
    w/ Lady Vayne
    2013 Vendetta Pro Breakout Star of the Year
    "The Ace"
    Buddy Royal

    The 2013 Breakout star of the year, "The Ace" Buddy Royal, looks to take the next step up the ladder as he takes on former Tag-Team and Heavyweight titleholder, Kadin Anthony!
    Kadin Anthony has been riding an emotional and professional rollercoaster lately, and is looking to get things in balance and back on track. But his opponent is no pushover. Instead of hitting the so-called sophmore slump, "The Ace" Buddy Royal has been teaming with his Classic Connection partners and capturing titles throughout the State. Now he looks to take down the former Tag-Team and Heavyweight titleholder and perhaps, put himself into position for Vendetta Pro Wrestling championship gold.

    Singles Match
    w/ Lady Vayne

    Jacob "The Riot" Diez
    w/ Lizzie Sunshine

    Former Tag-Team and Heavyweight Champion Sunami takes on Jacob "The Riot" Diez in a battle of two high-ranked competitors.
    While Sunami has been dealing with the Ballards, Billy Blade, and the turmoil that has surrounded the top ranks of Vendetta Pro, Jacob Diez has been climbing his way towards the top while infuriating the fans and opponents alike. These two face off in the ring for the first time in Simi Valley.

    Vendetta Pro Wrestling
    Tri-Force Championship
    2013 Vendetta Pro Wrestler of the Year
    Lil Cholo
    Former WWE-NXT Superstar
    Current ROH & PWG Superstar

    Chris Hero
    Vendetta Pro Tri-Force Champion
    Vintage Dragon

    Vintage Dragon has already impressed as Tri-Force Champion, defeating Chasyn Rance and former TNA X-Division Champion Johnny Devine. However, he now has to face an even tougher challenge, as former NXT Superstar Chris Hero, as well as the two-time former Tri-Force Champion Lil Cholo steps into the ring to challenge for the title. Hero has held gold in IWA Mid-South, Chikara, Evolve, and is a former CZW and PWG World Champion, and is a regular for Ring of Honor. Lil Cholo, a two-time former AWS Heavyweight Champion and budding legend in Southern California, knows a thing or two about the Tri-Force title. His second reign as Tri-Force Champ alone is the longest on record at 247 days, with a total combined 395 days--not bad considering the Tri-Force Champion has only a 33.4% chance of retaining during each defense. Expect a Vendetty Award for Match of the Year with this one!

    Vendetta Pro Wrestling
    Tag-Team Championship

    Parental Discretion
    Mario Banks & Mike Menace
    2013 Vendetta Pro Most Hated of the Year
    Vendetta Pro Tag-Team Champions
    The Ballard Brothers
    & Shannon Ballard

    After successfully retaining the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tag-Team Championship in Las Vegas against The Keepers of the Faith, Shane & Shannon Ballard must now defend against Parental Discretion members Mario Banks & Mike Menace! For years, The Ballard Brothers have been one of the most hated groups amongst the fans in Vendetta Pro Wrestling. Using controversial and often underhanded tactics, the crafty Canadian veterans have bent or outright broken almost every rule there is to keep their Tag Championship, as well as assisting Billy Blade in regaining the Vendetta Pro Heavyweight crown. However, at Melee 2014, they crossed the line. Not only did they manhandle the valet for SU/KA--Kadin Anthony's wife--Lady Vayne, they also struck down all of the Vendetta Pro officials including (perhaps inadvertently) Commissioner Joseph Duncan. Instead of outright banning the Ballards from competiton, Duncan has vowed to wear down the Ballards to the point of submission. In Las Vegas, they had to take on and defend the titles against the tough challenge of Gabriel Gallo and Dom Vitalli. Now, just a couple weeks after, they will have to take on Vendetta Pro's bad-boy duo of Mario Banks and Mike Menace, Parental Discretion. Banks and Menace, a tough team when they play by the rules, are not exactly above breaking rules (and bones) themselves to get what they want done. The question is, with all that the Ballards have done to the officials of Vendetta Pro lately, will they step in and call it "down the middle"? Or have the Ballards made more enemies than they can fight off?

    Main Event
    Six-Person Inter-Gender Tag-Team Match
    The team of
    J.D. Horror,
    "Rude, Crude & Tattooed"

    Brawlin' Bo Cooper &
    "The Pumpkin Queen"

    Sage Sin Supreme
    The team of
    "The Metal Head Maniac"

    "The Butcher"
    Tyler Bateman &

    2013 Vendetta Vixen of the Year
    "The Future of Women's Wrestling"
    Hudson Envy

    At April Cruels Day, Sledge turned on his one-time best friend and tag-team partner, J.D. Horror. Now, Horror is looking to gain some revenge. At Melee 2014, he got a small measure, busting open Sledge in an assault which resulted in his disqualification. In Simi Valley, J.D. Horror teams with the other member of Creepshow, veteran Brawlin' Bo Cooper, as well as relative newcomer Sage Sin Supreme to take on Sledge. But The Metal Head Maniac is not coming alone, and his partners are well qualified inside the ring. Tyler Bateman, one of the few in the world who can match J.D. Horror in terms of psychosis, and the 2013 Vendetta Vixen of the Year and holder of the Luna Vachon Memorial Lunacy Cup, Hudson Envy. Will Horror gain another measure of revenge? Will he be able to control himself and not cost his team the victory? Will the normally full-of-bravado Sledge be willing to engage in a wrestling match against Horror?

    Also scheduled to appear:


    Alexander G. Bernard

    4-Time World Powerlifting Champion
    "The Rebel Rouser"
    Clay Tawzer

    Global Assault
    Max Ammo & "The Shogun of Harlem" Jimi Mayhem

    "The Boxcar Superstar"

    Che Cabrera

    Advance tickets available at the following locations:

    The Arena Sports Grill & Bar
    Simi Valley

    Jason Flame's Tang Soo Do University

    and online at:

    Advance tickets:
    General Admission - $10
    Second Row - $15

    Front Row - $20

    Tickets at the door:
    General Admission - $15
    Second Row - $20

    Front Row - $25

    For more information on Vendetta Pro Wrestling:
    Ph: (805) 260-5586

    Facebook "Like":

    Follow us on Twitter:

    Follow us on Tumblr:

    Follow us on Pinterest:

    Vendetta Pro on YouTube:

    Vendetta Pro TV on Blip:

    Vendetta Pro Radio on Blog Talk Radio:

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