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  • WCCW to USWA

    I was a big fan of the USWA and how the formation came about. I'm not to sure of the actual details that led to the name change but the name change from WCCW to USWA came about when Eric Embry (representing USWA and 'change') beat Py Chu Hi (representing WCCW) in a cage match which I don't understand now while looking back considering that World Class Championship Wrestling had a long history.

    Some really good angles came out of WCCW/USWA, Skandor Akbar and his stable always attacking Eric Embry and his manager Percy Pringle (Paul Bearer), Chris Adams/Steve Austin feud, Chris Adams & Toni Adams/PY Chu Hi and his manager Tojo Yamamoto.

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    From what I understand and have read, due to declining numbers and money being drawn, Ken Mantell and Fritz Von Erich sold WCCW to Jerry Jarrett who owned the CWA.
    The two promotions were then consolidated and named the USWA.

    I never understood why they changed the name and didn't continue promoting under the known WCCW name, unless that was a condition of the buy out from Fritz.


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      Not sure but I believe the idea was to give the new company a fresh start with a new name. The storyline for the match with Embry was that Akbar and his allies had manged to gain control of WCCW via the buying up of shares and this match would determine who was in control of the new company. Actually I think it was for control of WCCW and if Embry won the intention was to take WCCW into this new group called USWA.


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        That makes sense CJ. I remember reading about the Embry/Akbar angle in the Apter mags, just didn't understand the name change.

        I guess keeping it WCCW would have permantly linked them to the Von Erichs and they wanted a clean break like you said.


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          I believe the reason was that ICW actually owned the name WCCW because in the 90's they changed there promotions name to IWCCW and would show old Texas matches in there classics corner. which leads me to believe that perhaps WCCW owed them money on a deal and they were able to grab a few things before the sale with CWA went through.


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            I believe that World Class sold the physical promotion ( rights to run shows in World Class buildings such as the Sportatorium, equipment, ring, contracted talent if any, etc. ) but retained the rights to the name. That's how World Class later made a deal with ICW. The promotion was renamed IWCCW and used the classic World Class TV Show opening for the new IWCCW show. Kevin Von Erich was then billed as the World Class Champion and was scheduled to face ICW Champion Tony Atlas in a unification match to crown an IWCCW Champion. Despite filming some segments for IWCCW and I believe wrestling on one tv taping, Kevin Von Erich did not end up wrestling Atlas in the unification match. Getting back to the USWA, they ran for a short time at the Sportatorium but eventually stopped promoting there. Also, the USWA unified world title was supposed to be the unified AWA and World Class Titles ( which was won by Jerry Lawler when he defeated Kerry Von Erich). The AWA , I believe, stripped Jerry Lawler of it's championship and I'm not sure about World Class but since the USWA did not have rights to the name I'm almost assuming that World Class may have done the same ( especially since Kevin Von Erich would later bill himself as World Class Champion when he made the deal with ICW). I believe the USWA called it's title unified to give the impression it was still connected to that unification between the AWA & World Class thus giving the title more prestige.