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    I'm sure this thread already exists somewhere in the archives here at OWW, if so just go ahead and merge this with it. But if by some chance it hasn't been done before, this thread serves as one purpose. To right what you feel are wrongs in the WWE Hall of Fame. Or to create your own Hall. Either case works, but I'm choosing to talk about some wrestlers who I feel deserve places in the WWE Hall of Fame that haven't made it there yet.

    Owen Hart: To me, without a doubt, Owen is the greatest wrestler to never be World Champion. If we're judging by the WWE Championship, then I would add Curt Hennig to that list. But he was AWA World Champion, so I'm focusing on Owen here. Owen was an innovator. Owen was one of the first guys to put what I like to call "technical high flying" on the map, especially here in the United States. He had some of the greatest matches that I've personally ever seen. I feel like in this day and age, his Wrestlemania X match with brother Bret is underrated. It may very well be my favorite Wrestlemania match. I know their Steel Cage match at Summerslam that year was my favorite cage match I've ever seen. For selfish reasons, I feel like Owen Hart deserves a spot in the Hall.

    Jake "The Snake" Roberts: We all know this man deserves a spot. What sets him apart from almost all who are in the WWE Hall of Fame is that Roberts not once held a championship in the WWE or the WCW. I can justify that. For every Albert Pujols, you need a Yadier Molina. For every Peyton Manning, you need a Marvin Harrison. For every James Hetfield, you need a Lars Ulrich. Some guys need championships to make their character work. No one is a bigger Bret Hart fan than I am. But he didn't captivate audiences like The Snake did. If Bret never won a championship, who would've cared about him? Jake Roberts didn't need a championship. He was talented enough to carry himself places that no one else had every thought of, simply because he could. I feel bad that he never received championship recognition, because quite honestly, he deserved the pay that comes along with the gold.

    Randy "Macho Man" Savage: Read the first sentence I wrote for The Snake. The tower of power, too sweet to be sour, funky like a monkey. Feel the excitement, snap into a slim jim. The cream of the crop. His cup of tea. No one has ever been more innovative on the mic. Talking is everyone's favorite part about Randy Savage, whether they admit it or not. Captivation seems to be the word of choice, especially when discussing this man. As you read this, you notice THAT ALL OF A SUDDEN, casings change, punctuation occurs, THINGS STAND OUT! It makes you pay attention. That is what a Randy Savage promo was all about. If not for him, there would not have been The Rock, Chris Jericho, CM Punk, or maybe not even Ric Flair to the degree that we've come to know. Not saying that Flair wouldn't have been as innovative, but maybe he wouldn't have used some of the same verbal techniques if they weren't brought to the table from the Macho Man. When Flair was inducted, they said he should have his own wing. I disagree. If anyone were to ever have their own wing, it should be Macho Man Randy Savage. I will stand by that opinion.
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