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Triple H vs. Taker; Who will be The REAL King of Hell in a Cell @ WRESTLEMANIA 28?

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  • Triple H vs. Taker; Who will be The REAL King of Hell in a Cell @ WRESTLEMANIA 28?

    Hey guys,

    Next Sunday Night, it's the match that fans have been waiting for:

    Triple H vs. The Undertaker Inside Hell in a Cell

    Now for those of you that don't know, Triple H and The Undertaker have been known as the Kings of Hell in a Cell, however, Triple H and Taker have faced each other in the ring many times and they have also competed in the 1st ever 6 Man Hell in a Cell, but they have never faced each other 1 on 1 inside Hell in a Cell

    Triple H has faced many men inside Hell in a Cell

    In 1 on 1 competition, he's competed against the likes of Mick Foley, Chris Jericho, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels and Batista

    He's also teamed up w/HBK inside Hell in a Cell against The McMahon Boys and Big Show and 3 years later against Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase, Jr.

    The Undertaker has faced many men inside Hell in a Cell

    The likes of Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Batista, Edge, CM Punk and Kane

    and 13 years ago @ WRESTLEMANIA XV in Philly, Taker def. The Late Ray Traylor better known as The Big Boss Man

    Triple H holds the record for the most victories w/6 while The Undertaker holds the record for the most appearances inside the cell with 11

    @ ARMAGEDDON 2000, Triple H along w/Taker competed inside the 1st EVER 6-Man Hell in a Cell against Stone Cold, The Rock, Rikishi and Kurt Angle

    Angle not only won the match, but also, retained the WWE Heavyweight Championship

    The Undertaker is not only Undefeated @ WRESTLEMANIA, but he also holds 2 victories against Triple H @ that same event

    and so, my question to you all is this:

    Who will be The REAL King of Hell in a Cell?

    Triple H or The Undertaker?


    Find out Next Sunday Night @ WRESTLEMANIA 28 LIVE from Miami, FL

    But in the meantime, here are some Video Clips for you to checkout:

    The Undertaker vs. The Big Boss Man inside Hell in a Cell from WRESTLEMANIA XV (1999)

    The 1st EVER 6-Man Hell in a Cell from Armageddon 2000
    Stone Cold vs. The Rock vs. Triple H vs. Taker vs. Rikishi vs. Kurt Angle

    Triple H vs. The Undertaker from WRESTLEMANIA X-7 (2001)

    The Rematch from WRESTLEMANIA XXVII - 10 Years Later (2011)
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    I have a feeling that now is the time Taker will finally lose his Wrestlemania record and retire. He's turning 50 and hasn't wrestled a full schedule for years.

    And I'll be glad to see it too.... even if it HAS to be Triple H who ends the streak.
    With Taker already 2 up on Tripper in Wrestlemania matches, its Trippers 'turn' in a sense.


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      Undertaker doesn't need to lose he can retire at 20-0 but regardless of the outcome Undertaker will still be the better man no matter what and personally as a big Undertaker fan myself having grown up watching the deadman in action since his american badass days I would personally be pissed if Triple H was the one to break the streak as he doesn't need it and he would be playing the politic game of being related to the boss and no matter what he does or where he puts himself he will never be on Taker and HBK's level and will be best known as the baggage boy who screwed his way to the top/.
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